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Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 3-4

The existence of a webtoon producer isn’t an quick a single, but through its rollercoaster ups and downs, our protagonists inspire expansion in equally on their own and many others. They may perhaps stumble, but it won’t faze them they’ll get again up and retain running in advance.




Joon-young’s revelation about the webtoon team’s foreseeable future (or absence thereof) weighs heavily on Ma-eum, but she doesn’t allow it get her down. As an alternative, she resolves to function even harder, treating this occupation as a important prospect.

Luckily her working day will get far better from there — the webtoon artist she’s assigned to is none other than Kang-nam! Ma-eum is more than the moon, and Ji-hyung has to remind her to continue to keep a awesome head, haha.


The full business office is endeared by Ma-eum’s enthusiastic enthusiasm, apart from for Joon-younger. To his chagrin, he’s been assigned to the past man or woman he desires to do the job with — the stuck-up author Pomme (actual identify Kim Ji-seon).

Fed up, Joon-younger requests for Person-cheol to transfer him to an additional office. Gentleman-cheol agrees to seem into it, but he leaves Joon-younger with a term of wisdom from a well known manga — “There’s no paradise for you to escape to.” In other phrases, if Joon-young retains managing absent, none of his places will at any time be a paradise.

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Ahead of his transfer will get accredited, Joon-young however has to have out his responsibilities, so he finishes up at Pomme’s household nonetheless again. Immediately after roping him into carrying her mountain of shipping and delivery packages within for her, she admits that she specifically asked for to have him be assigned to her.

Joon-youthful assumes she just desires to boss him all over some more, but in an sudden instant of honesty, Pomme confesses that she’s lonely. People leap at each individual possibility to spew despise at her, so she has no alternative but to near herself off and keep cooped up in her dwelling. All she needs is another person to discuss to. (Effectively, maybe you’d have more buddies if you have been additional considerate.)


Various days go, and Male-cheol invitations Joon-young out for drinks just after do the job. Getting listened to from HR that he could flip down Joon-young’s transfer request, he intends to do just that — he wants Joon-young to learn and mature in his staff.

Annoyed, Joon-younger confronts Male-cheol about the webtoon team’s impending dissolution, but Guy-cheol chuckles at his naivete. Which is exactly why the larger-ups assigned an elite personnel like Joon-youthful to the webtoon staff — so he could master the tricks of the trade. If Neon varieties a new webtoon group soon after the current one is fired, Joon-young’s poised to lead it.


Meanwhile, Ma-eum’s struggling with difficulties with her assigned writer. Kang-nam continue to hasn’t submitted his draft regardless of only a several several hours remaining till the deadline, leaving Ma-eum with no alternative but to pay him a stop by at his studio.

It turns out Kang-nam’s girlfriend JI HAN-SEUL (Jin Ye-sol) is upset at him for not answering her calls when he was fast paced working on his webtoon, so she packed her matters and walked out on him in yet a further temper tantrum. Kang-nam’s preoccupied with locating her, so in a final-ditch hard work to get him to concentrate on finishing his draft as an alternative, Ma-eum finishes up promising to discover her in his stead.


Racing by way of the streets on her scooter, Ma-eum comes just in time to help you save Han-seul from a pair of drunk gentlemen with her signature judo throws. Han-seul assists out by knocking just one of them unconscious with Ma-eum’s helmet, and before very long, the two are on their way to currently being buddies. Aw, Han-seul pouts that she’s just jealous, due to the fact Kang-nam appears to be to pay additional interest to his webtoon protagonist than her.

Reassuring Han-seul that Kang-nam treasures her to the issue of nearly lacking his deadline out of fret, Ma-eum can take her on a tension-relieving experience. They return to Kang-nam’s residence in fantastic spirits, and Ma-eum even will get Han-seul to assure that she will not go away dwelling like that yet again.


All this is witnessed by Joon-young, who was despatched over to Kang-nam’s studio by an anxious Ji-hyung. Observing Ma-eum’s sincere diligence very first-hand appears to be to shift Joon-young, and he recalls her text from just before.

In reaction to his pessimism about the webtoon team’s future, Ma-eum experienced declared her perseverance to do the job even harder. The potential isn’t preset, and they have the electricity to adjust it — so alternatively than be concerned about what hasn’t even transpired nevertheless, she’s likely to retain attempting her greatest.

“Today’s “Today’s

That sparks a change in Joon-young’s mentality, and the next working day, Ma-eum returns home to obtain Joon-younger in her family’s comedian book cafe. He’s below to borrow the manga collection that Person-cheol quoted from (Berserk by Miura Kentaro), nevertheless he’s however taking into consideration quitting the company.

Ma-eum’s perceptive as usually, and she says that she does not think Joon-young’s working away, just like she isn’t running absent from judo. Still, she hopes that he’ll stay on the staff — she does not want to lose her fellow novice! Aww.

Ashamed by her have forthrightness, Ma-eum laughs it off as a little bit of a selfish request, but it makes Joon-younger smile. Out of all the reasons individuals have tried to convince him with, most of which sound like unfounded optimism, hers is the most smart and honest 1.


Joon-youthful winds up reading through the manga collection all the way till the future morning, and when he fulfills Gentleman-cheol at operate, he’s loaded with a renewed resolve. Admitting that he was arrogant, Joon-younger asserts that he’s under no circumstances when experimented with to operate absent — and so, he’ll do his best to adjust the team’s destiny. Aww, Male-cheol has the proudest father smile on his encounter.

A person hurdle has been conquered, but another before long pops up to just take its spot. Ma-eum receives a severe wake-up phone when Kang-nam’s webtoon sights acquire a sharp nosedive viewers are not happy with the extended flashback chapters. Ji-hyung dishes out some tough like, chastising her for allowing these types of a decline to materialize less than her enjoy.


Noticing she wants to do the job with each other with Kang-nam to revive the webtoon’s declining high-quality, Ma-eum heads to his studio and insists that he revise his latest draft — as his faithful reader, she is aware of he’s able of substantially superior. Her earnest religion in Kang-nam reinvigorates him, and after a long all-nighter, Kang-nam delivers a vastly improved chapter.

Aw, Ma-eum stayed up all night also, in solidarity. When Ji-hyung will come into perform the upcoming early morning, he sees the pages of brainstorming that Ma-eum wrote in an effort to increase Kang-nam’s webtoon, and he beams with pride.


On a rainy working day, an elderly uncle trudges alongside with his cart of scrap cardboard, followed by a younger person with a frenzied seem in his eyes. Sketchbook in hand, the youthful male ends up blocking the elderly uncle’s way in a determined attempt to recreate his characteristics on paper.

Ma-eum comes throughout the pair, and she pulls the youthful man aside so she can enable the aged uncle wheel his cart absent. We’ll arrive to know the young male as SHIN DAE-RYUK (Kim Do-hoon), a healthcare facility orderly who draws webtoons as an escape from his bleak actuality.


It’s time for the team’s annual Webtoon Camp, the place aspiring webtoon authors get for an right away retreat to hone their skills. Dae-ryuk is amongst the picked hopefuls, and he carries on drawing late into the evening, prolonged soon after the other campers have gone to bed. Recognizing him from their experience, Ma-eum strikes up a discussion with him.

Oh, my heart — the explanation he goes close to observing persons and drawing their faces is for the reason that he’s a hospital orderly, regularly surrounded by the dead and dying. At a decline as to how to depict the facial expressions of these who are alive, he finishes up attempting to seize them in serious time by his sketches.


Dae-ryuk’s webtoon story is intriguing, but his present-day artwork expertise are not up to par. It earns him a round of mockery from two arrogant campers, who accidentally-on-purpose knock around a bottle of water on to Dae-ryuk’s tablet.

It escalates to a actual physical combat, and a person of the fellas raises a fist to strike Dae-ryuk. Joon-younger intervenes, but the person smacks him absent and shoves Dae-ryuk to the ground. He developments menacingly upon Ma-eum, and that appears to induce a little something in Dae-ryuk his eyesight clouds more than, and darkish tendrils start out curling their way about him, just like the monster in his webtoon.


Oh nooooo. We’ve hardly fulfilled Dae-ryuk, but I previously really feel for him and his silent perseverance. Life has dealt him a rough hand, and judging by the way he flinched from Ma-eum’s contact coupled with the temporary flashback of a frightened boy or girl, Dae-ryuk seems to be battling with childhood trauma as very well. Drawing his webtoon is a cathartic outlet for him, and I hope Neon will be a safe and supportive atmosphere for him to mend.

I’m happy Ma-eum identified Dae-ryuk’s opportunity, considering the fact that he appears to have a burgeoning talent for storyboarding he just never ever experienced the correct resources to hone his techniques. With any luck ,, Ma-eum and the relaxation of the crew can encourage Dae-ryuk to have a brighter outlook on lifestyle and go after his passion.


On the flip aspect, even though, difficulty appears to be brewing on the horizon. There is JANG HYE-MI (Nam Bo-ra) from a rival webtoon corporation, who appears to be to be Ji-hyung’s… friend? Frenemy? Ex? It is not distinct what specifically their connection is but, but there is certainly background there.

Then there’s Neon information head Chief HEO (Ha Do-kwon), who disparages the webtoon workforce at any opportunity he receives. Not written content to wait around until the webtoon team’s eventual disbandment, he insinuates to Joon-young that he ought to “dispose of the bomb” himself — i.e. sabotage the staff from within just. Ugh.


I’m relieved that the seeds of hope appear to be blooming in Joon-young, even though. At any time due to the fact Guy-cheol and Ma-eum nudged him in direction of the suitable monitor, he’s been prepared to try to eat humble pie, and it is been this kind of a breath of clean air for him.

Joon-young might not see it but, given how disillusioned the unforgiving company entire world has produced him, but he’s a great deal additional able than he thinks. Not only was he able to persuade Pomme to take part in the webtoon camp as a mentor, making it possible for her to comprehend just how several folks search up to her, but his tentative assistance also gave a nervous writer some a lot-desired bravery.

The way Joon-youthful lights up every time he gets recognition for his tricky work is these kinds of a delight to see, and I’m seeking ahead to observing him make a more healthy sense of accomplishment and self-worthy of in the webtoon group.


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