How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Google Drive


– Learn How to Restore Permanently Deleted Files from Google Drive
Recover Permanently deleted files in Google Drive
How To Recover Permanently deleted files in Google Drive

Google Drive is a software which is nowadays very common tool amongst people for sharing data over internet and collaboratively working of a file or files. Google has provided a digital space for its users to work on data and files allowing them to share these files on google servers. From individual to professional to co-orporates, all types of users can access these tools from Google via google Drive (free tool with limited feature) or google Workspace (premium tools).
While working on these cloud vaults their might be situations where you accidently delete files or folder while working on them or over-right the data in them. If these files are deleted normally then there is an easy option for them to get them back. But sometimes we might permanently delete these files then want them back. To solve this problem, we have a way to recover permanently deleted files in Google Drive.

How To Recoved Permanently Deleted Files in Google Drive

A few days back i got a call from one of my friends who accidently deleted a file from his work folder and needed in back. I asked him if the file is present in the trash folder of the google drive or not, he said that he emptied the trash folder too. And was worried about what to do, so it tried working on it to find a way to recover his files.Once, i got the solution i though of sharing the information with you.

I have also found the support thread to the problem in on recover permanently deleted file google drive. I will also provide everything you need to know in this article to make sure you do not have any queries left on this. But if you still need any help, feel free to ask in comments. So, lets go.

Permanently Deleted Files

Deleting a file can be of two types a soft deleted and hard delete (permanent delete). Simply deleting the file in google drive is a soft delete that moves the file to trash bin , in which it sit for 30 days after which it gets deleted permanently. You can also empty the bin to permanently delete all data instantly. This will delete the data forever. But still you can get it back using this method.

Restoring Permanently Deleted Files

If you have permanently deleted some files and want them back. You need to contact the Google Support team whose may help you getting back those files. Here are steps to get back files,

Step 1: Go to and sign in with the google account with which you deleted the files.

Step 2: After Logging in you will see File Recovery page with you details. Check you details and click on submit button.

Recover permanently deleted files
Recover permanently deleted files

Step 3: You will be navigated to a page with heading Your mail has been sent. That’s it, This is all you need to do.

Mail Sent Notification To Restore Files in Google Drive
Mail Sent Notification To Restore Files in Google Drive

With in 48 hours will be receive an email from [email protected] which is a confirmation of your request for the files to be restored. After the process of restoration is completed, you will receive another mail confirming your files are restored.

This files will be restored to the same location as they where before deletion.

This is the simple process to recover the permanently deleted files from Google Drive. This process is only for indivisaul user who have permanently deleted their files. We will create separate articles for soft delete recovery and Google workspace users too.

That’s it for today, hope you find this little trick worthy and get your accidently deleted files back. I you have any suggestions for us, mention them in comments below. And do follow techdiagnose on other digital networks too, we share lots of great content over there also.

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