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Mermaid Movies. The origin of the sirens dates back to 1000 BC. B.C. in civilizations such as Syria and ancient Greece. However, the sirens we know are charming creatures, unlike the sirens of elderly people who would attract sailors to their death with a beautiful song.

The following list will give you your dose of siren, whether it is a reinvention of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid or a story about the inhabitants of the sea eaters of men, let’s see now the list of the 35 Siren Films.

Top 35 Mermaid Movies

Here is the list of 35 siren movies you need to see:

35: Queen of the Sea

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.When her sister seizes the throne, Queen Eleanor of Albion is banished to a tiny island off the coast of her kingdom, where the nuns of the convent spend their days peacefully praying, sewing, and gardening. But the island is also home to Margaret, a mysterious young orphan girl whose life is upturned when the cold, regal stranger arrives.

As Margaret grows closer to Eleanor, she grapples with the revelation of the island’s sinister true purpose as well as the truth of her own past. When Eleanor’s life is threatened, Margaret is faced with a perilous choice between helping Eleanor and protecting herself. In a hybrid novel of fictionalized history, Dylan Meconis paints Margaret’s world in soft greens, grays, and reds, transporting readers to a quiet, windswept island at the heart of a treasonous royal plot.

34: Peter Pan

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Wendy Darling lives with her parents and two brothers, John and Michael, in London. Peter Pan regularly comes to listen to the stories she tells her brothers, without her knowing it. One night, she wakes up and sees him, believing she had dreamed.

One evening, when his parents went out, Peter Pan comes to recover his shadow he lost, and takes Wendy with his brothers to the Imaginary Land, where they will then get adventures: battles against pirates, meeting an Indian woman, sword fights and a lot of other extraordinary things.

But Peter Pan only dreams of one thing: to remain a boy forever and have fun forever; but Wendy thinks that life has many other surprises in store for them, and that you have to grow up to be able to discover them. As everything separates them, Wendy and Peter will fall in love with each other, but their stubbornness will lead them to an uncertain future.

33: Aquaman

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, is a superhero whose favorite universe is the aquatic world. Preferring to live in the world of humans on the surface, the belligerent inclinations of the Atlanteans in favor of war with the Surface will lead him to become the king of the oceans.

32: Hans Christian Andersen

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies. Starring Danny Kaye, the film is a 1952 Hollywood musical make inspired by Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen’s life. The movie is like a narrating drama where the narrating shoemaker falls for a married ballet dancer who stars in his accounts. Being more romantic rather than being a biography is what’s appealing to the audiences, making it an international success of that era.

31: Creature From The Black Lagoon

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.A geology expedition in the Amazon uncovers fossilized evidence (a skeletal hand with webbed fingers) from the Devonian period that provides a direct link between land and sea animals. Expedition leader Dr. Carl Maia orders his two assistants to stay in camp while he visits the marine biology institute.

Carl reunites with his friend and former student, ichthyologist Dr. David Reed. David works at an aquarium in California, but more recently, he has been a guest at Carl’s institute in Brazil to study lungfish. David persuades his boss, the financially minded Dr. Mark Williams, to fund a return expedition to the Amazon to look for the remainder of the skeleton.

Soon after Carl leaves camp, a piscine amphibious humanoid, a living member of the same species from which the fossil originated, becomes curious about the expedition’s camp. When its sudden appearance frightens the assistants, they panic and attack, and in response, the enraged Creature kills them both.

The group goes aboard the tramp steamer Rita, captained by crusty Lucas. The expedition consists of David; Carl; Mark; David’s girlfriend and colleague Kay Lawrence; and another scientist, Dr. Edwin Thompson. When they arrive at the camp, they discover Carl’s assistants have been killed while he was away. Lucas suggests it was likely done by a jaguar, but the others are unsure.

29: Miranda

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

As his wife is uninterested in fishing, Dr. Paul Martin goes on a holiday on the Cornwall coast without her. There, Miranda, a mermaid, catches him by pulling on his fishing line and making him fall in the water. She drags him down to her underwater cavern where she keeps him prisoner for a week and only lets him go after he agrees to show her London, where he lives.

Having ordered several extra long dresses from his wife’s London couturier to cover her tail, he disguises her as an invalid patient in a bath chair and takes her to his home, initially for a three weeks stay.
Martin’s wife Clare reluctantly agrees to the arrangement, but insists he hire someone to look after the “patient”. He selects Nurse Carey for her eccentric nature and takes her into his confidence. To Paul’s relief, Carey is delighted to be working for a mermaid as she has always believed they exist.

Miranda’s seductive nature earns her the admiration of not only Paul, but also his chauffeur Charles, as well as Nigel, the fiancé of Clare’s friend and neighbour Isobel, arousing the jealousy of the women. Nigel even breaks off his engagement, but when he and Charles discover that Miranda has been flirting with both of them, they come to their senses.

With Clare strongly suspecting that Miranda is a mermaid, she makes Martin admit it. But when Miranda overhears Clare telling Paul that the public must be told, Miranda wheels herself down to the Thames and makes her escape into the water. She had previously told them she would go to Majorca for a visit.
In the final scene, Miranda is shown on a rock, holding a merbaby on her lap.

28: Empires Of The Deep 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.The eight mermaid kingdoms have reigned as the protectors of the oceans since the creation of Earth, but the current peace comes under threat from the re-emergence of the Demon Mage and his legions. After his village is caught up in the conflict, a Greek hero named Atlas sets out with his friend Trajin to rescue Atlas’s father and bring back the holy Temple of Poseidon, which has been stolen by an army of mermen knights.

27: Roxy Hunter And The Myth Of The Mermaid

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

is a fictional character played by Aria Wallace in four television films for Nickelodeon in the United States: Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost (2007), Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman (2008), Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid (2008), and Roxy Hunter and the Horrific Halloween (2008)

26: Ondine 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Undine Wibeau, a freelance speaker in the history of urban planning in Berlin, works at the Berlin Senate to welcome visitors. The young woman has a difficult relationship with Johannes, who wants to end their relationship because he met another woman. During a short appointment at the café near the model room where she operates, Undine urges Johannes to wait for her for thirty minutes, the time for a presentation, otherwise she will be forced to kill him.

When she comes back, the coffee is empty. Meets a young man who attended his mini-conference, who presents himself as a diver (industrial diver, freelance), and offers him a coffee. Their unexpected encounter disturbs them both: she drops his mobile phone, which he tries to pick up; destabilized, he falls, and this shakes the part of the bar where a large aquarium is installed, with plants and diver statuette. The aquarium breaks, and she saves him from the accident. They both find themselves soaked and delighted. Christoph offers Undine the statuette of a diver, while the small fish are dying. They are banned from the coffee by the waiter, furious.

Christoph and Undine start a passionate relationship. Christoph, during a dive for a dam turbine weld, sees the large catfish Günther appear, which disappears in the algae, and passes in front of a wall carrying a plate with the word Undine. He wants to show it to Undine and dives into this lake with her. But Undine lets go of Christoph’s hand, loses his diving equipment and fails to drown. Christoph must give her a heart and mouth-to-mouth massage to save her.

25: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies. In mid-18th century, a man is rescued from the ocean off the Spanish coast and brought to King Ferdinand of Spain, where he claims to be a crewmate of Juan Ponce de León, who disappeared 200 years ago searching for the Fountain of Youth. Seventeen years after the battle of Calypso’s maelstrom,after a failed attempt to rescue his first mate, Joshamee Gibbs, from execution in London, Captain Jack Sparrow is brought before King George II.

The king asks Jack to guide an expedition to locate the Fountain of Youth, before King Ferdinand and the Spanish Navy locate it. Captain Hector Barbossa, now a privateer, and sporting a peg leg, is captaining the expedition, though only requires Sao Feng’s navigational charts, rather than Jack’s.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack escapes, meeting his father, Captain Teague, who tells Jack that the Fountain requires a ritual to use. Jack learns an impersonator is recruiting pirates for another expedition. The imposter is Angelica, Jack’s former lover, and daughter of the legendary Blackbeard. Jack is shanghaied into service on board Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard survived his historic death using voodoo magic, due to a predestined, fatal encounter with Barbossa. He wields the Sword of Triton, which allows him to control his ship.

Though Jack leads a mutiny, Blackbeard subdues the crew into obedience. Amongst the crew is Philip Swift, a captured missionary.
Barbossa recruits Gibbs, who burns the charts, admitting he memorized every location. Jack is told by Angelica that two silver chalices must be retrieved from Ponce de León’s flagship, the Santiago.

A mermaid’s tear must be placed in one chalice, and both chalices must be drunk simultaneously to activate the Fountain’s healing properties. The drinker who lacks the tear will die, their lifeforce is given to the other. Jack discovers Blackbeard’s collection of captured, miniaturized ships, including the Black Pearl.

24: Night Tide

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Johnny Drake (Dennis Hopper), a sailor on shore leave in Santa Monica, meets a young woman named Mora (Linda Lawson) in a local jazz club where flautist Paul Horn and his band are playing. Mora tells him that she makes her living on the pier appearing as a mermaid in a sideshow attraction under the name ‘Mora the Mermaid’ – a ‘half-woman, half-fish’ on the boardwalk, operated by Captain Murdock (Gavin Muir).

She lives in an apartment above the amusement park that houses the merry-go-round. He goes to see her in her mermaid costume at the pier. Mora later tells Johnny that Captain Murdock is her godfather and that he has been like a father to her since he found her as an orphan living on an island, Mykonos.

Night Tide

Captain Murdock refers to her as his ‘ward’. Johnny becomes acquainted with the merry-go-round operator and his daughter, who warns Johnny that Mora may be dangerous, as her two previous boyfriends both drowned under mysterious circumstances.

As Mora and Johnny become closer, Mora tells him that she believes she is a Siren, one of the legendary creatures who lure sailors to their deaths under the influence of the moon. Johnny witnesses Mora being followed by a mysterious black-clad woman, the ‘Sea Witch’ (Marjorie Cameron) whom she believes is one of the Sirens, calling her to return to the sea to fulfill her destiny.

However, Johnny doesn’t believe that Mora is capable of killing anyone, and thinks she must be suffering from a delusion. During a scuba dive on the day of the full moon, Mora cuts Johnny’s air hose, apparently attempting to drown him. He is forced to the surface. She swims out to sea and disappears.

23: Guinea Pig 5: Mermaid In The Manhole

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

is a Japanese exploitation gore horror film series that consists of six films, as well as two making-of documentaries. The series’ original concept, envisioned by manga artist Hideshi Hino (who wrote and directed two films in the series), was to create film adaptations of his manga work.[citation needed] The series primarily focuses on situations involving graphic violence, gore, mutilation, torture, and murder.

22: Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies. Much of the story is shown in flashback as Arthur Peabody tells a skeptical doctor about the source of his malaise.
After a bad bout of influenza, Peabody had gone on vacation with his wife Polly to the fictional Caribbean resort of St Hilda. While there, he hears singing coming from a rocky cay offshore and sails his boat to investigate and do a little fishing.

To his embarrassment, he reels in a beautiful mermaid whom he names Lenore. Although mute, she is mischievous and childlike and more than a little alluring so much so that before long Peabody has taught her to kiss. Meanwhile, he hides Lenore in the resort’s deep fish pond.
Confusion ensues as Peabody’s wife Polly, who is herself attracted to suave Englishman Mike Fitzgerald, suspects her husband of infidelity with a vacationing singer.

Things get more complicated after Polly storms off home without Peabody and police suspect him of murder. A search party pursues him to the cay, where Lenore nearly drowns Peabody by trying to conceal him underwater.
Back at home in Boston, as snow is falling, Peabody is talked into consulting Dr. Harvey and telling his story.

In the end, Peabody seems to be persuaded by the doctor that he was hallucinating while undergoing a midlife crisis on the approach of his 50th birthday. There is only Lenore’s comb left to prove the reality of his adventure and this he gives to his wife as a homecoming gift.

21: Splash

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies. In 1964, eight-year-old Allen Bauer and his family are taking a boat tour at Cape Cod. Allen is fascinated by something below the surface and jumps overboard. In the ocean, he encounters a young girl and inexplicably finds himself able to breathe underwater. However, Allen is rescued and pulled back to the surface, and the two are separated. Since no one else saw the girl, Allen comes to believe the encounter was a near-death hallucination.

In 1984, Allen is now co-owner of a wholesale fruit and vegetable business in New York City with his womanizing older brother Freddie. Through the years, Allen’s relationships have failed as he subconsciously seeks the connection he felt with the mysterious girl. Depressed after his latest breakup, Allen returns to Cape Cod, where he encounters eccentric scientist Dr. Walter Kornbluth on a diving expedition. When his motorboat malfunctions, Allen falls into the sea and is knocked unconscious; his wallet drops onto the coral below.

He wakes up on a beach, in the presence of a beautiful naked woman who is unable to talk. After kissing him, she dives into the sea, where she transforms into a mermaid. While swimming underwater, she is sighted by Kornbluth.
Mermaid Movies. The mermaid finds Allen’s wallet, and uses a sunken ship’s charts to locate New York. She comes ashore naked at the Statue of Liberty and is arrested for indecent exposure. Using information from Allen’s wallet, the police contact him and the mysterious girl is released into his care. She learns how to speak English from watching television, and is eager to explore the city.

Unable to say her real name in human language, she selects “Madison” from a Madison Avenue sign. She tells Allen that she will be in New York for “six fun-filled days until the moon is full”; unable to return home if she stays any longer. Despite Madison’s occasionally outlandish behavior, she and Allen fall in love. Allen proposes to Madison, but she declines and runs away. After some contemplation, Madison returns to Allen and agrees to marry him, with the added promise of telling him the truth about herself after an upcoming dignitary dinner to welcome the President.

20: Mad About Men

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.When Caroline, a gymnastics teacher, goes on vacation with her family in Cornwall, she meets Miranda, a mermaid who is a distant relative and who looks exactly like her. She agrees to let Miranda exchange her place with her while she goes on a bicycle trip with a friend. Caroline fakes an accident, leaving her confined in a wheelchair for a few weeks. This allows Miranda to hide her fish tail under the blanket.

Caroline is engaged to Ronald Baker. Miranda doesn’t like him at all and decides to make sure that Caroline meets another man. She flirts outrageously with two singles, Jeff Saunders and Colonel Barclay Sutton. When she discovers that Ronald approves for the dumping of waste into the ocean, she spills a cold soup tureen on his head.

Meanwhile, Barbara Davenport, the colonel’s fiancée, has an understandable aversion to Miranda. As she swims, she discovers Miranda’s secret and ensures that “Caroline” has to sing at a charity concert, in order to reveal her true nature. Caroline learns that the concert must take place, guess what Barbara is merrying, and rushes to take Miranda’s place, thus thwarting Barbara’s plan.

Later, Jeff takes Caroline by boat. When he tries to kiss her, she first resists, then willingly gives in, while a Miranda looks at them, a little sad.

19: The Lure

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Some time in the 1980s, two mermaids, Golden and Silver, encounter a rock band, Figs n’ Dates, relaxing and playing music on a beach in Poland. They accompany the band back to the nightclub where they regularly perform and begin playing gigs there, performing as strippers and backup singers. The mermaids soon become their own act, The Lure, with the band backing them.

Golden murders a bar patron after a show one night and continues to thirst for blood; Silver falls in love with the bassist Mietek, but Mietek only sees her as a fish and not a woman.
Golden meets Triton, a fellow sea creature and singer of a metal band, who informs her that if her sister falls in love and her love marries someone else, she will turn into sea foam; if she is to have her tail removed, she will lose her voice.

When Golden’s murder victim is discovered, one of the bandmates punches Silver and Golden, and it appears that they die. The bandmates roll their bodies in carpets and throw them into the river. But they return to the club, alive, and the band apologizes. Silver has her tail surgically replaced with a pair of legs to make Mietek love her back, but this makes her lose her singing voice.

She tries to have sex with her new lower-half, but Mietek is disgusted when she gets blood on him from her surgery scars.
Mietek later meets a woman in a recording studio, whom he marries. The sisters attend the reception; Golden and Triton warn Silver that she must eat Mietek before daybreak or she will become sea foam. Silver dances with Mietek, but cannot bring herself to eat him, and turns into sea foam in his arms. Distraught, Golden tears Mietek’s throat out and returns to the ocean in full view of the entire wedding party.

18: Blue My mind

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

15-year-old Mia Weber moves to Zurich with her parents because her father starts a new job there. She has to settle into a new class in the middle of the school year. Mia makes friends with a group of girls who are considered problem students. The group, led by Gianna, experiments with sex, drugs, commits shoplifting and falsifies signatures.

Mia feels further and further away from her parents and confides in a doctor as her toes grow together. The doctor reacts confusedly to Mia’s information that her toes were still normal until a few days ago because syndactile is congenital. Mia wakes up at night and drinks a glass of water with salt in it. The next day she eats two goldfish from her mother’s aquarium and then throws up. Mia is clear: The changes she is going through are not only related to puberty.

Shortly before her 16th Birthday, Mia tries to find out the truth about herself. She realizes that there are no pictures of her mother in which she is pregnant. The mother weighs off and thinks that the pictures must be somewhere in the moving boxes. Mia’s question of why she doesn’t like her parents remains unanswered. Meanwhile, her lower body is changing. Her legs first have dark spots, then become scaly. Mia hides these changes as her life with her girlfriends is becoming more and more excessive.

17: The Mermaid 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Playboy property tycoon Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) purchases the Green Gulf, a coastal wildlife reserve, for a land reclamation project, and uses sonar technology to get rid of the sea life in the area. Unknown to him, the Green Gulf is the home of merpeople and the sonar (in addition to heavy pollution) has caused many of them to die or get sick.

The few survivors live in an abandoned shipwreck in the gulf, and want to assassinate Xuan for his deeds. The merfolk send Shan (Lin Yun), a beautiful young mermaid, who has been trained to walk on her fins and hide among humans, to seduce and kill Xuan. At an extravagant party celebrating Xuan’s business success, Shan, pretending to be a dancer, asks him to call her.

Xuan, believing that Shan is an escort, calls her number in order to make Ruolan (Zhang Yuqi), his business partner (and ex-girlfriend), jealous. Shan attempts to kill Xuan, but all her attempts backfire. Xuan decides to escort Shan back home, and along the way Shan takes him to a funfair where she works. While there, Shan shows Xuan there are more important things than money, and Xuan is impressed with Shan’s simple, amusing antics.

They spend the day together and develop feelings for each other. When Xuan finally takes Shan home, Shan quickly sends Xuan away before her people can kill him. The next day, Xuan takes Shan out on another date and proposes to her. Xuan admits that even though they only met the day before, he already knows that she is the one for him. A conflicted Shan rejects him and admits that she was sent there to kill him. Xuan kisses her, but Ruolan interrupts them. Shan runs out, and as Xuan attempts to follow her, Ruolan stops him. Angered, Xuan demands Ruolan to cancel their business deal.

16: The Thirteenth Year 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time

Mermaid Movies Of All Time. Cody Griffin is an adopted teenager; his birth mother is a mermaid who left him on Whit and Sharon Griffin’s boat when he was a baby to avoid being captured. As she left, she lured a fisherman, Big John Wheatley, away and he became obsessed with finding mermaids since. Years later, Cody establishes himself as a quick swimmer on his school’s swim team, and he has a girlfriend named Samantha. He is under a lot of pressure from a big swim meet coming up and because he is failing biology, he is partnered with Jess Wheatley, the class geek (and Big John’s son) who is a marine biology expert.

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On his 13th birthday, Cody drinks a lot of water and he later jolts Samantha with an electric shock when he kisses her. Since that day, he begins to feel strange. As he wakes up in the morning, he turns off his alarm clock and zaps it. Ignoring it, Cody drinks from a milk container, which he notices it stuck to his hand. Jess notices scales forming on Cody’s hand and says he has only seen that kind of thing on frogs and lizards. As the symptoms are getting worse, Cody goes to Jess for help, who agrees to figure out what is going on with him as long as Cody teaches him to swim in return. Jess runs various tests, learning Cody can generate electricity, hold his breath underwater for a long period of time, climb walls, talk to fish, swim extremely fast, and when wet, scales appear on his hands, arms and feet. Jess concludes that Cody is turning into a merman.

Mermaid Movies. Once his adoptive parents find out about Cody’s changes, they advise that he should avoid water at all costs. That includes participating in the swim meet. Cody decides to swim in the sea a day later and finds out he had grown jagged fins along his arms, which he manages to hide from Samantha by placing his arms in the sand. Despite the risks, he attends the swim meet anyway and not only wins and beats his teammate Sean, but breaks the state speed record. Cody’s scales and arm fins have reappeared, however, and he causes a power surge to flee, breaking the scoreboard. Sean sees the scales and surmises Cody cheated, following the fleeing Cody into the locker room. Cody avoids him by sticking to the ceiling, but Sean claims he is determined to find out how Cody cheated. Cody safely makes it out of the school and goes home with his parents after they find out he was not in his room. Back home, they all try to turn Cody back to normal by drying him but the scales are lasting longer now.

15: Tarzan and The Mermaids 

Tarzan and The Mermaids 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Varga, a vile unscrupulous merchant, pretends to be the god Balou in a small village of pearl fishermen. In order not to marry her Mara, a young native escapes to the jungle where she meets Tarzan.

14: Mermaid Down

Mermaid Down

A mermaid is torn from the Pacific, her tail is cut off and she is sent to a psychiatric home where no one believes her to be a mermaid.

13: Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water

Mermaid Movies. One evening, Cleveland Heep, who became the superintendent of a Philadelphia apartment complex after his family was murdered, discovers Story, a Narf (a naiad-like being) from the Blue World, in his building’s pool, immediately rescuing her from an attack by a Scrunt, a grass-covered, wolf-like creature that hides by flattening its body against the turf.
Story explains she has arrived to find the Writer, the “vessel” who will be magically awakened when he meets her, and then write a book that will save humanity in the future. When Heep mentions the word “Narf” to tenant Young-Soon, she recognizes it from stories told by her mother, Mrs. Choi, then summarizes the stories for him.

After questioning residents Farber, Bell, Dury, and five nameless smokers, Heep discovers the Writer is tenant Vick Ran, who is struggling to complete The Cookbook. Heep brings Vick to Story; their meeting eliminates his fear and sharpens his inner voice. She later explains that The Cookbook will contain views and ideas so significant they will inspire a future President, a great Midwestern orator, to greatly change the world for the better. Vick later deduces, and Story confirms, that he will be killed because of the controversial nature of his ideas.

Mermaid Movies. As Mrs. Choi remembers more details of the Narf legend, Heep better understands the situation. The Tartutic, an invincible simian-like quartet that serve as the Blue World’s peacekeeping force, have forbidden any attack on Story while she travels home. Nonetheless, the Scrunt does just that because they know that Story is destined to be a great Narf leader, the once in a generation Madam Narf who will let all of humanity know they are on the right path.

For Story to recover from her wounds and return safely, she foresees that she will need the help of a Guardian, a Symbolist, a Guild, and a Healer. Story believes Heep to be her Guardian; Heep asks Farber, an abrasive film critic, to help him figure out the others’ identities. Working off movie tropes, Farber misadvises Heep, leading him to a flawed conclusion that a resident named Dury is the Symbolist, the smokers are the Guild, and a kindly woman named Bell is the Healer.

12: Aquamarine


Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Claire and Hailey are the best friends in the world. When they discover a mermaid, Aquamarine, stranded in the city of Florida where Claire lives with her grandparents, it is the beginning of an incredible adventure.

Aqua fled her home to escape a forced marriage. She dreams of great love and if she manages to prove to her father that it exists, then he will free her from her commitment. But she only has three days to do it. Claire and Hailey will do everything to help her… In exchange, Aqua promises them to fulfill their dearest wish: to make sure that this weekend is not their last together, since Hailey has to move to Australia…

For the three friends, there is an emergency. Aqua spotted Raymond Calder, the lifeguard of the Capri Club but she will discover that finding great love has little to do with what is written in magazines.

11: Mermaids


In 1963 Oklahoma, Charlotte Flax is a neurotic 15-year-old whose carefree single mother, Rachel, relocates Charlotte and her 9-year-old half-sister, Kate, each time she ends a relationship. Rachel’s parenting approach – which more resembles friendship than mothering – troubles the anxiety-ridden Charlotte, who is embarrassed by her mother’s flamboyant nature.
After ending an affair with her married employer, Rachel and her daughters move to the small town of Eastport, Massachusetts where she also gets a job as a receptionist for a lawyer.

Charlotte is ecstatic about their new home’s location, as it borders a convent, and she is obsessed with Catholicism, to the annoyance of her irreligious Jewish mother.
Charlotte soon becomes enamored with Joe Peretti, a 26-year-old caretaker of the convent and local school bus driver. Meanwhile, Rachel meets a local shoe store owner, Lou Landsky, and slowly begins a relationship with him. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Charlotte finds Joe ringing the convent bell and consoles him. However, as they begin to kiss, she feels filled with sin and flees. After the encounter, she begins fasting to purge her sinful thoughts, eventually passing out from hunger.


Uneducated about sex, Charlotte fears that God will punish her with pregnancy via immaculate conception, and decides to steal her mother’s car and run away. She drives all night before stopping at the home of a young family in New Haven, Connecticut, claiming to have suffered car troubles.

The family invites her to have breakfast, but Lou arrives to retrieve Charlotte during the meal, having tracked her after reporting the car stolen. Rachel chastises Charlotte when she returns home, but Charlotte doesn’t reveal why she ran away. The next day, Charlotte makes an appointment with a local obstetrician under the name Joan Arc. The doctor tells Charlotte it isn’t possible for her to be pregnant as she is a virgin.

10: Fishtales


Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Widowed Classics Professor Thomas Bradley (Billy Zane) is about to lose his research grant studying ancient love spells at Oxford University. He knows he is close to a major academic breakthrough and desperately needs more time to complete his research. Thomas is given one last chance to finish his work, and goes to the Greek island of Spetses, where he has been invited to stay at the home of a supportive Oxford don Professor Coulter. Thomas brings along his 12-year-old daughter, Serena (Amber Savva). The house is in tolerable condition, and Serena finds a book about merpeople that has an ancient Greek inscription on the cover.

Serena is supportive of her father and readily asks him about ancient mythology, but feels that he dedicates too much of himself to his work. The pair meet a fisherman named Captain Mavros (Alki David) and his son Dimitri (Felix Yanez); Dimitri develops a romantic crush on Serena.
Neried (Kelly Brook), a mermaid who can only take human form at night, travels on land to meet Thomas. When they initially cannot get along, Serena asks that Neried only help her father translate some old relics for his work. Neried does, and when she and Thomas speak the ancient love spell in unison, they fall deeply in love with each other. Thomas realises that the writing on the book Serena had discovered earlier is the key to understanding all of the ancient text, enabling him to continue his work.

9: A Mermaids Tale

A Mermaids Tale

Mermaid Movies. Merliah Summers is a young, up-and-coming surfing star in Malibu. While participating in a competition, Merliah loses concentration when her hair spontaneously streaks pink, causing her to wipe out. While underwater, she discovers that she is able to breathe, and is approached by a talking, pink dolphin named Zuma. Shocked by this turn of events, Merliah tells her grandfather Break what happened. Break explains that Merliah’s mother is a mermaid and that Merliah was given to Break as a baby to raise because she was born with legs. Merliah leaves in disbelief.

After telling her friends Fallon and Hadley the story, Zuma appears to the girls, confirming that Merliah is half-mermaid. Zuma explains to Merliah that her mother is Calissa, the previous queen of the underwater kingdom of Oceana. Oceana’s current queen, Eris, Calissa’s sister, is a tyrant who took the throne when Calissa went missing years earlier; Zuma hopes that Merliah will claim her birthright and usurp Eris. Merliah refuses, and in her anger throws the necklace she’d been wearing since she was an infant. The smashed pendant reveals a magical image of Calissa, confirming that she is alive. Merliah agrees to go to Oceana in the hopes that Calissa can make her normal again.

8: Scales: Mermaids Are Real

Scales: Mermaids Are Real

Mermaid Movies. Siren Phillips has lived her life thinking she’s an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town. On the eve of her twelfth birthday, however, she learns that she is far from ordinary. Destined to turn into a Mermaid at the age of twelve, Siren must struggle with her new reality, saying good bye to her mother and friends, while she transitions into the water.

To make matters worse, a group of Hunters are after her, trying to catch her. She soon becomes friends with Adam Wilts, a new boy at school, who she turns to for help. He agrees to help her, but finds himself caught in the middle, when it’s his own father who is after Siren. When Siren’s mother is taken, the town must rally behind her, and help her make a peaceful transition into the water, before the hunters can find out where she is.

7: Sabrina, Down Under

Sabrina, Down Under

Mermaid Movies Of All Time. Sabrina travels to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with Gwen, a fellow witch from England, for a week-long vacation where they try to help protect a hidden mermaid colony whose habitat is threatened by ocean pollution, and by local marine biologist Dr. Julian Martin, who is determined to find the colony as his claim to fame.

While Sabrina finds a friendship with Barnaby, a “merman” from the mermaid colony, Salem the cat finds a possible romance with another witch-turned-into-a-cat named Hilary, but finds Sabrina’s problems interfering with his plans. In order to prevent Julian from launching a search for the mermaid colony, she casts a spell to create a storm to keep him in port, which succeeds except that a lightning bolt knocks Sabrina unconscious, and when she comes to she learns she has lost her powers, at least temporarily.

6: A Mermaid In Paris

A Mermaid In Paris

Mermaid Movies Of All Time. Though it isn’t one of the best mermaid movies ever made, this title contributes its own mer-touch to the genre.

It borrows plenty of familiar tropes and themes from mermaid films that came before it. Regardless, it makes for fun viewing, especially all the romantic elements they wove into the plot.

The movie has Paris in its title so, of course, a strong romantic thread is to be expected. Talents like Nicolas Duvauchelle and Romane Bohringer make some key sequences work on behalf of this latest mermaid movie to grace the genre.

5: Legend Of Sudsakorn 

Legend Of Sudsakorn 

Sudsakorn is a child introduced to the magic of ancient times by his grandfather, a hermit. He never knew his father. One day his mother, a very pretty mermaid, sends him in search of his father Prince Phra Aphai Mani. Then begins the odyssey of Sudsakorn and his dragon horse Ma Nim Mongkorn…

4: Neptune’s Daughter

Neptune's Daughter

Mermaid Movies Of All Time. Although she initially rejects an offer by Joe Backett to become his business partner at the Neptune swimming suit design company, aquatic ballet dancer Eve Barrett changes her mind when she considers the publicity potential of the job. One day, Joe learns that a South American polo team will be playing a big match in town, and he and Eve begin planning a swimming spectacle for the event. Eve tells her man-crazy sister and roommate Betty about the South American team, and

Betty immediately seizes upon the idea of finding herself a date among the players. Meanwhile, Jose O’Rourke, the handsome playboy captain of the polo team, seeks relief for his injured arm from Jack Spratt, a bumbling masseur, who complains to Jose about his lack of success with women. During the massage, Jose gives Jack advice on how to attract women, stressing the importance of speaking to women in Spanish, which he calls the “language of love.” Later, while looking for the famed South American team captain, Betty accidentally mistakes Jack for Jose. Jack does not reveal his identity to Betty and accepts her invitation to visit her at her house.
On their date, Jack secretly plays a Spanish language instruction record while pretending that he is speaking romantic Spanish phrases to Betty.

Mermaid Movies. At the end of the evening, Betty tells Eve about her date, and Eve tries to dissuade her from pursuing a romance with any of the visiting polo players. The following day, while giving a tour of the Neptune bathing suit factory, Eve meets Jose and warns him to stay away from her sister. Jose is confused by the warning but because he is attracted to Eve, he pretends to understand and agrees to break his presumed date with Betty. When Jose asks Eve to go on the date with him, she reluctantly consents and does so only to prevent him from pursuing her sister. Despite her best attempts to make her date with Jose a failure, Eve finds him attractive and enjoys her evening.

Confusion abounds the following day, when Eve’s maid, Matilda, tells her that Betty has gone on another date with Jose. Furious at the news, Eve goes to Jose’s apartment and demands to see her sister. She searches Jose’s apartment to no avail and does not understand why Betty is not there. Later, when crooked nightclub owner Lukie Luzette learns that a man named Jose is the polo team’s most valuable player, he decides to kidnap Jose and keep him out of the game to ensure that his bet against his team will pay off. Lukie sends one of his henchmen to abduct Jose, but the henchman mistakenly abducts Jack instead. Jose, meanwhile, proposes marriage to Eve, and she, having found no evidence of further wrongdoings, accepts.

3: Mermaids: The Body Found 

Mermaids: The Body Found 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.When marine biologist Dr Brian McCormick (Sean C. Michael) stumbled across a recording of mysterious underwater sounds, he launched a scientific investigation to uncover the creature responsible. In search of conclusive proof, he and his research team are called out to an unusual whale stranding in South Africa. Here they find the part digested remains of an animal none of them can identify. As each of its body parts is autopsied, they provide new pieces of the puzzle. As the picture builds, McCormick is drawn to an astonishing conclusion: this new marine creature is related to humans

2: The Secret Of Roan Inish

The Secret Of Roan Inish

The film tells the story of Fiona, a little girl who is sent to her grandparents who live near the island of Roan Inish, where selkies are rumored to live.

1: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire 

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire 

Mermaid Movies Of All Time.Harry Potter has a nightmare in which a Muggle caretaker is murdered after overhearing a plot by Lord Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew and another man whom Harry does not recognise. Harry, along with the Weasleys, Hermione, and Cedric and Amos Diggory attend the Quidditch World Cup. Death Eaters attack the tournament and the man from Harry’s nightmare casts the Dark Mark. At Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore announces that the school will host the Triwizard Tournament along with the Durmstrang Institute from northern Europe and the Beauxbatons Academy from France. A single student from each school will be selected by the Goblet of Fire to participate; students below the age of seventeen are ineligible.

Fleur Delacour is selected as the Champion from Beauxbatons, Viktor Krum is selected from Durmstrang, and Cedric Diggory is selected from Hogwarts. The Goblet of Fire then selects Harry as the fourth Champion, causing much confusion. Many students believe Harry cheated and Ron shuns him, hurt that Harry did not inform him when he apparently entered. For the first task, the Champions have to collect an egg by getting past a dragon. Professor Moody, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, hints that Harry can use his wand to summon his broomstick. All four Champions collect their eggs. Ron reconciles with Harry after seeing how dangerous the first task was.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Mermaid Movies Of All Time. At Christmas, the school hosts the Yule Ball – Harry and Ron are unable to go with their desired dates, and hence go with Parvati and Padma Patil respectively; while Hermione goes with Viktor. Cedric advises Harry to use the Prefects’ bathroom to get a clue for the second task using the egg. For the second task, the Champions have to save somebody of value to them from the Black Lake: Harry has to save Ron, Cedric has to save Cho, Viktor has to rescue Hermione, and Fleur has to save her sister. Neville Longbottom gives Harry gillyweed to help him breathe underwater.

Cedric comes in first and Harry is awarded second place after he saves not only Ron but Fleur’s sister after Fleur withdraws from the task. Harry later finds the lifeless body of Barty Crouch Sr, a Ministry of Magic official, in the Forbidden Forest. In Dumbledore’s office, he enters a Pensieve and witnesses a previous trial of Igor Karkaroff, current headmaster of Durmstrang, during Voldemort’s first downfall. Karkaroff is asked to name those who served Voldemort – he gives Severus Snape who is vouched for by Dumbledore. Karkaroff then exposes Barty Crouch Jr, the son of Crouch Sr who is hosting the trial. Harry recognises Crouch Jr from his nightmare.

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