Must-Have Teacher Gifts for 2022

Looking for a nice way to show your student’s new teacher that you care? Looking for a back-to-school gift? We’ve got ideas. When you’re thinking about the best teacher gifts, you can either choose something they can use in their classrooms or something they can enjoy during their much-needed time off. Our list of the best gifts for teachers includes a terrific selection of both, with options to fit any budget.

Quick tip: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

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1. Thank-You Note

What gifts do teachers really want? Most teachers we know say they would appreciate a handwritten thank-you note over just about anything else. Truly. Nothing beats it. You don’t need to get fancy, but if you want to add a little something, try one of these awesome greeting cards for teachers to hold your message.

2. Gift Cards

When we ask our WeAreTeachers fans on Facebook about good gifts for teachers, the number-one answer is always the same: gift cards. Amazon and Target are reliable choices, plus check out our full list of favorite teacher gift cards here. Tuck it inside a thank-you note to make it extra special!

Buy it: Amazon Gift Card on Amazon | Target Gift Card at Target

3. Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Book

Why You're the Best Teacher Ever book

You can also take your thank-you note a bit further with this sweet fill-in-the-blank book. Your child can fill it out on their own, adding illustrations if they like. Or for a truly special teacher gift, coordinate with other parents to have each kid in the class contribute a page. That’s a keepsake that a teacher will treasure forever!

Buy it: Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Book at Amazon

4. S’well Water Bottle

Best Teacher Gifts: S'Well Water Bottles in several colors

OK, so most teachers already have a pretty good selection of water bottles. But does yours have a really good one—one that will keep their drinks hot or cold for up to 36 hours? If not, they’ll love a S’well bottle. The sleek design and cool patterns set them apart from the bottles most kids are carrying. One Amazon reviewer notes, “Perfect for those long school days, fits nicely in side pocket of backpack.” This is one teacher water bottle they’ll really use. (See more of our favorites here.)

Buy it: S’well 17 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle at Amazon

5. YETI Rambler 14-oz. Insulated Mug

YETI insulated coffee mug in seafoam green (Best Teacher Gifts)

Teachers rarely get to sit down and enjoy a whole cup of coffee in peace. That’s why insulated mugs are must-have teacher gifts. This YETI mug is a top-notch choice, keeping your brew hot for as long as it takes you to get to the bottom. It holds enough coffee to get a teacher from first bell to at least their lunch break!

Buy it: YETI Rambler 14-oz. Insulated Mug at Amazon

6. Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Ember Smart Coffee Mug

This is definitely a bit of a splurge, but the Ember coffee mug not only keeps your coffee hot, it maintains it at the exact right temperature. Set your desired temp using the app, and Ember will ensure your coffee or tea is perfect from the first sip to the last.

Buy it: Ember Smart Mug at Amazon

7. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Maker

No need to worry about heated or insulated mugs when you can brew a fresh cup right in the classroom! The Keurig K-Mini is one of those teacher gift ideas they’ll be thanking you for over and over again. (See more of our coffee station ideas.)

Buy it: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker at Amazon

8. Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Crock Pot Lunch Warmer with blue lid and handle (Best Teacher Gifts)

Save your favorite teacher from yet another sandwich on the go with this adorable little Crock-Pot! Take it from this Amazon reviewer: “After growing tired of having semi-hot food or having to wait for forever on the microwave at work, I decided to purchase this. It is wonderful. I plug it in about an hour before I have to eat lunch and my food is perfectly warmed. As a teacher, I get tired of turkey sandwiches or trying to wolf down what’s supposed to be a hot lunch but isn’t for whatever reason.”

Buy it: Crock-Pot Lunch Crock at Amazon

9. L’Occitane Hand Cream Classics Trio Gift Set

Best Teacher Gifts: L'Occitane Classics Hand Cream Trio

Teachers tend to get a lot of bath and body products, so if you’re going to go that route, pick a high-quality luxurious option so your gift will stand out. L’Occitane makes some of the best hand cream around, perfect for reviving hands that are dry and cracked from using sanitizer all day long. Buy this set and give it as-is, or split it up and pair each one with a gift card for three separate teacher gift ideas.

Buy it: L’Occitane Hand Cream Classics Trio Gift Set at Ulta

10. Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder Set

Best Gifts for Teachers Sanitizer Holder

Speaking of hand sanitizer, it’s clearly a classroom must-have that’s here to stay. Teachers can clip these holders to their lanyard or belt, refilling as needed. They come in a cute floral pattern too. Here’s what one reviewer had to say: “I’m a teacher and this product is perfect to keep on my backpack. I can easily use entering/leaving school, with peace of mind for sanitation. We are buying more for my teacher friends and family.”

Buy it: Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder Set of 2 at Amazon

11. Teacher Voice Baseball Cap

Baseball hat with the phrase 'don't make me use my teacher voice'

This hat has two perks: It shields teachers from the summer sun and reminds everyone that their “teacher voice” doesn’t just come out in the classroom.

Buy it: Teacher Voice Baseball Cap at Etsy

12. Paper Mate Flair Pens

Teachers LOVE pens. They’re intensely loyal to their favorites, and for many, Flair pens top the list. This set is one of our best gifts for teachers due to the cool colors and yummy scents. This reviewer agrees: “A magical set each teacher should have on their desk or at home!” (Find more favorite teacher pens to gift here.)

Buy it: Paper Mate Flair Scented Felt-Tip Pens at Amazon

13. COOLBROS Elephant Pencil Holder With Phone Holder

Elephant phone holder and desk organizer (Best Gifts for Teachers)

Looking for thoughtful small teacher gifts? This elephant phone stand might just fit the bill! This is one of the best gifts for teachers because it’s cute, practical, and so much fun. It comes in several different patterns too, so you can choose one that suits your favorite teacher’s personality.

Buy it: COOLBROS Elephant Pencil Holder With Phone Holder at Amazon

14. Godiva Truffles

Box of Godiva chocolates

Coffee and chocolate are the two main teacher food groups. They’ll love any chocolate you provide. But if you really want to make them feel special, splurge on a gourmet option like Godiva. These are perfect for savoring slowly while binging Netflix, or rewarding themselves after turning in their final grades on time!

Buy it: Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffles at Amazon

15. Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator

Scotch PRO TL906 Laminator (Best Laminators)

Want to become a teacher’s hero? Gift them their own personal laminator! This model from Scotch with Never Jam technology is one of our favorites. Here’s what one teacher thinks: “LOVE! It surpassed my expectations. It’s nearly silent! … It also laminates fairly quickly! I would absolutely recommend.”

Buy it: Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator (TL906) at Amazon

16. AstroAI Mini Fridge

AstroAL mini fridge cooler and warmer in pink

Help teachers make the most of their much-needed break time by saving them a trip to the teachers’ lounge fridge. This little model is just big enough to hold some fizzy water and yogurt, exactly what teachers need for a midafternoon pick-me-up. (Check out more terrific mini-fridge options here.)

Buy it: AstroAI Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer at Amazon

17. YIMICOO Reusable Travel Utensils

Set of reusable utensils with a carrying case (Best Teacher Gifts)

Whether teachers are grabbing a quick bite at their desk or joining their colleagues for a chat in the teachers’ lounge, this utensil set has everything they’ll need. The rainbow finish is fun and unique, and they’ll feel good about not throwing plastic utensils into the landfill.

Buy it: YIMICOO Reusable Travel Utensils at Amazon

18. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

Smart speakers with voice search built in have so many uses in the classroom. These little gems are so affordable now that they make great gifts for teachers. The Amazon Echo Dot is one of our favorites, since it’s so easy to use and coordinates with other Amazon products.

Buy it: Amazon Echo Dot at Amazon

19. This Day in History Calendar

Best Gifts for Teachers: This Day in History Calendar

Page-a-day calendars make terrific small teacher gifts. They’re fun for the teacher, plus it gives them something to share with their class each day. There are lots of great options, but we love the “On This Day in History” version. It works for any grade and any subject.

Buy it: 2022 On This Day in History Page-a-Day Calendar at Amazon

20. Personalized Teacher Library Stamp

Personalized teacher library stamp (Best Teacher Gifts)

Teachers build their classroom libraries with loving care. Help them keep their selections from disappearing with a personalized stamp like this one. Real teacher review: “This stamp is very sturdy. I have had other custom stamps fall apart after a long session of classroom library building, but this is still going strong.” (See more teacher stamps we love here.)

Buy it: Self-Inking Teacher Library Stamp at Amazon

21. Vintage Globe Earrings

Small pierced earrings of half-globes

For just a few bucks, you can get an adorable teacher gift like these globe earrings. They’re perfect for a social studies or history teacher, or anyone who loves to travel. (Looking for more teacher earrings? Find our top picks here.)

Buy it: Vintage Globe Earrings at Etsy

22. STEM Lanyard

Lanyard with STEM themed icons (Best Gifts for Teachers)

Lots of teachers wear lanyards to hold their school IDs, keys, and all the other paraphernalia they need quick access to throughout the day. This is one of the best gifts for teachers because you can get a lanyard to match their personality, like this one with STEM-themed icons. We’ve got a whole selection to pick from for teachers of any subject here.

Buy it: STEM Lanyard at Amazon

23. Whiskey River Soap Company Pencils for Teachers

Pencils for Teachers set (Best Teacher Gifts)

Teachers will want to make sure they hang on to these pencils for themselves! The clever sayings on each will make them giggle. One teacher shares, “So cute! Love the sayings because as a teacher I have personally felt each one. Great gift for a teacher to brighten their day!”

Buy it: Whiskey River Soap Company Pencils for Teachers at Amazon

24. ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset

Voice amplifier with headset and speaker

“This product has been a voice-saver for me! I am a high school teacher and have vocal issues,” says one reviewer of this voice amplifier. “It has completely saved my voice.” Teachers who need to wear masks in the classroom will especially appreciate this, as well as P.E. teachers or those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Buy it: ZOWEETEK Voice Amplifier Microphone Headset at Amazon

25. Scratch-and-Sniff Stickers

Scratch and Sniff Stickers with food designs

Is there a kid alive who doesn’t love scratch-and-sniff stickers? That’s why they’re a mainstay in every teacher’s drawer. This set comes with 85 sheets in 17 different scents; there’s plenty to split up and tuck into thank-you cards for every teacher you know!

Buy it: HORIECHALY Scratch and Sniff Stickers at Amazon

Looking for more ideas? Check out these 20 great stocking stuffers for teachers.

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