Pet and Play With Animals at These Adorable Farms & Petting Zoos

Think bringing your family to a petting zoo sounds like a great day? It’s hard to resist a photo of your child petting or interacting with a cute animal at a farm or petting zoo. It’s almost too much cuteness all in one place. We’ve pulled together a huge list of petting zoos and farms where you can interact with animals! These farms and petting zoos are located near Greenville, SC, in Western North Carolina, Northern Georgia, as well as in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC. So wherever you are, find a petting zoo near you, or a farm that makes a great day trip.

Our list includes places open year-round places to pet animals, plus seasonal farms, and mobile and event-based petting zoos. We tried to make sure these are places that treat their animals kindly and with respect as well. If we missed any, let us know in the comments.

Petting Zoos and Farms Near Greenville

Is There a Petting Zoo Near Me?

Yes, there probably is a petting zoo on this list near you! Use the links below to navigate this list by location.

View Petting Zoos and Farms by Location:
Petting Zoos Near Greenville, SC
Petting Zoos in Western North Carolina
Petting Zoos Near Columbia, SC
Petting Zoos Near Charlotte, NC
Petting Zoos in Northern Georgia
Seasonal Petting Zoos in the Carolinas
Mobile Petting Zoos Serving Upstate, SC

Petting Zoos in Upstate, SC

Ballyhoo Petting Zoo

This is the only dedicated petting zoo in our area and it’s new! Ballyhoo opened in March 2021 and they have lots of cute animals to cuddle and interact with like bunnies, piglets, and goats. Read our review here.

  • In Anderson, SC
  • Hours: Currently open Thursday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm and Sunday 1-6 pm
  • Admission: $9/adults, $7/kids, free ages 2 and under.
  • Animals: Bunnies, goats, lambs, chickens, alpacas, pigs and piglets, donkeys, mini-cows

849 Norris Road, Anderson | 706.436.7249
Read our Kidding Around Greenville review of Ballyhoo Petting Zoo

Ballyhoo Petting Zoo

Moo Cow Farms

Cuddle with cows at Moo Cow Farms in Simpsonville. Visits are by appointment only and you get a tour of the pasture with the cows and opportunities to cuddle with and feed them. Totally awesome.

  • In Simpsonville, SC
  • Hours: By appointment only; you can find the most up to date availability here.
  • Admission: $10/person ages 3+ and include one treat bag. Kids under 3 years old are free. Add-ons include a large treat bag for $2 and a bottle to feed the baby for $3. 
  • Animals: miniature cows

155 Mosley Rd, Simpsonville | Moo Cow Farms
Kidding Around Greenville Review of Moo Cow Farms

Famoda Farm

Pet and even bottle-feed babies at Famoda Farm. Visiting this amazingly welcoming farm is FREE. Don’t forget to purchase ice cream from Amazing Grazin’ on-site ice cream or farm-fresh treats and groceries from Grazers. Save some time to play at the playground, too.

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