K-Drama Review: “Little Women” Imparts A Sound Warning That There’s No Shortcut To Success

Reflections on poverty, power-tripping and the threshold of how much love to give to your family summarize the gripping narrative of Little Women.

Packed with memorable portrayals, the series traverses a narrative that is equal parts entertaining and exciting.

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Little Women Final Episode Highlights

Hwa-young who has been living in Singapore in a new life appears on In-joo’s final trial. She owns up to her mistake and apologizes for what she caused In-joo. Pushing Sang-ah on the edge, she makes her final move by luring In-joo to rescue Hwa-young who was abducted by Sang-ah.

In their final showdown, In-joo who previously acquired a bomb from Do-il’s father used it to get the steel manhole cover she used to protect her and Hwa-young from the pouring hydrochloric acid initiated by Sang-ah. When the latter stops In-joo from running away, she pushes Sang-ah to the nearby pond and gets a dose of her own medicine.

After Sang-ah’s death, In-kyung receives the original memoir from Principal Jang and shares the emotions of the founding members of Jeongran Society who were betrayed when they had fought valiantly for the country.

In the end, they start new beginnings. In-joo receives notice of the apartment Great Aunt gave her but has to pay for its tax. In-kyung foregoes a career opportunity as a reporter and decides to go to where Jong-ho is. Meanwhile, Do-il meets In-hye and Hyo-rin to get the 70 billion won which Do-il arranged to be sent to Hyo-rin’s Panama account.

Little Women Quick Plot Recap

Raised in an underprivileged family, In-joo, In-kyung and in-hye have fostered love and support for each other no matter what. When the eldest sister receives a big sum of money unexpectedly, her life entwines with aspiring politician Park Jae-sang and his wife Won Sang-ah.

In-kyung, a dauntless reporter, discovers connecting deaths that trace to a secret society backed up by Jae-sang and Sang-ah. Meanwhile, the youngest sister, In-hye, becomes a friend of the couple’s only daughter.

From there, the sisters confront secrets and shocking revelations that pit them against a rich and powerful family.

Little Women Highlights + Drawback

Hooking Plot Direction

Little Women is loaded with plot twists that are new and refreshing, thus, setting it apart from other melodramas that settled for trite conflicts and plot curveballs.

Firstly, there’s no flower utilized yet in K-Dramaland as an accessory to the crime rendered by the antagonist.

Correspondingly, the crazy mindset and volatile characters really blended well with the storytelling.

The series really made viewers happy with its consistent piling of plot twists that are equal parts thrilling and sensible.

Stellar Portrayals

There’re balanced merits and frustrating moments that make Little Women characters fascinating. They can go vulnerable at one point and turns mercurial at another.

Notably, they did not overreact and get overwhelmed by their actions. They interestingly keep their poise with hints of rationality.

Except of course for In-joo whose salient knack to make the situation worse yet finding the solution instantaneously has had viewers utter prayers for her to be guided.

Noticeably, the portrayals feel like a music symphony where each character has a distinct tune that emerges and exits, bringing zest to the story.

Special mention to the supporting characters. Evidently, the series run is too short to portend development. Still, some characters achieve dazzling moments.

Little Women

Phenomenal Villains

Won Sang-ah is one of the most interesting characters to grace K-Dramaland this year. Her iconic villain role in Little Women is worthy of applause, even in years to come.

Blatantly said, Uhm Ji Won compellingly breathed life into Sang-ah to the point that she upstaged the Oh sisters most of the time. Well, sometimes the blue orchid competes with her. But she is surely the driving force of the story.

It’s hard not to be amazed at how crazy evil she is, how far her insanity would go, and what kind of havoc she can happily wreak.

Matching her vibrant villainous act, Uhm Ki Joon is a perennial favorite in fiendish roles. His last-minute sacrifice all for the meaning of the love he has for his wife counts as a saving grace for him.

Notably, the two helped a lot in making the series stand out. Their stories have this dark reverence that helped in understanding the motivation for their malevolence and disheartening disillusionment.

In-hye’s Redeeming Moment

With the 70 billion won fortunately tucked safely by Do-il to Hyo-rin’s Panama account, the characters seal worthy happiness. But what’s bewildering is the sudden shift of attention to In-hye. It’s as if, the writer finally remembered that the besties exist in the story so they have to do something notable after the rollercoaster ride experienced by the adults around them.

It’s surprising that In-hye decides the partition of the money when there’s Hwa-young who even braved the hydrochloric acid shower she got. There’s also Do-il who has been with In-joo through good and bad times.

That being said, there are some key characters that were not utilized well nor given time to grow in the narrative.

Little Women

Little Women Series Musings

Conventional plot meets mind-blowing turning points in Little Women. It is not your perfect K-Drama but it definitely leaves a good impression.

Credit goes to the riveting story trajectory and uniquely contrived characters. The ludicrous plot direction is made more addicting by how offbeat thinking the heroes and the villains are in the series.

Teeming with life lessons, the series in a nutshell really presented how being impoverished can push people to multiple routes they can take.

Some would take a bypass, some would accept it as fate, and some would work hard to improve it. Regardless of which choice is made, sometimes luck or misfortune intervenes.

From In-joo’s small dream of having a better life condition with her sisters, the opportunity arrives, but it soon became her nightmare. In-kyung’s excessive thirst to uphold justice achieves a neat closure. We couldn’t be any happier about her inspiring message of knowing when to stop with what you can offer in your dream career.

Lastly, Sang-ah’s anomalous world of executing her weird creativity into life took us to shocking but feasible situations we can encounter. Hers is grand-scale though, but taking In-joo’s sentiment, we should never let people cast us without permission to their own dramas.

Restrained to do what they want because of the lack of money, Oh sisters remind us that it’s okay to dream individually. While you are a part of a family, you have the right to live a life as you please.

All episodes of Little Women are now streaming on Netflix.

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