Spoiler Zone: Heard It Via The Grapevine Episodes 15 & 16

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Welcome to the Spoiler Zone, everybody!

This is for these of you who want to focus on spoilers, from a “I’ve found the clearly show and WOW now I’m noticing all these other information in retrospect” type of angle.

Here’s a Spoiler Zone for you to dig as deep as you’d like, into spoiler territory, With no the require for spoiler tags or other warnings.

My only ask for is, Make sure you BE Extra Conscious OF Where by YOU ARE COMMENTING. Meaning, please do not get combined up, and get started speaking spoilers in the Open Thread, which could severely mar the look at working experience for a new viewer, OR, a viewer who would definitely want to have the rewatch truly feel as new as possible.

Other than that, READER BEWARE: SPOILERS Ahead!!!

For the primary discussion of episodes 15 & 16, which only specials with spoilers up to the level of the group view, go here.

Get pleasure from YOUR SPOILER ZONE, MY Pals! ❤️

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