Rolling Quartz Global Debut – Otakon 2022

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The Korean rock-and-roll band Rolling Quartz created their presence regarded onstage at Otakon‘s Friday Evening K-Pop Display. Composed of the guitarists Iree, Yeong, and Hyunhung, guide vocalist Jayoung, bassist Areum, and drummer Yeongeun, the quintet’s electrifying efficiency marked their intercontinental debut, serving up their manufacturer of glammy pop-punk to a wave of new lovers.

As their first clearly show in The us, the group commenced the demonstrate thoroughly with their own variation of the American Nationwide Anthem. Starting off off as an instrumental, the music remodeled by itself into a soaring rock aria when Jayong’s vocals entered the frame. The rock-and-roll intensity only continued as the band blared as a result of a cavalcade of their individual tunes, this sort of as the bass-drum heaviness of “Delight,” the razor-sharp pop-punk of “Blaze,” and the glammed-up goth of “Azalea.”

But maybe the greatest moments of the night time came with their spectacularly done covers. The band performed Paramore‘s “Distress Organization” early on the evening to enable established up their pop-punk stylings. Towards the close of the night, they played a wildly maniacal protect of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” that finished with the viewers shrieking and howling with pure exuberance. But the finest section of the evening? When they finished with My Chemical Romance’s “Helena,” which brought all people to their knees (myself provided).

Rolling Quartz’s overall performance was sandwiched in among the two K-pop acts Alexa and PixY. Although Rolling Quartz was the lesser-recognized of the three, their Friday night functionality gained them a slew of new followers, lots of of whom came swarming into their Q&A panel on Sunday afternoon.

“It’s been an incredible and satisfying encounter to occur in this article,” drummer Yeongeun said to the panel viewers. “Going ahead, hopefully for a incredibly lengthy time, we can have extra experiences like this.”

The girl team was questioned by associates of the viewers to more clarify what it was like coming to America. “Korea’s incredibly really pretty,” Arem said. “But coming to America, it can be like everything’s a portray in this article.”

Iree then chimed in with a quip and a giggle: “The meals is incredibly great.”

With the group’s debut remaining at one of the biggest anime conventions in the American East Coastline, there was no shortage of anime-connected questions. When asked what they’ve usually needed to cosplay as, Yeongeun and Jayoung promptly turned to Pokémon for some suggestions, while Hyunjung expressed a wish to cosplay as DARLING in the FRANXX‘s have Zero Two.

Of program, they did delve into their musical origins, citing punk rock as a massive impact for them as a team. Funnily sufficient, when asked why she chose bass as her musical weapon of preference, Arem quipped, “Because it was the only instrument left.” The audience giggled at this, but as a person who’s been included in area rock teams, I can say this is a pretty relatable practical experience.

When requested what her beloved guitar solo of all time was, they didn’t achieve for the generic respond to of some thing by Led Zeppelin or Queen. They rather said their favorite solos ended up the kinds they made. “I like a great deal of various solos,” Iree claimed. “But the solo for “Bigger” is mine. I practiced so considerably so I could get it appropriate.” Meanwhile, Hyunjung reported that her preferred solo was the 1 off of Rolling Quartz’s “Superior Night time.”

Anime Information Network was lucky enough to inquire a couple of thoughts in a quick one-on-one particular interview with the members of Rolling Quartz.

Why did you opt for a additional aggressive rock seem than the standard K-Pop style?

Iree: I love rock. Which is it.

Yeongeun: Pop rock is really, truly great. It energizes the audience far more and it really is definitely awesome to feed off of that environment.

I seen you have a mid 00’s emo/80’s glam aesthetic in both of those your imagery and your audio. Are there any other bands from that period who were being a big impact on you?

Yeongeun: You can find this Japanese band One Ok ROCK. They have a pretty identical design to the emo era.

Iree: I listen to a ton of 80s and 90s rock. Some 70s things. Stone Roses. Ozzy Osbourne. Red Very hot Chili Peppers. A punk band known as Crying Nut.

Are there any new initiatives you might be fired up about?

Jayoung: We are doing the job on an all-new album we hope that every person can enjoy.

Apart from simply just coming to The us, what encouraged you to complete the American countrywide anthem?

Yeongeun: I saw Muse perform the Korean nationwide anthem and it was seriously great. And I felt joyful, so I wanted to make the people today satisfied as very well.

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