Open up Thread: The Princess’s Guy Episodes 9 & 10

Welcome to the Open up Thread, all people! I know, I know. This screenshot is not from these two episode’s activities, but.. it was in the closing credits of episode 10, and I couldn’t resist this wistful place of happiness that our OTP had, in advance of their total worlds changed.

SOME Vital Bulletins, in advance of we start out:


1. We will be adopting a ZERO SPOILER Coverage for this Open Thread, besides for gatherings that have took place in the present, up to this place.

The spoiler tags never function in e-mail notifications, thus, you should take observe that WE WILL NOT BE Working with SPOILER TAGS FOR THIS Open up THREAD. 

ANY AND ALL SPOILERS WILL BE REDACTED to defend initial-time viewers in our midst (though, I’d recognize it if you would conserve me the trouble of acquiring to redact spoilers, heh 😅).

This involves, but is not minimal to, how people &/or relationships create, later on in the clearly show.

We need to have to secure the harmless! 😉


2. On the other hand!! If you’d like to examine spoilers from a rewatcher’s point of watch, I’ve developed a SPOILER ZONE for you, the place you can go over all the spoilers you’d like, without the want for spoiler warnings. You can locate it here!

With no additional ado, in this article are my reactions to this set of episodes have enjoyment in the Open up Thread, absolutely everyone! ❤️

My feelings

Episode 9

A great deal goes down this episode, and it’s credit rating to Display, that even nevertheless I previously knew a chunk of what was likely to happen, thanks to our opening flash-forward in episode 1, I however felt thoroughly engaged, while looking at explained previously shown scenes.

Of program, in significant strokes, we fairly substantially know what is going to materialize, even prior to it comes about, simply because we’ve now been informed from the starting, that it transpires.

What would make all of this attention-grabbing, genuinely, is the reaction of our figures, to the activities that are unfolding close to them.

And none of that is more central to our story, than Seung Yu’s reaction to his globe crumbling close to him, in waves.

We commence the episode with him currently being faced with his father’s assassination, and then conclusion the episode with him getting, to his shock, that his so-termed courtroom lady is actually Prince Su Yang’s daughter.

Plus, in-involving these big shocks, is that other shock, wherever he realizes that his great close friend Myeon is in fact portion of Prince Su Yang’s crew – which suggests that Myeon is now the enemy.

Woah. Chat about remaining place via the wringer – and then some.

Honestly, it is genuinely tough to check out Prince Su Yang’s males systematically eliminate all the officers who aren’t on their aspect.

The worst element about it is, I think, the fact that they use the King’s name, to invite individuals officers to Jong and Gyeong Hye’s home, and then trap and slaughter each a single, as they enter the premises.

THIS is treason, not the other way all around.

It occurs to me, that this is why quite a few Kings had their brothers killed, upon ascending the throne. It was probably to prevent these kinds of an party from occurring.

The fact that King Munjong hadn’t had his brothers killed on ascending the throne is a instead considered-provoking a person, I truly feel.

On the one particular hand, just one could sense that this establishes his warm coronary heart and his need to belief some others.

On the other hand, just one may argue that if he’d taken the precaution of killing his brothers on ascending the throne, that this condition, where Prince Su Yang is in essence initiating a blood bath to pave the way for his political ambition, could have been prevented.

It is a fairly unsettling considered, isn’t it, that if King Munjong experienced acted extra like Prince Su Yang is acting now, his legacy would have been far more secure?

By way of all of this, the only silver lining that I can believe of, is that Gyeong Hye and Jong are inadvertently bonding by the catastrophe that is befallen their household.

I just cannot enable but recognize that Jong’s becoming much far more proactive and assertive with Gyeong Hye in this emergency condition, as opposed to prior to, and that she’s dependent on him considerably much more than she would have allowed herself to, in the earlier.

The way he dares those guards to end him, when they consider to block his exit from their chambers, has a lot more fire and gravitas to it, than I’ve observed from him to day.

Truthfully, it is really very heartwarming to see him rise to the event to secure Gyeong Hye, in its place of shrink absent in panic, like the aged him would have probable done.

I also take pleasure in how Jong attempts to enable and guard Seung Yu, even if it means placing his individual life in hazard.

And then there’s also the way Jong has these kinds of a deep motivation to have confidence in his pals.

When Myeon puts up that display of assisting Seung Yu to escape, Jong doesn’t question it at all, for the reason that he genuinely wishes to imagine that Myeon’s a superior particular person at heart, who doesn’t want to see Seung Yu killed.

And.. well, I suppose Jong isn’t totally mistaken, due to the fact we see that at some point, Myeon does end shorter of killing Seung Yu, up on that mountain, when he realizes that Seung Yu is nonetheless alive right after all.

That stated, I never imagine Myeon had truly counted on Seung Yu building it out of that mountain alive, given that he was currently so poorly wounded. My conclusion is that Myeon experienced remaining Seung Yu there, anticipating him to die on his personal, since he could not bear to deal the final blow himself.

As for Se Ryeong, we see that she’s still decided to help save Seung Yu by some means, and even rides to Gyeong Hye’s home, to speak with her father, the instant she is capable.

At this issue, I believe it is safe to say that Se Ryeong continue to has some belief in her father, which is why she goes to him to check with him to spare Seung Yu.

That explained, I suppose element of the explanation is also that Se Ryeong doesn’t basically have any other possibility, seriously. What else could she have completed, if she did not request out her father? I simply cannot assume of anything, actually.

I feel lousy for Se Ryeong, that Gyeong Hye lies to her about Seung Yu getting died, effectively out of spite.

I get that Gyeong Hye’s lashing out at Se Ryeong because of what Se Ryeong’s father is carrying out, but guy, the blow that this offers to Se Ryeong, is no tiny deal.

It is as if Se Ryeong has all the everyday living sucked out of her, in the wake of this “news.”

She’s really a lot like the strolling lifeless, as she will get hustled outside, to greet Prince Su Yang on his triumphant return.

Which is why she doesn’t notice Seung Yu when he notices her as component of Prince Su Yang’s family members entourage.

Gah. What a big, huge shock this will have to be for Seung Yu, who’s previously had his whole earth crumble all over him.

I’m sure he’d experienced no concept, that issues could have gotten any worse, and still, below he is, faced with the reality that his courtroom woman is none other than the daughter of Prince Su Yang – the man who killed Seung Yu’s father and brother.

The Romeo and Juliet vibes of this show just got all the stronger, methinks. 😝

Episode 10

Y’know, I’d 50 % believed that Seung Yu could possibly decide to postpone his endeavor on Prince Su Yang’s life, for a while, if only to permit him approach this new piece of information, that the lady whom he’s been imagining of as the really like of his existence, is basically Su Yang’s daughter.

But.. that is not the scenario.

Seung Yu expenses at Su Yang anyway, even although his brain is reeling from the realization, and even nevertheless he understands that he’s not most likely to triumph.

It is not the smartest nor most logical choice, to be positive.

That claimed, I totally acquire that Seung Yu’s not in his appropriate thoughts correct now his full earth has crumbled close to him in a extremely shorter span of time, and I would imagine that revenge on Su Yang would be top of head for him, whether or not he really thinks he will thrive or not.

And of system, Seung Yu will get overpowered and apprehended, and of class, this causes Se Ryeong to go into a frenzy.

I suggest, it is a whirlwind of information and facts for her as well.

A single minute, she thinks he’s useless, and then instantly, he’s alive (!!!) – but oh pricey, he’s now getting captured, and may possibly shortly be useless. Gulp. It’s a large amount to get in, which is for sure.

I’m just grateful that Mom chooses to be soft and sympathetic with Se Ryeong for the moment, which is a departure from her past stern slaps and severe words and phrases.

This time, I consider it’s since Mom sees the impossibility of Se Ryeong’s appreciate, and chooses to console her daughter, as a substitute of punish her even more than the condition alone is already punishing her.

What Mother claims is legitimate Seung Yu will not be in a position to see outside of the fact that Se Ryeong is the daughter of the gentleman who killed his father.

Logically talking, there is absolutely nothing far more that Se Ryeong can do now, to preserve her appreciate.

On top of this, Seung Yu also seems like his personal days are numbered, with the way Su Yang’s decided to have him executed, and before long.

It’s partly to ensure that Myeon proves himself, but it’s largely to satisfy Su Yang’s political agenda, to wipe out his opponents, and not go away any traces driving, who may well clearly show up afterwards, to develop issues for him.

Like I reported, this is cruel, completely – but it is also what King Munjong didn’t do, which is the explanation we’re even getting this terrible circumstance these days.

And so, even however I despise the idea of Su Yang now readying to eliminate his remaining brothers, I can see his causes for accomplishing so.

I do however hate the smug seems that we see on the faces of Su Yang and his different followers this episode, though. The way they search so happy that all these people today have died, is quite horrifying, actually.

As for Myeon, whilst I really do not like the truth that he’s made the decision that it’s in his finest interest to align himself with Su Yang even if it signifies killing his very best mate, I do take pleasure in that he owns his final decision and doesn’t try to palm it off as anything that he’s being pressured into by his father.

And, we do get glimpses of his inside wrestle in excess of this, from time to time, which does humanize him in my eyes.

In truth, I can not say that if I were in his sneakers, I would unquestionably make a unique final decision. It is uncomplicated to say, “Don’t eliminate your pal,” when you’re not in his sneakers, and the basic safety of his entire household is pretty much hanging in the harmony.

All that to say, I however really do not condone his actions, but I don’t dislike him. Myeon’s believably gray as a character, as much as I can see ideal now.

..Which is the opposite of Se Ryeong, who, irrespective of the actuality that she’s Su Yang’s daughter, is steadfastly pure in her way of viewing the earth.

As much as she’s concerned, there is no justifying the killing of one’s buddy, or even the killing of one’s political opponent, and, as we see this episode, she’s ready to lay down her life for her  beliefs.

Quite, very ballsy in fact.

I assume the point that strikes me, this episode, about Se Ryeong heading towards Su Yang’s needs, that it’s no for a longer time just about her really like for Seung Yu and her drive to defend him from damage.

Now, it is about avoiding her father from killing innocent folks, which appears to be like a considerably even larger, further and broader detail.

The way she places that sword to her own neck, determined to either prevent Seung Yu’s loss of life, or die with him, is as courageous as it is badass – as it is foolish, honestly.

Because, as we see, her steps do absolutely nothing to protect against Seung Yu’s execution.

The explanation Seung Yu’s is not executed, is because the younger King puts his foot down and orders that the executions of alleged traitors quit, and not simply because Se Ryeong sits there with a sword to her neck.

In actuality, piecing it with each other, it is apparent that Su Yang experienced left her sitting down there with the sword to her neck, and long gone to the palace.

So much for maximizing her influence and her assets, eh? 😅

THAT Mentioned. I completely believe that that Se Ryeong’s whole coronary heart is in this. She’s not participating in about, and she’s not making an vacant menace. I do imagine that she would have at minimum attempted to kill herself, if information had come that Seung Yu had been executed.

As Su Yang and his crew regroup and reconsider their selections (which mainly appears to direct to the conclusion to kill Seung Yu although he’s en route to his exile area), our Se Ryeong decides that she demands to see Seung Yu.

I really don’t know what she was anticipating, likely in there to see him like that, but I don’t assume she bargained for how Seung Yu finishes up grabbing her neck in a stranglehold.

Eep. How issues have modified involving these two, in just a number of quick episodes!

I know that this isn’t the conclusion, because we however have additional than 50 percent the clearly show to go, but ideal now, I actually cannot see how Present is going to maintenance this terribly broken, tattered romance.

Honestly, where by can you go from in this article, after, “Your father actually murdered my father and my brother – and tried to kill me too”?? 😛

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