Most Badass Female Anime Characters :

Most Badass Female Anime Characters : female characters in anime play an important, crucial role in different anime. they are mostly the main and other secondary characters. it will be a question here of making the list of the most known female characters.

35. Badass Women In Anime That Stole The Entire Show

list of our best female characters based on their charisma and abilities:

35. Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

 Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi is the main character in Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex anime series. She is an advanced cyborg with highly advanced capabilities, recognized as a true professional in her line of duty. Often referred only as “The Major”, Motoko is one of the best police agents out there, and her squad, known as Section 9, is highly regarded as well. In the Stand Alone Complex continuity, Motoko Kusanagi is a confident, calculating, and somewhat aloof individual. Despite that, she is far from emotionless; she knows how to be friendly and her peers find her quite approachable, while her rage is something to behold. Yet deeper under the shell, she guards the story of her cyberization, or full-body prosthesis procedure, which damaged her memories from her childhood.

34. Revy – Black Lagoon

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

The main female character of the series. Nicknamed “Two-Hands” because of his skill in using his two Beretta M92F sword Cutlass pistols. A splendid young woman, but also stubborn and irascible, a real hothead. She is very effective in combat. Sometimes he gets out of hand; in these cases, only Dutch can calm her down. She appreciates, although she denies it, Rock and often gives him nicknames, even if it is often to tease him.
Revy is a lightly tanned Chinese-American woman in her mid-twenties with burgundy hair, with a tribal tattoo that extends to her neck on her upper right arm. Revy is far from the cliché of the somewhat silly woman that we can see most of the time who must always be protected by the main character, which is also the opposite in this work, Revy is a ruthless and sadistic killer with no conscience, who will be ready to kill at the slightest provocation, even unarmed civilians.

33. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Erza is a very strict person, often criticizing other guild members’ bad behavior and habits, forcing most of them to apologize, fearing that they will invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don’t answer her questions quickly enough. This, coupled with his own tragic childhood, caused many of his guildmates to shun him due to his social awkwardness. However, she has a strong sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail.

32. Android 18 – Dragon Ball series

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Like her brother, Android 18 usually displays a cool and confident character, especially in battle, although her sarcastic humor is the most prominent trait of her personality. This is demonstrated when Goku takes notice of her assembly with the Dragon Team at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, leading to the retort “Look, he noticed. How cute.” (in Japanese she says “Took you a while idiot!”), as well as saying “Spare me” when Krillin reveals to Goku that not only have they married, but also had a child. Shortly after this, she is asked by the World Tournament Announcer if her real name is legitimately “No. 18”, to which she responds “My father was pretty dull” (in Japanese, she replies that “It doesn’t matter” before tossing the number at the World Tournament Announcer). Although she isn’t characterized for this, 18 can be very curious if she is really interested in something, to the point of activating her comrade Android 16, and wondering what present she will give to her husband Krillin during a dispute of a wish with the others using the Dragon Balls.

31. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

 Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Prior to her parents’ death, Mikasa was a cheerful yet unusually perceptive child. From an early age, she was aware of the harshness of nature, witnessing the manner in which predators would hunt and kill weaker prey. However, her innocence allowed her to push this reality to the back of her mind and she continued to live happily with her parents. This illusory peace was shattered when a band of criminals brutally murdered her parents before her eyes in a failed kidnapping attempt of both Mikasa and her mother. She later managed to overcome the attackers with her rescuer, Eren Jaeger. Even as a child, Mikasa managed to abandon all hesitation and kill one of her assailants. Following this traumatic event, she gained a generally cynical outlook on life and accepted the world as a cruel place where only those who are strong are able to survive.

30. Esdeath – Akame ga Kill

 Esdeath – Akame ga Kill

After Tatsumi’s capture and Lubbock’s death in an attempt to infiltrate the royal palace, Esdeath personally visits Tatsumi’s cell, where she tried to offer him a chance back to her side, only to be rebuffed, stating he would rather die than be with someone who only wants to cause destruction. Realizing his minds made up, Esdeath resolves to perform the upcoming execution herself.
At the royal execution, Esdeath is about to kill Tatsumi herself, but was interrupted by the arrival of Night Raid who came to rescue their comrade and recover Incursio, resulting a confrontation with Najenda and Susanoo. After a tough battle, Esdeath used Mahapadma, froze Susanoo and shattered his body, destroying his core shortly after. However, Najenda had a contingency plan that revives her Teigu and counterattacks.

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29. Mereoleona Vermillion – Black Clover

. Mereoleona Vermillion – Black Clover

Mereoleona is a woman with an explosive and impulsive character. She also seems to attach a lot of importance to the power and honor of her company. So when the Flaming Lion comes in fifth place, she severely reprimands the members of her companies and will go so far as to punch Leopold Vermillion when he responds.
She is also authoritarian, since the mages in her company fear her and obey her without protest. Even the captains of other companies obey him without protest.
Despite her hostile attitude and her explosive character, Mereoleona knows perfectly well how to motivate others, even if she has only just met them.

28. Ryuko Matoi – Kill la Kill

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Ryuko Matoi, a vagrant transfer student armed with a scissor-shaped longsword that can cut Goku Uniforms, arrives to Honnō City to find the murderer of her father Isshin Matoi. Her search leads her to enroll in Honnouji Academy, a militaristic high school ruled by the student council president Satsuki Kiryuin and her Elite Four through the power of a fabric called Life Fibers. Following a failed attempt to challenge Satsuki on her first day, Ryuko stumbled across a sentient sailor uniform in an underground complex beneath the ruins of her father’s home. She names the outfit “Senketsu”, later learning that he is a pure Life Fiber clothing called a Kamui that increases her abilities while transformed. Satsuki responds by donning her family’s Kamui Junketsu at great risk to her well-being, accepting Ryuko’s challenge if she can defeat the two-star student club presidents that would target her. Ryuko is joined by her hyperactive classmate Mako Mankanshoku, a no-star student who lets Ryuko move in with her impoverished family, and her homeroom teacher Aikuro Mikisugi, who is actually an undercover agent of the anti-Life Fiber paramilitary organization Nudist Beach .

27. Casca – Berserk

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Prior to the events of the fifth Eclipse, Casca proves to be a determined and capable leader within the Band of the Falcon who merits the respect of her comrades in arms. So great is her leadership that she is able to rally the band behind her in their moment of utmost peril and prevent the complete annihilation of the fugitive band for a year following Griffith’s imprisonment. She fosters morale among the rank and file of the band, who in turn affectionately call her “Big Sis”.Even amid the Eclipse, Casca does not allow the band members to panic, commanding them to assume formation and contribute what they can.
Casca’s hardened appearance and austere attitude can be seen as unfeminine, prompting Judeau’s initial observation that she “gave up on being a woman in order to become a mercenary”.

26.  Clare – Claymore

  Clare – Claymore

The protagonist, Clare is a young member of the Claymores, a class of creature who is half human and half demons called Yoma , and whose quest in life is to fight against the full-breed Yomas — hideous fiends who disguise as humans and feed ruthlessly on them.
The Claymores protect humans and fight against Yoma on behalf a mysterious organisation that created them and controls them. Clare’s sole purpose in life and the reason for her becoming a yoma was to seek revenge for the loss that she faced when her loved ones were murdered by a yoma when she was a child and was abused and tortured by them till she was saved by a Claymore, Teressa, who was the strongest claymore alive then, to whom she got attached emotionally but who was later deceived and murdered and Clare must now avenge her death.

25. Alice Zuberg – Sword Art Online

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Alice was a determined, hard worker that aimed to master the Sacred Arts. Although her personality was serious, she was also adventurous and even mischievous, such as when she found loopholes in the Taboo Index and was willing to travel far to the Mountain Range at the Edge with enthusiasm, despite the risks.

24.  Misato Katsuragi – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters Professional with a wilder side. At NERV, Misato is the perfect captain: level-headed, smart, and collected. At home, however, she’s another story, never without a beer in her hand or her pet penguin by her side. But beneath both personality, there are hints that Misato’s true personality lies closer to her summation of human relationships: “The hedgehog’s dilemma. The closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other.”

23.  Mordred Pendragon – Fate/Apocrypha

  Mordred Pendragon – Fate/Apocrypha

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Mordred was incredibly arrogant, believing herself to be equal or even greater then her father, a concept that was entirely untrue. She believed the only reason Artoria rejected her as her child and heir was because she was the offspring of Morgan la Fey, not realizing the reason she was refused was because she wasn’t worthy of the throne.
Her only wish for the Holy Grail was the opportunity to pull the Sword of Selection from the stone as her father had before her in an attempt to prove herself worthy of kingship.

22. Olivier Mira Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist

 Olivier Mira Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Olivier is a severe woman who has a fearsome and commanding presence where she is harsh with her subordinates and peers and coldly merciless to her enemies, the deceptively beautiful woman’s schadenfreude has earned her the nickname “Ice Queen” among the Briggs soldiers. Sharp-tongued and highly combative, Olivier is no stranger to furious chastisements and bursts of fiery violence, especially toward those who fail to live up to her high standards and staunch adherence to the “survival of the fittest” philosophy. As such, she has no tolerance at all for weakness or lack of willpower and fosters great distaste for the concept of “Equivalent Exchange”, which she views as a mindset promoting easy handouts and unnecessary compromise. That being said, she is extremely perceptive and adaptive, able to coolly judge which courses of action will lead to the most beneficial results, and capable of thinking and acting on the fly in response to unpredictable or mutable circumstances.

21. Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Touka resided in the 20th ward with Ayato Kirishima (Touka’s younger brother) and Arata Kirishima (Touka’s father) who lived by trying to blend into human society as much as possible, so Arata tried to teach them all the necessities by taking them to the library and even convincing them to eat human food. Touka always had more faith and confidence in her father than Ayato did. Touka and Ayato began caring for an injured bird, and she showed a fondness for them and collecting earthworms. On the night before Arata was captured by ghoul investigators, Touka promised her father that she would teach Ayato many things as an elder sister.

20. Nico Robin – One Piece

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Of the entire crew, Robin is the most serene, down-to-earth, and neutral member, rarely displaying overt emotions. She is also the smartest member, and also has considerable knowledge in many subjects, often instructing the crew. Because of this, she is the main person Luffy turns to when he wants an explanation of new information. She greatly respects Luffy and listens to him unconditionally despite his often questionable choices, smiling amusedly when he acts without thinking. She also has a very dark and pessimistic personality, and is often the member of the crew who is the least taken by surprise.

As the crew sails to a new destination, Robin often studies and reads a book from her library. She is smart and patient, and is always calm and stoic.

19. Rally Vincent – Gunsmith Cats

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Rally Vincent knows her weapons well, while her partner Minne May Hopkins loves to play with explosives. The pair run a gun-shop and one day, Bill Collins of the ATF uses Rally’s gun collection to blackmail Rally and Minnie May into working for the ATF. Little do they know, that they are getting involved in a mission larger than they could imagine.

18. Izumi Curtis – Fullmetal Alchemist

 Izumi Curtis – Fullmetal Alchemist

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Izumi usually takes apparent pride in being a “simple, kind housewife” and calmly introduces herself as such to anyone who asks. Her humble exterior ironically belies a fearsome disposition though, with the Elric brothers becoming terrified at the thought of aggravating her, such as when someone calls her “old”: She is prone to swift acts of violence and dealing out physical harm, often seen cracking her knuckles when she is angry or wants to intimidate.

17. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

 Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Yoruichi arrives in Karakura Town in feline form, where Tessai Tsukabishi reveals to Jinta Hanakari she is Kisuke Urahara’s best friend. Later, Yoruichi sits outside of Urahara’s shop looking at the sky. When Urahara comes out and asks her what she is looking at, Yoruichi talks out loud in a male voice, telling him to stop acting, as he knows full well that “they” have already come. After Rukia Kuchiki is taken back to Soul Society, Ichigo begins training with Urahara to regain his Shinigami powers.
At the same time, Yoruichi offers to train Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado in the use of their powers, warning them his lessons are strict and difficult. They readily accept.

16. Kefla – Dragonball series

 Kefla – Dragonball series

Most Badass Female Anime Characters Despite being a fusion of Caulifla and Kale, Kefla’s personality is seemingly only identical to Caulifla’s, likely because Kale is shy and subservient to Caulifla in general. After being born, Kefla remarks she feels great, displaying Caulifla’s overbearing confidence. She also appears to be possessing the Universe 7 Saiyans’ desires to fight even stronger opponents and becoming stronger herself. During her initial scuffle with Goku, Kefla also displays Caulifla’s cocky attitude, calling Super Saiyan God Goku’s attacks “lame”. Her overall confidence in such abilities also has Kefla believe she can beat Goku, even if he is in his blue form.

15. Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Nobara is a confident and brash young woman with an unwavering character. More than anything, Nobara is determined to stay true to herself no matter what. She takes great pride in being both a pretty girl and a strong fighter, refusing to let anyone influence her.
Initially, Nobara can seem like a very obnoxious and arrogant person. She first introduced herself to Yuji and Megumi expressing how inferior they were. She also chatted with Yuji for most of their first mission together. Despite her abrasive attitude, Nobara is actually an incredibly caring and dedicated person, but would never let most people see that side of her. After fighting side by side in several missions, Yuji and Megumi become Nobara’s closest allies.

14.  Caulifla – Dragon Ball series

  Caulifla – Dragon Ball series

As noted by her brother, she has a very punkish attitude and is also recognized as a tomboy among Universe 6 Saiyans, to which she shows a strong contrast to the rest of her race, acting more akin to the Universe 7 Saiyans. Caulifla is shown to be very lazy if not self-absorbed as she initially refused to join the Tournament of Power even when learning her universe’s or her own existence were on the line. It took Cabba telling her about the Super Saiyan transformation as well as about being able to achieve greater heights in her strength to make her agree, showing her desire to become stronger.

13. Sakura Haruno – Naruto

 Sakura Haruno – Naruto

As a child, Sakura was insecure and highly self-conscious about her large forehead, covering it with her bangs. It was not until she met Ino, who defended her from bullies and became her friend, that she become more self-confident. At the start of Part I, Sakura typically gives the outward impression of being polite to her superiors, considerate of her peers, and confident in herself. She has occasional moments of bashfulness around Sasuke and competitiveness around Ino, but otherwise appears quite collected.

12. Maki Zenin – Jujutsu Kaisen

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters Maki is a very stubborn and straightforward person who tends to be quite straightforward. She is strong-willed and self-motivated to escape the bonds of her wizarding family. Throughout her life, she has been abused and belittled for being a woman and a non-witch by the Zenin family.
Despite feeling cursed by her own family, Maki strives to become a witch and prove everyone wrong, shattering the foundations of their way of life that she so rejects. Maki and Mai were originally going to stay with the Zenin family, but the older twin decided she couldn’t live that way.

Rejected by her own family, Maki’s bonds rest with her classmates with whom she normally assumes the role of leader. She is very tough with them in training, very impatient and often angry.

11. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Dead

. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Dead

During the initial outbreak at Fujimi Academy, Saeko is first shown meditating in a shrine, then appears when Shizuka Marikawa and another student were about to be attacked in the infirmary. She comes to their rescue by swiftly killing “them” in the room, but the student was bitten before Saeko could manage to kill them all. After finishing up the last of “them”, Saeko proceeds to introduce herself and asks the student if he knows what will happen to him if he gets bitten. After hearing his reply, Saeko asks him if he wants his parents and friends to see him in such a state, to which he replies no and Saeko tells him that she will help him to commit suicide. After crushing his brain in one swift hit, Saeko and Shizuka leave the infirmary in search of Shizuka’s car keys so they can escape the school. On the way to the faculty room to get Shizuka’s keys, Shizuka trips over and Saeko informs her that her attire isn’t fit for running and proceeds to tear up Shizuka’s skirt.

10. Akame – Akame ga Kill

 Akame – Akame ga Kill

Akame appears to be a very serious and cold-hearted person which stems from her hellish training that the Empire forced her and her sister through, but it is eventually revealed that she is just socially awkward. She cares about her comrades very much and she is always worried that one of them may not make it out alive due to her first-hand experience that war always has a high mortality rate. After Tatsumi fought Ogre, she stripped him of his clothes to check his body for wounds and Akame rushes to Mt. Kageboshi to aid Hinata who was about to be killed by Yomihime.

9. Annie Leonhart – Attack on Titan

 Annie Leonhart – Attack on Titan

Due to her harsh upbringing, Annie has become an isolated, exclusionary person; friendships do not come to her easily. She is rarely seen smiling and often has an emotionless expression. She is apathetic and somnolent, with little desire to put in any effort into meaningless disciplines or activities, and instead claims to focus exclusively on making it into the Military Police Brigade to obtain an easy life. While Annie tends to have a realistic outlook on life, she holds a fascination and even feelings of respect towards people who have a deep sense of duty and righteousness—people who devote their lives to and even die for causes they believe in.

8. Bishamonten – Noragami

Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters Despite being a goddess, Bishamon is shown to be quite generous towards her Shinki. She willingly accepts any wandering and troubled spirit, useful or not, and adds them to her family. Due to her failure in saving her Shinki in the past, Bishamon decides to be more distant from them, depicting herself as a fierce goddess and making sure that they are not worried about her, which only resulted in them being more insecure and lonely.
Due to her past with Yato, she was bent on vengeance and decided to destroy anything he held dear to himself. She goes as far as to almost disowning Kazuma when she finds out about his association with Yato. After finding out the true story about the death of her previous family of Shinki, Bishamon eventually lets go of her vengeance against Yato. Furthermore, she slowly begins to be able to accept him as her ally.


Most Badass Female Anime Characters

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Yor lacks social skills and initially comes across as a somewhat aloof individual, interacting minimally with her coworkers and being rather straightforward, described as robotic by Camilla. Similarly, Yor is remarkably collected and able to keep her composure during combat. She is incredibly polite, to the point of asking her assassination targets for “the honor of taking their lives.” Despite her job, Yor is a genuinely kind person with strong maternal and big sister instincts. After becoming a family with Loid and Anya, Yor becomes more expressive and opens up to her coworkers, asking for help on being a better wife or cooking. She is protective of her faux family, especially towards Anya, whom she has no trouble defending with extreme violence.

6.  Homura Akemi -Puella Magi Madoka Magicaa

  Homura Akemi -Puella Magi Madoka Magicaa

Ever since her initial arrival at Mitakihara Middle School in the first episode, Homura is depicted as being very intelligent, athletic, distant, and cold. It is revealed in episode four that she ended up like this because she had seen so much suffering during her tenure as a Magical Girl. Because of this, she does not want Madoka Kaname to become a Magical Girl and exudes her best efforts in order to stop her from making a wish with Kyubey, going as far as to attempt to injure or kill the cat-like creature. Despite her cold attitude towards the others, she still very much cares for them, and especially Madoka, as it is her sole objective to protect her ever since she made her wish.

5.  Morgiana -Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

 Morgiana -Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Most Badass Female Anime Characters. Morgiana is a quiet girl who rarely talks. She likes strange things. Instead of choosing jewelry for her Household Vessel, she considered two devilish looking manifers (though possibly only because Alibaba recommended them). When mad, she usually puffs up her cheeks or stomps her feet, breaking the ground.
Even though she is physically and emotionally tough, she does have moments when she acts vulnerable. This usually happens when anything regarding Alibaba takes place. It is hinted that she has feelings for him and this is proven when she rejects Hakuryuu’s proposal. Eventually, he realizes that she refused to marry him and go to the Kou Empire because she is too attached to Alibaba and very concerned for Aladdin.

4. Kohaku – Dr. Stone

 Kohaku - Dr. Stone

Kohaku is a kind young woman who takes care of her sickly older sister, willing to do anything to protect her. This care extends to her comrades and all those to whom she is loyal. She was willing to lie and take scoldings so as not to reveal that she was attacked by Shishio so as not to upset her sister and the villagers. On top of that, she has a reckless and brash personality, often reacting angrily to being compared to a gorilla or lioness due to her strength and physique. She also sometimes acts on her emotions, going against rational thought. Kohaku also has a teasing side, asking Chrome if he could fall in love with her because of her resemblance to her sister.

3. Maka Albarn – Soul Eater

 Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

Maka is bright, cheerful, direct, confident, smart, and hardworking, in stark contrast to her partner Soul Eater, who is very laid-back, more likely to act on impulse, and impatient in comparison. She frequently studies and prefers to stay in her house and read or study, emphasized by her lack of ability to play games such as basketball despite her athleticism, and she is ignorant of its various rules. Maka is also caring and compassionate, willing to easily help a friend when in need with no personal gain in the end and help a newcomer such as Tsugumi Harudori on her first day.She is somewhat of a self-depreciation hero. She achieves many great accomplishments throughout the series, and she always wants to help others and do the right things, thus she is well respected.

2. Maki Oze – Fire Force

Maki Oze - Fire Force

Despite Maki’s calm and driven exterior when on mission, she is a hopeless romantic at heart. She is also very courteous to her fellow team-mates and people she meets for the first time. Maki respects Takehisa Hinawa a lot, due to them both being former soldiers. Though a kind-hearted person, she has the exterior of a capable fighter, easily defeating both Shinra and Arthur Boyle, who are both Third Generations, without hesitation in a fight.Maki also likes using her ability for fun, as she shows enjoyment in creating fire creatures. and to comically cry when they get destroyed by enemies or her own teammates. At times, when fellow Fire Soldiers tease Maki by calling her names, she mistakenly hears people call her a “gorilla cyclops”, which she gets furious about. The reason for this is that Maki has a complex over her body, believing it to be too muscular and thus not as feminine as she would want though many of those around her such as Iris, Hibana, and even Shinra find her to be beautiful. Maki is very reluctant to hurt other people, a reason which led to her defection from the Tokyo Army, despite her father’s wishes.

1. Shiki Ryougi – Kara no Kyouki

 Shiki Ryougi - Kara no Kyouki

While feminine before the accident, Shiki, no longer able to feel SHIKI after waking from the coma, assumes that he has died and feels a detachment from her memories before the accident. She does not have a realistic sense of living, knowing that she is Shiki while also not feeling that she actually is Shiki. She hopes to regain herself and the “dead” SHIKI, and decides to put on a cold facade that somewhat resembles the male Shiki’s, utilizing a coarse male speech pattern and “ore”, and tries to act as the female Shiki. Touko understands the sense of detachment Shiki feels, and theorizes that the current Shiki is a third, new personality.

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