No Fly Swatter Could Kill Fearless Fly !

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Back again in the 60’s, 1965 to be precise. I made use of to check out a so known as knock off of, “Atom Ant”/ Mighty Mouse, well probably not the Mouse mainly because he wasn’t an insect. As annoying as a true property fly can be, I imagined “Fearless Fly” was type of adorable cartoon (“can I say that”) I am a dude, Lol. It held my attention, and I was 12, in 1965. The superhero fly was Hiram, a fly that lived in a matchbox. It was the most preferred addition to the Milton the Monster Clearly show 1965. When threat came about, he went into a matchbox, variety of like Superman and a telephone booth, adjusted into a crimson sweater and place on a pair of super run glasses an grew to become a superhero named Fearless Fly. According to the opening scene, he was additional effective than a rushing rocket and more quickly than a beam of light. No fly swatter could harm him, no fly paper could hold him, and no bug spray could eliminate him. His main nemesis was Dr. Goo Cost, and his sidekick Gung Ho. Fearless Fly was powerless without his glasses, he would normally categorical his destiny by telling the viewers, “My glasses! Without the need of them, I’m helpless!”  but always located them in the nick of time. Hiram would usually halt at the Sugar Bowl Cafe to talk with his girlfriend Flory and a bully named Horsey the Horsefly. 

Fearless Fly animated cartoons lasted from 1965 to 1968 on animated tv series “Milton The Monster Present”. Produce and directed by Hal Seeger.

Fearless Fly experienced about 26 episodes. For much more on all those episodes use my wiki lookup at the top rated of my blog…Now for a glimpse at Fearless Fly cartoon. BJ/ 🙈🙉🙊


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