Meet the Methane 360, India’s Very first 360-Degree VR Digital camera

Who is buying 360-diploma, digital actuality cameras in India? Startups like, CommonFloor, NestAway, and Oyo rooms, it turns out. These providers all required to develop new VR experiences to permit possible consumers nearly walk through houses, and to capture the pictures expected, they turned to Tesseract, a Mumbai-based company that was started in 2013. Tesseract made a unique VR digicam, and largely focuses on the B2B sector its Methane 360 VR digital camera went up for pre-purchase in October, and has began delivery globally.

“Housing, CommonFloor, NestAway, Oyo were our initial buyers. Then we expanded to the US,” says Tesseract co-founder Kshitij Marwah. He is an almnus of the MIT media labs, and he suggests that the corporation has bought the camera to some prosumers in the US as very well. “They were being executing this working with DSLRs, and using a week to do what our system does in minutes.”

Marwah utilised to guide the MIT Media Lab India plan, which expected him to appear to India after a calendar year, starting off in 2011, to make ground breaking prototypes and perform with design and engineering talent in India. “That is when I uncovered that there is certainly plenty of of an ecosystem over below both in manufacturing and skill set to build a world class item out of India,” he says. From there, the strategy to develop a VR camera grew. “At that point [2013], there was Oculus, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, we didn’t uncover any person concentrating on how to build written content for it,” he provides.


The consequence of this considering was the Methane 360 VR camera. It can be a digicam that rotates about a preset axis, and captures many photos. The digital camera also has optional onboard 3D sensors, which aid in creating automatic flooring options and layouts.

“Every single image that is captured can be seen in digital truth, and when you see it, it is like you are proper within that room,” states Marwah. “All of that is accomplished by a battery-driven product, all the processing is performed within the digital camera. We have a dual-main 1GHz processor managing inside of the digicam, which does all the processing, of lights arrangement, shipping and delivery, blending, VR optimisation, HDR, everything. It can just take multiple pictures with distinct exposures, fuse them alongside one another, in serious-time.”

It’s really diverse from utilizing a smartphone – Marwah believes that they will under no circumstances be equipped to seize virtual reality because of inherent restrictions. “The smartphone will not do the task at all – to do 360 VR, you have to just take about 64 images from your smartphone, meticulously align it, so that the algorithm can adhere it in the appropriate way,” he claims. “That course of action normally takes about thirty minutes. The algorithms don’t exist which can just take care of the errors carried out by people.”

The full factor is accomplished with a quite compact package, as the Methane 360 digicam is 30 centimetres lengthy, comes with onboard Wi-Fi, built-in 3D sensors, and can get 200 12-megapixel spherical illustrations or photos in just one charge.


Accomplishing this was not easy, Marwah says, significantly for a startup. “Nobody required to function with a startup, they desired major orders, massive volume, all those people issues,” he suggests. Acquiring a seller to create the machine intended wondering outside the box, as no electronics producers ended up interested. Alternatively, Marwah says, the firm had to obtain a seller functioning in the automotive sector, whose CNC machines could get an aerospace quality aluminium complete on the Methane 360.

Using the Methane 360 is very easy, Marwah says, as it is controlled with a companion software, and the user will not have to do nearly anything apart from pressing a button to seize the spherical picture. “You can take it outdoors and indoors, and commence mapping your possess colony, locality,” claims Marwah. “Our remaining purpose is to convey 360 diploma, immersive digital fact articles seize capabilities to customers,” he states, adding that his startup has received about 500 orders so significantly, and additional orders will lower the pricing even more.

The product has two pricing products. With bulk orders (of additional than 50 units), you can get the digital camera for as minimal as Rs. 50,000 for every device, but more compact orders, you can expect to be spending all over Rs. 1.3 lakh for the digicam, or around Rs. 1.5 lakh if you want the model with a 3D sensor. Marwah promises that Tesseract’s Methane 360 is 10 occasions smaller sized and more affordable than competing products like the Matterport, which is priced at $4,500, or just under Rs. 3 lakh.

Even though Marwah is appropriate that the Methane 360 is substantially more affordable than other equivalent gadgets, you can find been an upswell of curiosity in VR cameras, as businesses like GoPro and Nokia enter the fray. You will find a selection of great consumer quality cameras in the phase that are coming up, these as the Bublcam, priced at $799 (about Rs. 50,000), or the 360fly, priced at $400 (all over Rs. 26,000).


These cameras are aimed at a distinct current market, and are really intended for getting videos. Then you can find things like the Ricoh Theta S, which is about to go on sale in India for Rs. 40,000. These aren’t automatically gadgets that will come across use in specialist footage, which has been the circumstance with the Methane 360, but it could be a main stumbling block for the firm.

Marwah nonetheless sees an clear current market for his system among the the journey and authentic estate aggregators, He thinks that the upcoming time you book a space or a house, or an Airbnb, you is not going to see that area in 2D photographs, but in VR and 3D. And he thinks that the quality of the camera will make it provide.

“I went to fulfill a key CEO of a major actual-estate portal, and he did not believe that that this was done in India. Some requested if we experienced deployed it in the US, ahead of they desired to get the job done with us,” claims Marwah. “Now we have arrived at a phase where by we are very self-confident about India’s manufacturing skills for startups. The product is in the current market, men and women are applying it, now we are going to talk more about it.”

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