Open Thread: Heard It Through The Grapevine Episodes 23 & 24


Welcome to the Open Thread, everyone! This was a tough pair of episodes, not gonna lie. And since this scene was so pivotal, I thought it made sense to have it headline our post today, even though this scene did not make me happy. 🫤



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Without further ado, here are my reactions to this set of episodes; have fun in the Open Thread, everyone! ❤️

My thoughts

Episode 23

Grrargh. At this point, I just want Bom to pack up and leave already, and I want her to take Jin Young and In Sang with her, and go make a new life and be really happy and successful, and leave Jung Ho and Yeon Hee to wallow in their self-righteous misery. 😤

It was just so hard to see Bom breaking down in tears like that, particularly since she’s usually so calm, unruffled and even-keeled.

This means that she really is that hurt and that shaken, and why wouldn’t she be, with the way Jung Ho and Yeon Hee are treating her, like she’s the scum of the earth?

Mainly, I just want Bom to stop feeling so miserable, and leaving that toxic environment seems like a quick way to have Bom experience a less anxiety-ridden life.

Plus, I do think that losing Jin Young and In Sang would kick Jung Ho and Yeon Hee where it hurts.

They might act like they’re fine, but you know that this would be something that would eat away at them, and maybe-possibly drive them to change their ways, if only to get Jin Young and In Sang back?

This episode, it really, really bugs me, that the more they think about it, the more self-righteous they become, about how Bom’s ruined everything and everyone, and how they need to get rid of her, in order for things to go back to their right places.

It actually gave me a good amount of satisfaction, when Bom agrees so readily, to leave the house, and informs Jung Ho and Yeon Hee that she would leave with Jin Young, much like how she’d arrived in that house, along with Jin Young.

I’m honestly rather surprised, that Bom’s plan is that she should leave with Jin Young, and that In Sang should stay and convince his parents to change their minds.

Given how hurt she is, I’d expected that Bom’s decision to leave had been real and final, but this shows that she’s got a more long-term plan in mind, and that she intends to come back to this house, with the way paved for a better life ahead.

Bom really has her wits about her, and I’m really impressed that she would even be able to entertain these thoughts, while feeling so hurt.

I do love how Jin Ae is so ready to fly to her daughter’s side, no questions asked, if that’s what Bom needs.

And, the way that the household staff come flying back to the house, when they hear that Bom’s about to be kicked out, also gives me a good amount of similar energy.

They care about Bom like family, and that’s why they come back, even though they’re on strike.

It’s only afterwards, that Housekeeper Jung says to Bom that instead of thinking of it as Bom having failed, she’ll think of it as Bom having given them an excuse to return. Gosh, I love Housekeeper Jung. That is so kind.

I love Jin Ae more, the more I see of her, particularly in emergency situations like this. She’s always grace under fire, when the going gets tough, and I love how she sits down and talks to In Sang about the situation, instead of yelling at him like most mothers-in-law would have done.

And, there’s the way she has no harsh words for Bom either, and simply cries with her, and holds her, and essentially lets Bom do what she thinks is best, even if Jin Ae herself isn’t so sure if it’s the right choice to make.

Secretary Yang ends up being the mediator through this whole thing, acting as the go-between for Jung Ho and Yeon Hee on the one hand, and the household staff on the other.

It occurs to me that previously, Jung Ho had mentioned that this is the kind of thing he’d expected Yeon Hee to have done, as matriarch.

This makes me see Secretary Yang in a new light, because, in a weird sense, she is kinda-sorta fulfilling the matriarch role in our story.

When Jung Ho acts up and gets all upset and peevish, she’s the one who watches over him and sweet-talks him, and when he gets really out of line, she’s the one who intervenes and tells him that he should do things differently.

And now, when things are at an impasse in Jung Ho’s home, she steps in to mediate between the Jung Ho and Yeon Hee, and the staff.

How.. interesting, yet dysfunctional, at the same time? Especially the part where Jung Ho and Yeon Hee need paid personnel to intervene, in order to get things to work in their home?

And even then, their own relationship is still in a bit of a mess, since the united front is only for show, and as far as Yeon Hee is concerned, Jung Ho’s still in the doghouse and doesn’t deserve to sleep on the bed.

ALSO. Despite Secretary Yang’s mediation, Jung Ho and Yeon Hee are both still cold, peevish and touchy, the following morning, as if to show their displeasure continues, despite the official truce.

I do love that when Yeon Hee’s sarcastic to Secretary Lee, Secretary Lee outright quotes Jung Ho back at Yeon Hee, “Generosity and understanding. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

Muahaha. I do love Secretary Lee’s deadpan elegant sass. 😁

I feel bad for Chul Sik, that he gets berated for what’s happened to Bom.

As unfair as it’s been for Bom to be blamed for Chul Sik’s actions, it’s just as unfair to blame Chul Sik, for how Jung Ho and Yeon Hee have taken out their anger on Bom.

It’s exactly as Bom tells Jung Ho at the beginning of the episode; Chul Sik’s simply filing a lawsuit against the company where he’d used to work.

It’s Jung Ho’s own fault, that this is a problem for Hansong, because of Hansong’s dirty dealings in how the case had originally been handled.

That’s like.. robbing a bank, and then getting angry at the police for doing their job in coming after you.

Also, we finally get a clearer indication of why Jung Ho can’t get rid of Secretary Min, even though he wants nothing more than to fire her.

It’s essentially the same reason that he chooses to back down, with the household staff; Secretary Min knows too much, and he can’t risk her spilling that information if she’s let go.

Ahh. See, this is what happens when you conduct yourself in a way where you end up with lots of shady secrets, Jung Ho.

Because Jung Ho and Yeon Hee are counting on Bom doing poorly on the mock test, in order to have a reason to kick her out, I’m pleased that both Bom and In Sang do well on the test, in spite of all the emotional upheaval they’ve both just been through.

This means that Jung Ho and Yeon Hee can’t use the test results as a reason to force Bom out.

However, I’m intrigued by the fact that In Sang and Bom ask Teacher Park to keep their test scores a secret for the time being, so that they can reconsider their goals.

I’d kind of forgotten, but it’s true what Bom says; the only reason they’re studying law and preparing for the bar exam, is because Jung Ho and Yeon Hee want them to. It’s not something they ever wanted, for themselves.

It does make sense, that they should stop to think about whether this is something that they really want.

That said, I can’t imagine what course of action they would take, if they were to decide that they don’t actually want to take the bar exam anymore.

If they fake their test scores to be much poorer, for example, wouldn’t that just give Jung Ho and Yeon Hee ammunition against Bom..? I’m curious to see what In Sang and Bom have in mind.

Meanwhile, I’m very much intrigued by the conversation between Secretary Yang and Secretary Lee, as we close out the episode.

So.. Secretary Yang’s been skimming money off Han Trust, of which her brother is the official CEO, and she’s offering to share that skimmed money with Secretary Lee, in exchange for her cooperation, since Jung Ho and Yeon Hee refuse to talk about severance pay..?

That’s.. pretty wild, when I think about it.

I guess Secretary Yang’s work relationship with Jung Ho really is of the “trust me to do my job; just don’t mind how I do it” sort of thing.

Even more intriguing, is Secretary Lee’s response, that 50% isn’t enough, and will not buy her cooperation or her silence.

Ooh. Gauntlet, thrown.

My gut tells me that Secretary Lee isn’t just doing this for herself, though; that she’s doing this for the sake of the rest of the household staff as well.

Let’s see if I’m right – and also, let’s see if Secretary Yang will bite. She looks like she’s maybe about to bust a blood vessel, from the effort of maintaining that strained smile, in the face of Secretary Lee’s audacious demand.

Episode 24

This little bubble of happiness picture in this screenshot is so fleeting, sigh.

All I want is for Bom to be happy, and that is absolutely not what I’m getting, this episode. 😭

After attacking Bom directly last episode, this episode, Jung Ho and Yeon Hee change tactics, and attack via In Sang instead.

In theory, I wouldn’t expect their plan to work. After all, their plan is basically to show In Sang everything that he stands to inherit – and then make it a condition that in order to receive his inheritance, he needs to divorce Bom.

I wouldn’t expect In Sang to accept such a condition in a million years. But, whaddya know, just the existence of the offer and the condition attached to it, is enough to drive a small but persistent wedge between In Sang and Bom.

NoOo.. say it isn’t so! 😭

Essentially, I don’t think that In Sang wants to break up with Bom at all. But what Jung Ho does seem to have some success with, is showing In Sang the reality of how things would be, if he were to truly only live by his ideals.

Jung Ho mentions Bom’s dilapidated family home as an example, and we see later, that he also impresses on In Sang, how Hansong would go bankrupt, if Chul Sik’s case were allowed to be a precedent.

I don’t think In Sang is greedy for his inheritance per se, but I can believe that he would be concerned with his family going bankrupt, because that’s no longer just about him, but also about his parents and Yi Ji as well.

No wonder he becomes so heavily troubled, after his conversation with Jung Ho.

I do appreciate that while this is going on, the household staff agree that regardless of Jung Ho and Yeon Hee’s efforts to exclude Bom, that they will continue to treat Bom as the young mistress of the house.

And, it does give me a shot of gratification, to note that it’s Secretary Lee who speaks up for Bom like this.

Also, there’s that beat as well, when Secretary Lee asks Bom to have lunch with her and the rest of the staff, because Yeon Hee isn’t home. The warmth in Secretary Lee’s smile, as she makes the invitation, makes me smile.

Gosh, I just love any little indication that Bom truly has Secretary Lee’s loyalty and trust.

On the other hand, I hated that scene where Hyun Soo and Min Jae visit the Han household, on the pretext of cheering up Bom.

Ugh. What kind of weird conversation is that, where Hyun Soo discusses, in front of Bom, why things hadn’t worked out between her and In Sang?!?

This visit doesn’t turn out to be anything like its stated purpose, which had been to cheer Bom up. Instead, they’re making Bom feel bad and uncomfortable, and also, Bom’s being made to fulfill the role of housekeeper, because they’re there.

With “friends” like these, who would really want any, really?

We finally see what Secretary Lee’s real request is, when she meets Secretary Yang, and like I’d guessed, it’s not about tussling with Secretary Yang over her skimmed money at all. It’s about taking care of the staff’s retirement, by making them shareholders in Han Trust.

The idea is not a bad one, if conditions could have allowed it, because, as Secretary Lee says, with Bom behind him, In Sang just might agree to an arrangement like that.

But, as Secretary Yang points out, there’s a possibility that In Sang and Bom will get a divorce – and I’m actually kind of shocked that this seems to be the first that Secretary Lee’s hearing about it.

I suppose, with the improved hours, she has less access to the information flowing around the Han household..?

In the meantime, things come to a head between In Sang and Bom, when Bom realizes that In Sang’s asking her to accept the idea of a settlement for Chul Sik – and thus forsake the justice in court that he seeks – in order to prevent the case from becoming a precedent.

This really is a clash of ideologies, and I can see how upset Bom is, to be confronted with the thought that she and In Sang aren’t on the same page like she’d believed they were.

The way Bom tells In Sang that she’s sorry, and hugs him as she tells him to go home on his own, feels so sad and final. 💔

I refuse to believe this is the end for In Sang and Bom, but.. I also can’t figure out a way forward for them, given the circumstances?

And, how horrible, that back at the Han household, Jung Ho and Yeon Hee are taking actual satisfaction, from the news that In Sang will be coming home alone.

Gah. That makes me so mad. 😤

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