In What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear 4?

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One Piece is known for its gazillion episodes. Sometimes you want to look back on some moments t where the MC looked the most badass using a certain technique. Just like that, today, we’re going to find out in what episode of One Piece did Luffy use Gear 4. We’ll also learn everything about Gear 4 and the episode as well! Without further ado, let’s get started! 

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One Piece 

one piece
One Piece is one of the oldest yet most-exciting anime of all time. Its story is never-ending. Will our boy aka Luffy ever find One Piece?! Our MC is a pirate who believes that getting One Piece will grant him most of the freedom in this world! 

Just like Luffy, we all need that One Piece to hit the spot! I’m just kidding. Anyways, One Piece gives us a lot of life lessons about friendship, life, and whatnot! 

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character in the anime who only has one dream! The dream is nothing more than to find One Piece, as I’ve mentioned earlier! On his journey of finding that precious treasure, he meets a lot of new people who add up to his crew. They are the type of people he can rely upon! 

luffy and friendsLuffy also rescued a swordsman named Roronoa Zoro and he’s the person with whom Luffy started off his journey of finding the treasure! Later on, they join Nai, Usopp, Sanji, and Robby! The chemistry between these characters is very wholesome. You will want to have friends like these anime characters. 

In this journey, many sad moments occurred as well! However, there were many beautiful memories too! There are still a lot of episodes that need to be aired until it completely finishes! So, sit tight and relax! Watch One Piece. It’s going to change your life completely! 

Today, we’re going to be talking about the new technique used by our MC which is known as the Gear 4! This Gear 4 was introduced during a very exciting episode! We will talk about that in detail below! 

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What is Gear 4? 

gear 4When Luffy confronts Donquixote Doflamingo, we get to see him go to the Gear Fourth for the first time. This transformation technique was developed when Luffy was training on Rusukaina Island. Luffy’s arm gets coated in Busoshoku Haki right before he bites his forearm. 

Gear 4 is similar to Gear 3 in terms of activation, he blows an enormous amount of air into his body,however, in this technique, the air swells up his muscles before it gets distributed throughout the whole body. Just like that, if Luffy stops blowing the air, his arm will start to deflate. 

Luffy incorporates his Busoshoku Haki in this form, and he does that by coating his arms, legs, and torso with his haki  till they turn black. This coating is similar to the thin ends made by flames. It resembles tattoos as well since there’s shading around his eyes. Luffy becomes physically taller, almost 4 meters tall. 

Just like how Luffy emits steam in his Gear 2, he emits steam in Gear 4 too! So, there are quite a lot of similarities between the Gears. Gear 4 brings  explosive powers to Luffy’s attacks and it provides him with many defensive abilities. In fact, there are several forms of Gear 4! 

Different Forms of Gear 4: 

Boundman: There are many sub-techniques of Boundman. For instance, there’s Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun. It causes the enlargement of Luffy’s forearm by compressing air inside it. 

Tankman: Another form of the Gear 4 is called Tankman. It enabled Luffy to burn a lot of biscuits after his fight with the Sweet Commander. 

Snakeman: Luffy came up with the snakeman form during his battle with Katakuri. Snakeman is the form that doesn’t let Luffy swell his forearms or legs up. However, it changes Luffy’s hair into flame-shaped just like his Haki. And his knuckles change and become somewhat like a leopard fist! 

These three techniques have a lot of sub techniques too. But I won’t spoil those for you! Let’s talk about in which episode of One Piece did Luffy use Gear 4! 

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Which Episode Did Luffy Use Gear 4? 

episode 726Luffy introduced  Gear 4 in episode 726. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this technique was used against Donquixote Doflamingo. This episode is full of ups and downs.

Episode 726

Episode 726 starts off with Dressrosa’s citizens in a panic state of mind. They’re all running for their lives. The marines and the pirates are helping others so that they stay safe. Baby 5 is on the Palace Pleateu’s 2nd level, he describes Doflamingo’s shrinking technique and how he shrank Birdcage just to conceal his bad deeds, and how he exterminated everyone on the island. 

Sai steps in and commands gladiators of Corrida Colosseum who want to save the fallen and carry them from the Plateau. Viola, Usopp, and Hack go to the King’s Plateau, Viola sees that the centre of the Birdcage is rotating in the direction of Doflamingo! It indicates that the whole Plateau will be torn into small pieces! 

Zoro, Kinemon, and Kanjuro come to Dressrosa’s streets. At that moment, Zoro starts to hurry in the direction of the birdcage. These two samurais get shocked when Zoro claims that he’s going to stop the Birdcage since they ask where he’s headed. 

On the other end, Law is highly injured but Leo and Mansherry get his back. Cavendish shares his intuition about this battle. He thinks that fighting Doflamingo will bring them no conclusion. Instead, it will cause more problems including ripples all across the world. It’s that moment where Law opens up about his ideas and says that his intention is to cause ripples across the world. 

lawAt the rooftop, Luffy uses Gear 4 and keeps moving on the ground. Using the Boundman technique, he claims that his training won’t go to waste and he used this technique to destroy animals too! Meanwhile, Doflamingo laughs at him. That’s when Luffy flies at him with his immense speed. 

Doflamingo tries to dodge and use his own Haki against Luffy’s Kong Gun. However, Luffy’s punch buries him in the town. Coming back to the other characters, Viola and Usopp discuss Luffy’s new form and they also observe the people of the town. The people are so confused by what’s happening and Luffy’s new technique too! 

Even the two Marines decide to step up and fight the injured Doflamingo. But nothing stopped Doflamingo from standing in an upright position. Luffy gets hyped up and compresses air in his legs, coming at Doflamingo. He tries to attack Luffy but Luffy dodges and kicks him from behind. Now, they are at the third level of the plateau. Kyro observes everything from the background. Doflamingo gets knocked out after the last kick. That’s where he gets confused about Luffy’s new transformation which was the Gear 4! 

luffy vs doflamingo
Our villain-sama doesn’t give up and tries to attack him using strings. However, Luffy breaks those strings! The battle keeps on going and Doflamingo keeps on dodging Luffy’s attacks and tries to punch him too. 

Seeing the new transformation of Luffy, Doflamingo got hyped up. He decided to use an Armament Haki’s kick that struck Luffy from behind. Little did he know that his sidekicks won’t bother our boy. Despite such a powerful blow, Luffy’s body had much flexibility and his body recoiled from the kick, sending Doflamingo flying all the way to the back! 

Seeing the tricks not completely knocking out Doflamingo, Luffy uses another of his deadly techniques which is known as Python. What’s this technique about? Well, using this technique, Luffy can alternate the direction of his punches. But Doflamingo isn’t an easy opponent. He used an overheating technique to stop Luffy. However, Luffy’s power punches smashed Doflamingo to the ground after hitting his face!

This battle was one of the most intense battles in One Piece. We got to see Luffy’s transformation and the intense power of Doflamingo as well! The main highlights of this episode were: 

  • Sub techniques like: Boundman, Kong Gun, Rhino Schneider, Culverin, Python 



one piece

Episode 726 was just a sneak peak of Luffy’s transformation. If you haven’t watched One Piece, you’re missing out on a lot of transformations and thrilling events! Thus, if you’re looking for a new anime to start, One Piece might actually be a good pick! 

Many exciting events happened in One Piece. Just like that, the unleashing of Gear 4 was one of the most exciting events. The fight was intense and the overall vibe of the episode stole the hearts of many otakus! So, if you haven’t caught up to episode 726, you really need to! However, I’m sure this blog made you learn a lot about Luffy’s new techniques that he can use to knock out powerful opponents like Doflamingo! Do tell us your opinions on Gear 4! Do you like any other technique of Luffy? 

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