How to Grow and Care For A Money Plant

One of the most common plants in an Indian household is the Money Plant, also known as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. The plant has great significance in Vastu Shastra and is thought to bring good luck and prosperity to your home. Urvann, India’s favorite online plant nursery, has the Money Plant for sale at unbelievable prices with free next-day delivery. Get these heart-shaped leafy plants that grow as vines and look after your garden’s aesthetic vibe. In this blog today, let us discuss how to take care of a money plant. 

How to Grow and Care For A Money Plant


The most popular way to grow a money plant is to take a stem cutting and place it in water. Wait until the cutting has developed roots. The water must be changed every week so the plant can continue getting nutrition. You can also add liquid fertilizer to help the plant gain strength.  

  • If you choose to grow in water, change the water every week for healthy growth.
  • If you put it in soil, sow the cutting, cover it with soil, and water it deeply. 


The money plant is air-purifying, has a steady growth rate, and does not need much maintenance. It can grow happily on its own, which is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor gardens. It is so versatile and can be accommodated anywhere. Picture this: a Money Plant pot, a serene sight, with its vines gracefully hanging everywhere in your home. Listed below are the unique needs of this lucky indoor plant. 


The money plant does not like direct sunlight; although versatile, it can tolerate sunlight for a few hours. It is best to keep it in a location that receives indirect or diffused sunlight or a semi-shade area. The gentle morning sun is the best light for the plant. Also, if you place your money plant on your work desk, take it out once a week in a semi-shaded area to be exposed to natural ventilation and light. 


The money plant is a trailing/hanging vine and does best with a well-draining soil mix. Excess standing water in its roots will lead to rotting or disease, and your plant may lose its shine. You can use a mix of garden soil+cocopeat+perlite to ensure that the soil is aerated, and when watered, the excess water flows out. Urvann, the online plant nursery, has an extensive collection of potting mixes that will help your green babies grow healthy and green. 


The money plant requires watering when the top layer of the soil starts to look dry. Water your plant deeply and thoroughly. Ensure the pot has drainage holes so the excess water can flow out. Since the money plant is native to the world’s tropical regions, occasionally misting it will make it happy. 


The Money plant does well on its own with just sunshine and water, but if you feed it fertilizer once every two months, it will become stronger and healthier. Watch its leaves shine with green!


Regular pruning of the money plant will help make it bushier and encourage the branching of your plant baby. It also helps to control the size of your plant. Here is a tip: Don’t throw away the pruned parts of your plant; just make a new money plant out of it. 


Wipe the leaves of your money plant with a damp cloth to remove dust particles. This helps your plant to perform photosynthesis in a better way. 


Cultivating and caring for a money plant is a delightful experience. You can develop a lush and thriving plant oasis with a money plant by providing the right growing conditions and loveful care.