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How To Write Medical School Personal Statement | 2022 Edition

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Medical school admission is a long process that includes various aspects. Every part of the process wants you to be more competitive and focused than other applicants. From preparing for the exam to getting a high score and asking your professors to write a letter of recommendation for you, there is a lot more that you have to do. The centralized application systems for medical school requires a personal statement and a personal statement can not be written by studying for it. Scoring good marks in the exam can be done in the same traditional way that you have been following for years. But for writing a medical school personal statement, you need to follow some tips and tricks. In order to make you stand out of the crowd, here is how you should write your personal statement.

What is a personal statement?

Before we understand how to write a personal statement, let us know what a personal statement is.

A personal statement is an essay that lets the reader understand who you are and what drives you. In the personal statement you can narrate your story of how you got inclined towards medicine. You can also throw some light on your personal traits and position yourself as a suitable candidate.

The initial screening of medical school admission is based on your MCAT score and GPA but that’s not only what matters. Med schools need to humanize you on the basis of your characteristics. And only a good personal statement will help you accomplish this. Medical schools want you to be a good fit and this is why they want your personal statement to be flawless. Medical school personal statement editing should be done several times before submitting so that no stone is left unturned.

How to write your personal statement?

The word ‘personal’ in a personal statement is more than enough to tell you how your statement should be. The best and successful personal statements are written in the form of stories to give it a personal touch. They are in conversational form. A personal statement can either be written by you yourself or an expert and professional writer. Taking help from medical personal statement editing services for 2022 admissions is also a good idea. Here are a few things to take care of in your personal statement.

  • Define your best personality traits in the statement.
  • Connect those traits with actual life experiences.
  • Write these events in a compelling and narrative way.
  • Find out how those defining traits influence you and your goals as a med professional.
  • Begin with a theme and do not forget to summarise the concert in the end.


Remember, personal statements are not an extension of your resume or CV. It is a unique piece of application that should be about you and your positive traits. A simple spelling mistake or a grammatical error can create a negative impact on your admission. Always prefer taking medical school personal statement help for 2022 admissions. Once an expert gives you a green flag, go ahead with submitting your statement.

Final Words

Personal statements for medical school are so much more than one thinks. As you start writing it, focus on traits like empathy, ambition, humility, resilience, integrity, responsibility, accountability and resourcefulness. You do not need to rant about your empathy but give the reader an understanding about it. Lastly, whenever in doubt always consider taking support from medical personal statement editing services for 2022 admissions.

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