Our Top 20+ Best Anime Werewolf

Best Anime Werewolf. Hello guys! Here’s another recommendation blog. We are never short of ideas, so we will continue to provide you with the best content. We have some manhwa suggestions for you this time. To be honest, we’re sick of reading romance and action manhwa. We have gathered a few manhwa in which the main character must start from scratch to make money. Even more exciting than MC becoming rich is the fact that he conceals his wealth! This blog will be about Best Anime Werewolf, who often hide their wealth. They aren’t just about making money but also about leveling up. If you are interested, keep reading!

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Our Top 20+ Best Anime Werewolf Rated From 23 To 1

Best Anime Werewolf. Wolf Children is a sweet story about love, loss and hope. Hana, a human woman, grieves her husband’s death and attempts to raise her werewolf children. She must weave her children into the world of humans while keeping their secrets safe and secure. Hana’s youngest daughter Yuki is a faithful sister who wants to see more of the human world. Hana’s son Ame prefers the natural world far from civilization. He can explore the forest and run.

23: Blood Lad

Blood Lad

Best Anime Werewolf. Blood Lad’s Wolf, a hybrid of a werewolf/demon, is the blood son of Blood Lad. His super strength is common to werewolves. However, his wolf form can be affected by his half-lycanthropy. He still appears humanoid, but his transformation leaves him with dark fur on his limbs. Wolf develops long feet, long claws and pointed ears. His status as a halfwolf drives him to try his skills against other strong warriors, and overthrow the Lower Demon World as much as possible.

22: Dance In The Vampire Bund

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Best Anime Werewolf. Akira Kaburagi Regendorf plays the role of the love interest in Dance in the Vampire Bund. He is a teenage werewolf who has full control over his transformation. He can either remain as a humanoid or fully transform into a wolf. Akira serves as Mina Tepes Princess of Vampires’ protector. He assists Mina in her quest to form and maintain “the Bund.” The Bund is a place where vampires and werewolves protectors for the princess live together. Some humans also visit the Bund as a way to test Mina’s vision of an inclusive future.

21: Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger

Best Anime Werewolf. Yuliy Jirov is the protagonist of Sirius The Jaeger. He’s a half-werewolf, his father being a werewolf and his mother being a human. Because vampires are responsible for his home’s destruction, Yuliy has a strong hatred for them. Yuliy is a Jaeger, a vampire hunter. Although he appears calm on the outside, Yuliy is a powerful vampire hunter. Yuliy is known as a Sirius werewolf. This is a reference the Sirius constellation Canis Major’s “Dog Star”, Sirius.

20: Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Best Anime Werewolf. Free is an antagonist of Soul Eater. He is an immortal who lived more than 200 years and is the strongest of all werewolves. His personality is a bit silly for someone as old and powerful. Apart from his power, Free is known for taking the eye of Grand Witch, which led to him being sent to witch prison. Free is also a skilled magician, able to summon and manipulate water, and ice. Although his human form is strong and powerful, his opponent will be a formidable challenge when he transforms into his beast form.

19: Tokimeki Tonight

Tokimeki Tonight

Best Anime Werewolf. Shira Etoh, a female werewolf, can summon snow and storms in Tokimeki Tonight by her howls. With long blonde hair and a simple expression, her human form is delicate and sweet. Shira can sometimes be seen straddling between human and wolf. Her were form has small, pointed ears that grow from her crown. Her canines are sharp and capable of delivering deadly blows. She can become a bit grumpy as the moon waxes. Her fur turns dark brown when she is fully transformed into a wolf.

18: Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers

Best Anime Werewolf. Cain Warlock, Black Blood Brothers’ supporting character, is a hybrid werewolf and vampire. He is also a descendant of a long lineage of witches. Although his main classification is vampire, his blue-coated wolf form makes him a powerful. He can hypnotize and has the ability to track blood. His spiky gray hair, angled eyebrows, and vampire appearance give him an almost lupine essence.
Cain is not only lycanthropy-averse, but also has the vampiric ability Hide Hand that allows him to move and fracture objects. Cain also protected Alice Eve, the oldest vampire among the Black Bloods.

17: Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Best Anime Werewolf. Rosario + Vampire’s side character Ginei Morioka, a werewolf that thrives under the full moon light, is Ginei Morioka. Ginei’s abilities are enhanced by the full moon. However, Ginei is able to transform into a human or wolfish form at will. He can also alter individual parts of his body, such as his head and tail. Ginei is a werewolf and has superhuman speed. Ginei’s ability to outrun wind rivals that of Rosario + Vampire. Ginei is also able to heal himself from injuries.

16: Wolf’s Rain

Wolf's Rain

Best Anime Werewolf. Kiba must complete one quest in Wolf’s Rain to discover the key to opening Paradise. The Lunar Flower, a pale night-blooming plant that also takes on human form, is the key to unlock Paradise. Wolf’s Rain is romantic tale rich in allegory. It explores themes such as pride, melancholia and longing. The main character is a werewolf, and the entire story revolves around wolf-kind. Cheza, the Luna Flower maiden, is awakened to the presence of the wolves. As they attempt to find Paradise together, their paths eventually merge.

15: White Fang Monogatari

White Fang Monogatari

Best Anime Werewolf. White Fang is a baby Inuit boy named Mitsah, who was born in Alaska’s planes. White Fang is the child of a wolf and his mother is half-wolf and half-dog. Mit-sah wanted a dog from the beginning, so he invited his father and the wolves in. As the Alaskan cold takes control, their happiness quickly fades. People’s minds are filled with selfishness and greed. Both humans and wolves feel the cold winter. White Fang and Mit-sah began to work together and found a happy environment that didn’t lose hope.

14: White Fang

White Fang

Best Anime Werewolf. This is the story of a gray wolf that was raised by a human. Lasset was the owner of a gray wolf when it was a puppy. After the tragic event that claimed the life of their family dog, Lasset had to leave the wolf behind. Lasset, a northern US resident, treks 300 miles to rescue his gray wolf. White Fang Monogatari is the prequel to this tale.

13: Okami wa Okami da

Okami wa Okami da

Best Anime Werewolf. The wolf wants to prove that he can be trusted by the forest animals and show them that he is capable of taking on the world. Animals make plans to survive against the wolf in order to be able to reproduce. Even the animals plan to help the village, not the wolf. This anime is the oldest ever made. This is the real Old is Gold.

12: Night Warrior: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Night Warrior: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Best Anime Werewolf. Darkstalkers are powerful beings that rule the human world, making it dark and filled with sadness. The Darkstalkers fight each other to be the most powerful. Vampires and Werewolves are just a few of the many competing entities that seek to benefit from each other. Solar gods from space also decide to take over earth. To protect the earth, Darkstalkers must stand together.

11: Wolf Daddy

Wolf Daddy

Best Anime Werewolf. Darkstalkers are powerful beings that rule the human world, making it dark and filled with sadness. The Darkstalkers fight each other to be the most powerful. Vampires and Werewolves are just a few of the many competing entities that seek to benefit from each other. Solar gods from space also decide to take over earth. To protect the earth, Darkstalkers must stand together.

10: Fuse: Memoirs from a Huntress

Fuse: Memoirs from a Huntress

After the death of her grandfather, Hamaji was called “Brother Edo” by her brother. Fuse werewolves, also known as werewolves, are trying to fit in between humans. They are hunted down because they are wild beasts. Shino, a handsome man, is her love. He is the last fuse. Hamaji must choose between helping a friend and continuing to be the huntress that she is.

9: Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

A society where werewolves and beasts can freely roam about without hiding. They don’t fear society and they never hide who or what they are. They don’t try to cover their teeth or claws with human clothing. A girl attempts to commit suicide bombing by an officer. Kazuki is sent back at the academy to be re-evaluated. Kazuki must decide which side he is on because of all the tricks played by the government.

8: The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Vesemir is made a Witcher to make money. The events eventually lead to the demons from his past. Soon he realizes that there is more to life than just money. He now has to defeat the creatures that come his way.

7: Inuyasha: Affections Touching across Time

Inuyasha: Affections Touching across Time

Inuyasha, Kagome and Kagome discover Menoumaru. Inuyasha’s father had Menoumaru sealed away many years ago. He now brings it back to life to make matters more difficult. He is looking for the Tessaiga sword to help him restore his family’s heritage. Menoumaru kidnaps Kagome in order to force Inuyasha to use his sword to break open the seal and unlock the Hyouga clan’s powers.

6: Inuyasha the Movie : The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Inuyasha the Movie : The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

Kagura and Kanna are Nakura’s subordinates. Inuyasha defeated him and his subordinates now plan to free the demonic entity. This entity is called Kaguya, the legendary Princess of the Heavens. Inuyasha and his companions realized the true power of Kaguya and are determined to end the chaos created by it.

5: Inuyasha: The Movie: The Swords Of An Honorable Ruler

Inuyasha: The Movie: The Swords Of An Honorable Ruler

Inuyasha meets his friend Kagome and comes across the sword Of Inu no Taishou. He had only two swords left after his death, so he is very happy to find one. The bridge between the present and the future is Inu no Taishous’ third sword Sounga. It is kept at the Higurashi shrine by Kagomes ancestors. The evil spirit who has taken possession of the sword gives it the desire to kill. Inuyasha returns the sword to Sesshoumaru, but loses track of it during combat.

4 : Vampire Hunter C: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter C: Bloodlust

D is half vampire, half human. He is a vampire hunter who has been exiled. He must save Charlotte, the daughter from a wealthy family. D hunts in darkness. Mashira is a Barbaroi elite guard sent to protect Charlotte. He can look like a human, but can also transform into a werewolf. His stomach has a wolf-like growth.

3: Boy and The Beast

Boy and The Beast

Best Anime Werewolf. Grandmaster of Beast Kingdom retires and Kumatetsu, his successor, is a lazy beast. Grandmaster suggests that he find a disciple to motivate him. Kumatetsu, in search of a disciple wanders through Tokyo streets and meets Ren. Ren, a nine year-old boy who lost his mother and sleeps on the streets, is Kumatetsu. He is now unable or unwilling to follow Kumatetsu back to the Beast World.

2: Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Best Anime Werewolf. Hana falls for a boy who was in one of her classes. He was not a normal boy, he was the last remaining werewolf alive. Hana’s love for Hana was strong, despite not knowing his true identity. They fell in love and eventually got married. Hana gives birth two children, Yuki and Ame. Hana’s husband is killed and she is left with two children. Hana discovers that her children can become werewolves and begins to hide their identities from the cruel world.

1: Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke

Best Anime Werewolf. Ashitaka battles a demon beast that attacked the village, and kills it. While taking its final breath, the boar curses Ashitaka with a tremendous power that will eventually consume him, leading to his death. Iron Town is where he meets the Iron Town while on his quest to cure this curse. Ashitaka meets Princess San who has a wolf-like appearance and is fighting Lady Eboshi for deforestation. He stops to help Princess San and also finds a cure for his curse.

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