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Demons Manhwa. Manhwas depicts many worlds that are unique and fascinating. These Manhwas are the embodiments of our imagination. The demon genre in Manhwa, especially, is thrilling with endless possibilities that capture the reader’s attention just by their titles. Manhwas’ demon-themed stories are characterized by powerful illustrations and a strong storyline. Today we will list the top demon Manhwas (Webtoons). We recommend that you do not worry about one thing. We’re going to dive into the worlds of these Manhwas without further delay.

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Ours Top 30 Demons Manhwa Rated From 30 To 1

30. I’m the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier

I'm the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier

She gave up her boyfriend, a flirty soldier and trash-talker who was always looking for anything with a nice back. After a few cups of wine and some blind dates, she was set up with a date. You might think the situation could not get worse. It turns out, her husband is the Demon King. They are handsome, wealthy, and powerful. The life of a Demon King can be difficult and it is terrifying to live alongside him. Now, tell me how he made her fall in love with him.

29. The Demon Lord Wants to Die

The Demon Lord Wants to Die

The Humans and the Demon Race signed a peace treaty. The overconfident and greedy humans refused to share their world, and so they broke it. They declared war on the other side and were, as they expected, completely destroyed. The Demons have taken control, and their King, who gave them victory, is now ruling over them. They were in a perfect situation. But everything was thrown into chaos after a young, beautiful warrior moved the Lord’s heart. We all expected to see the start of a love story. Instead, we will see the insane suicide attempts of a Demon Lord, who wants to die. She told him what to do to make him so depressed.

28. The Devil King is Bored

The Devil King is Bored

What would you do to get rid of boredom if your were the King of Hell? You can call any girl you like, and you’re surrounded in diamonds and gold. No one dares to spar with you. You don’t have to answer this question, but neither can I. If he does throw it away, the author will be subject to some undeserved criticisms.

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27. A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

This Korean Webtoon’s main character, the tyrannical Demon King, kidnaps and curses a princess. He decided to make her sleep in an eternal slumber instead of forcing him to be with her. I still don’t get it… His castle was invaded by many heroes to save her, but all were in vain. The Lord was defeated by one last warrior named “Unknown”. This sealed her fate. He didn’t realize that he was bored at the time he attacked, so he decided to prolong the game. Let’s just say the warrior’s journey has not ended. The Demon King loves to watch the moments of hope before everything comes crashing down upon him.

26. Escape Devildom

Escape Devildom

God only knows what the powerful Demons might do after realizing, after many years, that their idol is actually a weak human. There should be limits to ignorance.

25. The Book Of Lagier

The Book Of Lagier

Embilden was the name of the Legendary Demon King. He was the only Lord to unify his people. He was unmatched in battle and was respected as well as feared by his people. One arrogant, fat, and greedy prince, Prince Lagier Lou Jerlayla Rodwill had the temerity to summon him in order to grant his wish. The incantation was a mistake that led to the death of the prince, who was untalented and very stupid. Embilden then appeared. He can still kill time, but he’s already here and can fulfill the audacious Prince’s request. He took control of his body and devised a plan to make Jerlayla the nation that will rule the human world. Let’s first get rid of that huge stomach.

24. Above All Gods

Above All Gods

His domain was ruled by the Red King Sirius, the Demon Lord. He was a target of jealousy and disgraced by many. He was confederated against and deprived of his kingdom. His title, power, and even his life. However, just killing him won’t be enough to stop the overpowered MC. 500 years later, he was still bitter and thirsty for revenge.

23. The Great Venerable Demon has Returned

The Great Venerable Demon has Returned

Zhang Yi led a miserable life. He was forced to take on a huge amount of debt in order to pay his father for proper medical treatment. However, he lost him. He was left alone and without a job, closing all doors to a bright future. He committed suicide to end his torture. Zhang Yi survived, but he was able to wake up in the Ancient Immortal Continent with a power beyond his imagination. He rose at an incredible rate and could not be stopped. He became the Supreme Demon Lord of this new world in just a few short years. He was betrayed again by one of his friends and he died. He did not die, but he returned to the past, back when he was still a teenager. What do you think his final destination will be the third time he is killed?

22. The Return of the Crazy Demon

The Return of the Crazy Demon

Yi Zaha was the Murim’s crazy demon. He is feared for his cruelty, gruesomeness and brutality. When the ruler, who was too powerful to control, fell from a cliff and died, the people felt safe. It was a sad death for such an insane character. Yi Zaha didn’t die. He returned to the past. He was a waiter back then and was being beaten by a customer. The customer suddenly lost his leg. He didn’t lose any of his power or madness.

21. The Descent of the Demonic Master

The Descent of the Demonic Master

Due to a terrible accident, he lost the people he loved and became paralyzed. He realized that his life was meaningless and decided to commit suicide. He began a second life and was awarded the title of Red Demonic Masters, ruler of Zhongyuan. He was also betrayed by one his disciples and lost his life. Let’s now move on to the third. He was tragic and greedy. Both didn’t work out for him so let’s try something more normal. The problem is that Zhongyuan’s previous master can’t grasp that certain people are above him now and that killing in 21st-century isn’t a new trend.

20. Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

For breaking the Taboo, and learning the Demonic arts, the Spear Master Sect’s heir was executed. Woon Seong was not satisfied. He returned to life as a member the Demonic Cult. He now wants to be their leader to wage war against the Sect that tried killing him. The Heavenly Demon was created and plunged the entire world into chaos.

19. Reverse Villain

Reverse Villain

Jung-woo is the main character in this Manhwa. He was a Demon King who wanted to conquer the whole Murim world. They are always sabotaged by the Hero Shin Ryong and end up killing each others and reincarnating together. This story has been repeated over and over again for many centuries. Now we are in the modern age. Is it possible for a couple who can’t get over one another to end their boring relationship?

18. The Magic Emperor

The Magic Emperor

Knowledge is power, they say. In this case, the saying could not be more true. Zhuo Yifan, the Demon Emperor and possessor of the Book of the Nine Secrets, was Zhuo Yifan. He terrorized the world, but no one could resist him. He was stabbed to death by his one and only pupil. However, as powerful as he may be, a knife won’t suffice to end his life. He immediately took control of the servant’s body and began to plot his revenge. He didn’t realize that his heart was tied to the servant mistress. The Demon King, the all-powerful demon, is now a little princess. As if he didn’t already seem mad enough.

17. Hive by Kyusamkim

Hive by Kyusamkim

As the world is on the brink of an apocalypse, giant, oxygen-doped, killer bees arrive to reverse the food-chain. Lee, a mid-level manager, must abandon all his possessions to save his family and humanity. Based loosely on climate change and the science of prehistoric creatures, Hive pits modern technology-dependent people against nature in a high stakes battle for survival. It’s an exciting ride that will make your skin crawl, as the dedicated readership will attest. If you’re not able to get enough of the bug-invasion buzz, be sure to check out The Dog Man or Dead Queen as prequels!

16. The Golden Light Of Dawn

The Golden Light Of Dawn

The bloodlusty demons massacred the people of a city. Many families lost their loved ones to the chaos caused by demons. Rosha Rostelier, a normal girl, lived a happy life with her family until the demons took her family hostage. Rosha Rostelier was on the brink of death and longed for revenge. Rosha was reborn into the role of the Golden Dawn Society’s powerful magic knight.

15. Player Starting Today

Player Starting Today

When a portal to another universe, Gates, opened all over the globe, the world was dragged into darkness. People were attacked by powerful demons and monsters. But, strange beings known as Sponsors gave fighting capabilities to people. These heroes were known as Hunters. Hunters overtook the world and made ordinary people slaves.

Lee Joong Kyung was just a teenager trying to become a hunter. Athena, a mysterious girl, appeared before him and took him back to the distant past. He is now a demon lord and will be killed by Hunters in the near future. He must make use of his talents to alter the future. This task might prove more difficult than Lee anticipated.

14. Devil Down Under

Devil Down Under

All races lived together in the beginning on this earth. But their differences led to a war. To avoid future chaos, each race’s realm was separated by a barrier. The distribution of power caused a conflict between angels and devils. The war was dominated by the angels until Beelzebub the king devils joined the fight and changed the course of the war. Although the victory of the devils was confirmed, Dantalion, a devil who attacked from behind, betrayed them and killed Beelzebub. He was a coward. The king knew that he would be reincarnated by Lilith, the demoness Lilith. Beelzebub was shocked to find that he had been reincarnated in human form as a baby instead of as a devil. He must now survive the human life and find a way to return to his original body.

13. Never Die Extra

Never Die Extra

Imagine living in a virtual world, where everyone was immersed in virtual reality games. Survival was not based on skill but luck and characters. We now know from where Meta got its inspiration. Yeo Ban Min was a young man obsessed with virtual reality. Demon King’s Palace was his favorite virtual reality game. Unfortunately, Yeo died from bad luck and Evan De Sherden, his character.

Evan bravely fought the demon lord on a floor during a fight, but he died again. Evan, his child character, found him in another dimension. He used his past memories to devise a survival plan that had zero deadly flags. Will Evan be able save himself from another loop of death?

12. Wind Spirit

Wind Spirit

Imagine a world in which different factions vie for a scroll of ledger with an unknown value. To claim the ledger, countless people were killed. One man was able to acquire the scroll by living as a demon. Eun Geomho, a young man, fought alongside his comrades in the fight against the black shadow group. His comrades gave their lives to save him and he eventually survived the battle, even though it cost him his soul.

OH Kangcheon the emperor of his castle, rewarded him by making him the commander for another squad. Eun accepted the order but his soul was corrupted when he had to sacrifice his fellow soldiers to save them from pain. Will Eun find redemption before he becomes a merciless demon.

11. I was reincarnated as The Crazy Heir

 I was reincarnated as The Crazy Heir

A world in which humans are skilled at martial arts fight against the demonic cult has a group of demonic people who want to rule the entire world. Yang Jagak, a young man, was skilled in martial arts. He even invented his own technique called Ten Star Strike. He was the son and leader of the Murim Union, fighting against the people of the demonic cult.

Hidden conspiracies within the Murim Union saw Yang Jagak’s life cut short. He was poisoned to kill for his seat as the union leader. He was reincarnated in the body of another member of the demonic cult. Yang Jagak was faced with this difficult situation. What is Yang Jagak’s plan of action?

10. The Double Agent

The Double Agent

The Dochen Army destroyed Nerua, rehabilitated it and rebuilt it. The army killed all civilians and rebuilt the society from the ground up. Many were able escape the terrible nightmare of the Dochen Army. Sasha Lauren survived the Nerua massacre. She fled the country and was forced into becoming a beggar in a neighboring country. Gerard, a man of the same name, saved her and sent her to Nerua as a spy.

John Von Warendorf was known as the demon major of The Dochen Army. He quickly revealed the identity of Sasha, and captured her. He used his dirty tactics to play with her mind. Because of John’s mindwashing, Sasha became a double agent. What is the fate of Sasha’s soul?

9. Return of the Mad Demon

Return of the Mad Demon

In a world of demon lord worshippers, a group called Demonic Cult was formed and sought out forbidden powers. One of them was the Mad Demon. Lee Jaha, a middle-aged man, mastered every martial art to make him a true fighter. Although he was considered mad by many, he persevered with hard work and dedication to learn the dark arts. The demonic cult stole the heavenly pearl, but he was forced to flee when he found himself in a very difficult situation. 

He was driven to the edge of the cliff by his pursuers. Lee swallowed and fell from the cliff. We now know why they call him Mad. But that is not how your life ends in this fictional world. He was reincarnated back into his previous life as an Innkeeper (Yi Zaha). What is Lee’s plan of action in this bizarre situation? Is he able to escape from the Demonic Cult?”

8. Silver Demon King

Silver Demon King

Imagine a world in which an average high school student fails an exam due to his ridiculous mistake. He was able to make a difference in his life by getting another chance. Han Yu-an, a teenage boy, took a difficult and life-altering exam. Because he made a mistake with the answers, he failed. He was rescued by a demon from demon land who gave him the opportunity to rewind his time and set a condition.

The demon asked for his temporary presence as the demon-lord substitute until the true demon lord arrived. If he fulfilled his duties as temporary demon lord, he promised him another chance at life. Han Yu-an can Han Yu-an be a temporary demon Lord for his future?

7. One Thousand Year Engagement

One Thousand Year Engagement

For a long time, there was war between humans and demons. Then the mysterious prophecy caused the demon king to end the war. Alexandria Dumont was a young girl who lived a happy life with her father. As per Manhwa tradition her life soon turned when she was kidnapped and taken to the demon realm by the minions demons.

Prince Orias was the sole heir to the demon lord. A thousand-year-old prophecy predicted that Alexa and Orias would be married. It’s a great idea to convince someone to marry your son. Both of them hated the idea of a marriage. This marriage was arranged by the demon lord to prevent the end of the demon world, as predicted in the prophecy. Orias meets Alexa to make the prophecy false. Is this an awkward meeting that will blossom into a relationship?

6. Ha Buk Paeng’s Youngest Son

Ha Buk Paeng's Youngest Son

When the master of human wars and demon general signed a deal for benefit over the cost to innocent soldiers, loyal soldiers’ lives were spared. Paeng Jihuk was an abandoned child who wandered the streets of a village. Paeng Daehyuk adopted him, making him a commander of many human warriors. He made Jihuk leader of Ha-Buk Paeng, and ordered him to bring this group to glory.

The entire Ha-Buk Paeng Squad was fighting the evil minions of Magyo-Ju. Paeng Daehyuk made a secret deal and his soldiers died. Paeng Jihuk was killed, only to be reincarnated as Paeng Yuseong in the past, a friend of Paeng DAEHYUK. Will Paeng Jihuk, his comrades, perish again?

5. Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

A young warrior is set in a world where demons rule the land. He has to make choices at each crucial moment of the mission. Seol Hwi, a man, was assigned to fight Goo JongMyung, the demon-lord of Mount Hua Sect. His entire team was killed by the army led by the demon lord. Seol is on the brink of death and suddenly Seol sees a choice. This allowed him to travel back in time right before his mission began. During life and death moments, a variety of choices start to appear out of nowhere. This mysterious power can Seol Hwi alter his tragic future.

4. High and Mighty

High and Mighty

You will be set in a world that has demonic cults operating behind the scenes and trying to get any forbidden spells. Yong Cheon Sang, a young man from the prestigious Yongcheonsega clan, was born in 1950. He was forced to wed at a young age to create a new generation for his family. He was able to enjoy a happy life by running with the family’s treasures. The members of a demonic group wanted to take the treasures to their own advantage and destroyed his plans to use them. The bloodstone was activated by the hatred of Yong Cheon, giving him immense power. Yong will be able to make his oppressors pay him with interest.

3. To a New Life

To a New Life

The peaceful, once peaceful earth was ravaged by the army of demon-lords who invaded the world and forced humanity into an unimaginable situation. Zephyr, a young man, survived the battle against demons. He was granted powers by the powerful Gods and the ability to travel back time to save humanity. Because Gods treated humans as amusement, Zephyr even detested them. Zephyr has this power and is determined to end the evil play of Gods and demons. This warrior holds the key to humanity’s future.

2. The Demon King Diaries

The Demon King Diaries

Imagine a world in which a high school girl is summoned to another fantasy world and becomes the most powerful demon-lord. Hanra San was a young girl who struggled to get into a prestigious high school to have a bright and exciting life. Unfortunately, she was not able to get into a high-quality school and ended up in a dangerous fantasy world. She was also summoned to be the powerful demon lord in this world. Hanra is caught up in a situation that goes beyond the usual parameters of trouble. To survive, she must adapt to her new reality.

1. Heavenly Demon Instructor

Heavenly Demon Instructor

Portal Impact, inter-dimensional gates that were created to disrupt the peace in the universe, threatened the stability of the world. Park Hyun Soo was a young man who struggled alone after his parents were killed by demons and monsters. His sister survived, but was left in a coma. Park Hyunsoo tried to protect his sister but it was impossible to keep up with the chaos around the world. Chung Yeong was a martial artist from another planet who he met. Chung Yeong became the master of Park Hyunsoo due to his passion to be a warrior. Can Park Hyunsoo withstand the life-changing training as a warrior?


Demons Manhwa

This was our top ten list of BEST Demon Manhwas. Mythological creatures are always fascinating. These Manhwas have brought to life all these demon characters. It is truly amazing. We hope that you enjoy these articles.

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