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Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 11-12

It is the starting of an place of work romance for our whale few and for some other figures, it is the begin of an unholy alliance. This week also comes with a predicament for our heroine, simply because what preference is an lawyer to make amongst “protecting” people today or sticking with the dictates of her task?


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

This week, we get a case of three good friends who pool dollars to acquire lottery tickets on the ailment that if one particular of them wins, they will break up the winnings evenly. By a stroke of luck, a person of them comes very first position in the lottery, but he refuses to abide by their gentleman’s agreement to break up the winnings. This is where by our Hanbada legal professionals arrive in, as the other two sue the winner for their share.

It is a challenging circumstance for the reason that the income they utilized to obtain the tickets was gotten from gambling which is unlawful. But it is tough to switch them down when the guide plaintiff says he’s desperately in will need of the cash so he can fork out back his beautiful wife for staying their family’s assistance method over the many years. They feel like a incredibly loving couple who need to have the dollars to greater the daily life of their spouse and children, and Hanbada can take the scenario.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

In the absence of proof to prove there was an arrangement to split the winnings, they require a witness who overheard the conversation. Regrettably, the witness is unwilling to testify in court, and in their desperation, the plaintiffs attempt to invest in his testimony. Of course, Youthful-woo places her foot down at all their unlawful scheming, but the plaintiffs are not deterred and finally get an additional witness.

The new witness is the coffee lady at the gambling house and the opposing law firm statements that her testimony is due to her affair with the direct plaintiff. They deny the affair, but Young-woo sees a finger heart exchange in between them. Right after winning the circumstance, the direct plaintiff arrives to thank Youthful-woo and asks if lottery winnings are shared with a wife or husband in the party of a divorce. Younger-woo says no, but with the coronary heart trade in court docket, she simply cannot enable but be suspicious that he is in fact possessing an affair and programs to divorce his spouse, leaving her with almost nothing.

Young-woo will get conflicted between sticking to lawyer-client privilege, or warning the wife about her husband’s strategy. Myeong-seok warns her not to interfere, but many thanks to Su-yeon’s advice, Youthful-woo visits the wife’s store, and in hypothetical phrases, alerts her of her husband’s plan. Hanbada can not choose her scenario mainly because they presently represented her partner in a linked circumstance, and Myeong-seok refers her to a different law firm. Jun-ho and Younger-woo go to fall her off, and the husband sees them collectively. He gets into his auto and menacingly drives in direction of them, but a truck of doom appears and crushes his automobile in the center of the street. With his demise, the spouse inherits his share of the lottery earn and his existence insurance coverage. And while it feels a bit makjang, I guess all is well that finishes well.

Younger-woo gets a sensory overload on witnessing the incident, and luckily, Jun-ho is there to hug her in guidance. Later on, Youthful-woo thanks Jun-ho for hugging her and tries to describe the rationale driving it, but she does not have to, for the reason that he by now knows that for autistic folks, stress can be relieved by putting stress on the system all through a sensory overload. It’s so remarkable how Jun-ho is usually just one action forward in discovering about Younger-woo’s needs, and I like that as he does that, he also teaches Young-woo how to put his own requires on par with hers.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

Theirs is just one of the most cute workplace romances at any time, and it is definitely cute how Youthful-woo is completely into Jun-ho, and how properly he responds to her Younger-woo-like clearly show of affection. That holding of fingers via her place of work glass is just one of the smoothest and most heart-fluttering moves I have ever witnessed, and Young-woo stating that Jun-ho retains popping in her brain when he’s not even a whale is just squee!!!

It’s unfortunate that Su-yeon’s love existence isn’t heading so well, but our spring sunshine warrants much better than that gigolo man she satisfied at the club. I’m hopeful that she’ll meet a respectable male soon more than enough for the reason that she’s a excellent person. Compared with Min-woo, who sinks to a new minimal each and every 7 days, acquiring joined forces with CEO Tae to plot Young-woo’s exit from Hanbada in trade for a situation at Taesan. It doesn’t assistance that Younger-woo’s father is also beginning to take into account CEO Tae’s supply to move abroad with Young-woo. Sigh. But now that he has noticed Younger-woo locking lips with Jun-ho, possibly he’ll reconsider his strategies.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

Our future case includes a corporation undergoing an M&A, and the restructuring success in downsizing the team. In accordance to their downsizing plan, married partners in the firm are suitable for voluntary resignation, and if one particular of them does not resign, the partner will be subjected to unpaid leave. But it’s a covertly sexist coverage simply because though the adult men appear to be the kinds on the chopping block, the modern society is patriarchal and the wives are most probable to stage down for their husbands.

When two woman staffers sue the business for creating the coverage with the intent to fireplace the female staff, Hanbada comes in to symbolize the organization. They learn that the opposing attorney is a famous women of all ages and human legal rights lawyer, whilst she does not have a substantial profitable charge. But she’s really considerably committed to her induce and unfazed by anybody which includes the decide (whom, as we’ve viewed in the North Korean defector’s situation, is pretty distinct about family members ancestry). As it turns out, he and the opposing lawyer are from the very same ancestry, although in accordance to the family tree, she’s like an aunt to him. Lol.

In Procedure Get Young-woo Out Of Hanbada, Min-woo, less than the guise of concern for the feminine employees, informs Younger-woo that Hanbada helped the firm to develop the discriminatory downsizing plan. He also offers her some supporting documents in the hopes that she passes them on to the opposing attorney, thus breaching confidentiality. An already conflicted Youthful-woo asks Myeong-seok about the policy, and he replies that a lawyer’s job is not to come to a decision concerning proper and wrong, but to defend their consumer.

Min-woo will get a shocker when he learns about Young-woo and Jun-ho’s connection, but it’s however not sufficient to stop his evil plans. Alternatively, he slips Young-woo’s enterprise card into the policy documents and sends them to the opposing law firm. He has actually crossed all the lines at this level!

At the future hearing, the opposing law firm submits proof on the policy – but to Min-woo’s disappointment and my relief, it’s not the doc Min-woo despatched. In the conclusion, the judge regulations in favor of the company for the reason that, very well, whilst some policies are just awful, they are also lawfully legitimate. Tsk. It is not a extremely content acquire for Younger-woo who has put in the scenario currently being conflicted about contributing to the legalization of firing of feminine workers thanks to an unjust coverage. Even so, it’s also not a unfortunate loss for the opposing lawyer and her consumers, who are happy they went by the lawsuit no matter of its end result.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

The opposing attorney invitations Youthful-woo and Su-yeon to an just after-demo party, the place she returns the policy files to a stunned Youthful-woo. And when Young-woo denies sending them, the opposing lawyer tells her to look at her again at perform. Any other law firm may have utilized that information and facts irrespective of whether the sender would get into hassle at perform or not, and I think it was definitely specialist that this lawyer did not. Young-woo was correct to have described her as a Yangtze River dolphin – a species (now extinct) that adapted to living in the river fairly than the sea. The opposing law firm is a kind of attorney that just cannot be uncovered in Hanbada, and just like Young-woo, we hope she does not go extinct.

Aside from working with backstabbing colleagues, Young-woo also has a relationship trouble to offer with. After her father noticed their kiss, he asked if she was relationship Jun-ho. But seemingly, Jun-ho is the only 1 in the marriage because Youthful-woo even now thinks they are in the talking stage. Heh. Jun-ho is harm by her assumption, and as he vents to her, he releases all his irritation about all the dates they’ve been on. So much, the dates have been favorable to Young-woo but not to him, and the only reason he went along with it is because he imagined they have been courting!

Regardless of whether it be her non-public daily life or her professional life, there is a whole lot of mastering for Younger-woo to do. She has to make some compromises in her partnership with Jun-ho. And as a attorney, she needs to uncover a stability that functions for her involving attempting to do the appropriate thing, and staying a specialist. I’d say Myeong-seok will be a great sunbae to enable her by way of in this regard, but he also has a lot on his plate – investing the entire situation on edge thanks to the launch of a client he after defended, who went on to assault his co-legal professional on the scenario. Thank goodness the person is back again in custody. Phew!

With only two months left, it is my earnest want that the drama does not slow down its speed or divert to cliché-land, specifically now that PPLs are starting to make an physical appearance, and Myeong-seok is coughing up blood (by no means a excellent indication in dramaland). Make sure you, let my assumptions be erroneous, and enable us stop as strongly as we started.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

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