Robo-mosquitoes and concrete palaces – globe building in Petrol Blood element

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Petrol Blood’s location is a blend of our country’s trubled communist earlier with retrofuturistic mechanical constructs and exaggerated brutalism architecture. This write-up is a transient glimpse at how it arrives alongside one another.

In Petrol Blood I preferred to recreate the 80’s in Poland and how I remembered them.
With Mecha law enforcement and robo-mosquitoes!
I was born just a 12 months right before the collapse of communism in my nation (1989), so that may possibly explain that my reminiscences could be a minimal unique to what is historically precise )

The one particular point that was recognized when we began generating Petrol Blood along with its genre was the placing the place we wished the action to consider place.
Jap Europe all through the chilly war interval would seem like a wonderful in good shape for an espionage action activity. Mass surveillance and police patrols on each and every corner, magic formula agents seeking to provide down everyone that is suspected for remaining against the communist federal government. There are loads of opponents that we can set towards the participant, but we also feel that it’s a fascinating, but incredibly unutilized atmosphere for a movie video game.

It has also a quite particular contact from the dev workforce. The initial town, Wrocław, is our studio’s hometown. The next site we have picked is Prague, the capital of Czechia . Individually I am a massive fan of this city and a regular customer. We will certainly concentrate on Prague in some future posts, but for this one particular we will target on our technique on recreating 80’ Wrocław with a twist.

Let’s get started with how the streets are in reality and how they’re presented in the video game:

We have also recreated some of the much more exclusive landmarks, like this old train station:


Having said that, if you are common with the city, you may perhaps notice that some of the spots are considerably bigger and about the major than what you anticipated, for example, this air raid shelter that was crafted for the duration of the Globe War 2:


In this article is the place our history location gets its twist.

With the game’s arcade controls and vehicular battle, if we stick to fact, the placing wiill not in shape the gameplay. For that reason we determined to pump it up, amplify the Cold War paranoia and regime’s oppression and make it seen in the architecture.
Authorities buildings are big concrete palaces, enormous police stations are towering over metropolitan areas and constantly mark their presence. At last, the communist propaganda will test to come across its way into each and every road corner.
A very good case in point is this People’s Militia (the name of law enforcement forces in that era) headquarters:


Our amplification of fact and bending of historic info only starts with architecture.
The federal government and law enforcement forces really do not ride normal vehicles anymore. Every single patrol car received excess armor and fatal weapons that never treatment for the safety of bystanders. This technique to the game’s location presents us a great deal of inventive freedom when creating opponents, but also tends to make gameplay more intricate and generates worthy opponents for the player’s possess arsenal.

Some of the early principles of patrol cars and trucks:

patrol car 1Patrol car 2

Law enforcement have a lot more than just cars and trucks at their disposal. They also have advanced robotic drones and manned going for walks constructs. All this thanks to the excellent minds of researchers operating in the soviet military intricate (and certainly not industrial espionage, really do not hear to the capitalist’s propaganda!)

propagandaPetrol Blood

Armed forces and police are not the only ones benefiting from the advancement of robotics.
There are also civilian robots that are supporting the citizens with their day to day everyday living.
For instance this sweet milkman construct, you should never run it about when you meet up with it on the street!


The full possible of this alternate timeline superior and unrestrained engineering will be unleashed in the game’s boss fights. But this is a tale for another post! )

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