Strongest Attack On Titans: Our Top 30

Strongest Attack On Titans. Attack on Titan began as a simple concept. The story evolved and power scaling has been added to make it more powerful. Every fight is thrilling as powerful humans and titans fight one another, seemingly evenly matched.

Different fights in the story have demonstrated who can beat whom and established a hierarchy within this universe. These are the 30 strongest characters from Attack on Titan.

Attack On Titan’s Strongest Characters, Rank From least to Strongest

Attack On Titan's Strongest Characters, Rank From least to Strongest

#30 Mike Zacharias

Mike Zacharias

Mike Zacharias is ranked among Erwin Smith’s strongest soldiers and Captain Levi’s most competent soldiers in terms of strength. Mike is one of the strongest Attack on Titan characters, who was killed by Beast Titan.Mike was the squad leader for his squad team. He was a Soldier of Survey Corps with a unique ability. His ability to spot Titans at a greater distance. His greatest strength is his ability to destroy multiple titans simultaneously.

#29 Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis was responsible for training the soldiers of the 104th Training Corp.Keith, before Erwin, was Commander of the Survey Corps.Erwin, even though he’s not the one chosen to protect humanity from evil, took the lead and the rest is history.Keith’s intimidating and strict presence has made it difficult for the 104th Squad to trust him.

#28 Hannes


Hannes was an important character that saved Eren’s and Mikasas lives during the Attack on Shiganshina. He became Garrison Squad leader later and decided to protect Yeager family. Unfortunately, Hannes was killed heroically saving Eren from Daina’s pure Titan.

#27 Gabi Braun

Gabi Braun

One would never have thought that a child under 15 years old could kill not one, but three major Attack on Titan characters.

Gabi Braun, a skilled marleyan soldier with extraordinary snipping skills, is known as Gabi. She killed Sasha first, which was a major blow to Paradise forces. Gabi then seized Eren Yeager’s head with an anti-titan gun, just as Zeke was about to activate rumbling. Braun made it onto this list despite Zeke being unable to catch Eren’s heads. Gabi’s skill in hitting a moving target with such precision is what made him successful.

#26 Magath Theo

Theo Magath

Magath was someone who could keep calm even in the most difficult situations.He initially regarded the Eldians as inferior beings, much like many Mahrs. This ethnic group of soldiers was treated as cannon fodder by him. Theo never treated them physically and was willing to sacrifice 800 Eldian soldiers in order to protect the warriors as well as the Eldian titans, the exceptional Eldian soldiers.

 He was most notable for his recognition of Gaby’s talent, even allowing her to take off her armband during an operation. Magath also trusted Sieg, whom he had known twenty years.After having had rubbed shoulders for many years with them, he realized that the Eldians and Mahrs were equally at home on the battlefield. He began to hate his own people for letting others fight for him. His perception of the world changed and he adopted a less Manichean outlook.

#25 Frieda Reiss

Frieda Reiss

She is Historia Reiss’ sister and the daughter of Rod Reiss. Frieda ate Uri Reiss from the royal family as Uncle of Frieda, and Founding Titan. She became the Founding Titan’s next successor.Grisha Yeager asked Frieda to help those inside the walls. Frieda ignored this idea, which eventually led to a battle between the two of them. Both fought. Frieda was defeated by Grisha and ate Frieda’s family. Rodd Reiss was only the survivor.

#24 Eren Krueger

Eren Kruger

Eren Kruger is the most important character in Attack on Titan. Kruger was Eldian’s secret spy and worked as a Marley officer. He also had Attack Titan, which he later gave to Grisha, and then to Eren Yeager.Marley had Grisha and his crew caught by Marley, and they were all sent to be turned into Pure Titan. Kruger saved the day, and destroyed all Marleyans at Paradis’ seawall port. Eren a titan, displayed immense Titan strength which allowed him to divide a steamboat in two. Kruger was once one of the strongest Attack on Titan characters.

#23 Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard

While there were many other people who could wield the Jaw Titan’s power at other times, Porco Galliard was the one who arguably realized the full destructive potential of his Titan form to the fullest — at the expense the show’s main characters.Unlike Ymir who accidentally discovered the Jaw Titan’s power, Porco was selected to inherit it and trained specifically for the purpose. Porco was an excellent ally on the battlefield because he could be a skilled soldier in his human form while still controlling his Titan form. Due to its speed and ability to tear apart humans with its teeth in seconds, the Jaw Titan caused devastating damage to enemy soldiers. Porco Galliard is a huge lawnmower that hurtles across the battlefield and eats any soldiers it comes across.

#22 Sasha Braus

Sacha Braus

Sasha Braus was another notable member of the 104th Cadet Corps. Sasha Braus, a native of a small village, was initially timid and formal. Her main source for relief was food. This led to her being nicknamed “Potato Girl” for her fervent appetite. 

After gaining self-confidence, Sasha became a solid soldier.Sasha was a preoccupation with food, but she had a well-developed mind for battle strategy and could devise plans to win even without her ODM gear. 

Sasha displayed fearful behavior when it came to combat against Titans. However, she was able to hold her own against the assaults of Titans thanks to the support of her soldiers.Sasha’s childhood of foraging and hunting with her family led to a strong foundation in horseback riding and archery. Sasha also developed an excellent sense of marksmanship over the years and a knack for theft due to her tendency to steal food from any place she could find it. Although she wasn’t the strongest or fastest, Sasha was able to last longer than her fellow competitors in the series.

#21 Floch Foster

Floch Forster

Most of you will now be wondering why Floch Forster is on Attack on Titan’s list of strongest characters. Floch Forster is a disliked character in Attack on Titan alongside Gabi. He took over the Paradise Government forcefully. But this time, instead of hiding, Floch faced his death head-on. Hange Zoe, Falco’s Jaw Titan and Cart Titan were all defeated by him. Gabi eventually injured him, but Floch’s fight scene was enough for us to believe that he deserves his place on this list.

#20 Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss

The 104th Training Corps is responsible for training the next generation of Titan-killing troops. Historia Reiss, originally going by the name Christa Lenz, was the smallest member of the Corps. She was also exceptionally beautiful and kind-hearted, but none of this makes her a “fearsome warrior”. 

A tragic childhood left her with low self-esteem, and an apparent disinterest in self preservation. These factors combined to make her one the most threatening military personnel.Although Historia’s kindness held her back, she was still an capable soldier. 

Historia graduated 10th in her class. She was also able to use the Omni-Directional Mobility gear that the Corps uses to fight Titans. Historia’s real power was in her secret heritage as Rod Reiss’ child. This made her the last Reiss royal child. Historia is “Queen of Walls” because of her lineage and the support from the common people. Historia is a ruler and has great power over her country and her people. However, she can be trusted to use this power wisely to help others, not for her own selfish ends.

#19 Conny Springer

Connie Springer

Conny Springer was one of the shortest members of the 104th Training Corps. He had a thin build and an unfocused attitude so he didn’t pose a danger at the beginning of the series. Conny Springer was not a strong fighter for his village and family’s military rank. He enjoyed having fun with his fellow soldiers during training.

Conny was still a top student in his class due to his natural talent. Conny’s work with ODM gear was so well-understood that his classmates asked him for assistance in using it. Connie was also extremely fast in combat.

He often didn’t even have to engage directly with Titans during fights.Conny’s power was greatly increased when he became a Pure Titan. Conny grew taller as a Pure Titan and could reach the head of an Armored Titan for an attack. Conny’s time as a Titan wasn’t long-lasting. He soon became disillusioned by the soldiers who were responsible for dealing with the Titan threat. He was a determined soldier and a strong combatant.

#18 Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger

At first glance, Pieck Finger is one of the less threatening characters in “Attack on Titan.” She was a petite young woman who was generally kind, understanding, and quite intelligent. She was also considered to be more than a little weird due to her habit of walking around using her hands and legs like an animal. This last unusual habit was directly related to Pieck’s secret source of strength. She was able to transform into the quadruped Cart Titan, a four-meter-tall monstrosity that is primarily used as a transport animal. The Cart Titan exhibits incredible stamina, befitting its nature as a pack mule, as well as great speed.

The Cart Titan also has the rare ability to communicate with humans through speech. Due to his natural abilities, Pieck’s Titan form was primarily used to transport materials over great distances. But the Cart Titan was also capable of inflicting heavy damage on enemies when the occasion called for it.

While his Titan form wasn’t the strongest on the market, Pieck’s remarkably shrewd nature coupled with his ability to transform made him an important player in the power struggle of “Attack on Titan”. For much of his time on the show, Pyxis was a guiding light for the younger characters. He laid out the plans for engaging in battle with the enemy and was not afraid to sacrifice his men if it meant the eventual victory of humanity over the Titans.

#17 Dot Pyxis

Dot Pyxis

Pyxis was an inspiration for younger characters throughout his time on the show. Pyxis laid out the plans to engage in battle with the enemy. He was not afraid of sacrificing his men if it meant that humanity would triumph over the Titans. Despite his many positive qualities, Pyxis was a victim to the “Attack on Titan”, a trend that saw well-liked characters be killed in a brutal way.

Pyxis accidentally inhaled wine containing traces Zeke Jaeger’s cerebrospinal fluid during her last appearance. He, along with several others, were transformed into Pure Titan monstrosities. Pyxis, in her Titan form lost her intelligence and was able to withstand incredible physical strength. Armin Arlelt killed him, but not before he had expressed his gratitude for Pyxis years of support and guidance.

#16 Jean Kirschtein

Jean Kirstein

Jean was not an Ackerman or a Titan shifter but he did have something that most people don’t often have: the ability to stay calm in stressful situations and to devise a plan that can be implemented smoothly, even during those times.

He was one of the characters that had the most interesting character development throughout the series. Kirstein has made a lot of progress from a person who wanted to live a peaceful, easy life in the interior to putting his life at risk to protect others.

Jean admits that he never had any warrior spirit. Kirstein joined the 104th Cadet Corps to try and land a job inside the walls. He didn’t initially believe that it was worth trying to resist the immense power of the Titans. Jean rose up the ranks of Corps despite his opposition to the idea. Jean was a natural leader and, despite his self-centeredness, cared deeply for the safety of his soldiers.

He even risked his life to protect theirs. Jean is most notable for his proficiency with ODM gear which, unlike other soldiers, he could use on open terrain. His weapon of choice when it came to direct battle was the Thunder Spear, a rocket-like assault weapon that could penetrate hardened Titan skin.

#15 Rod Reiss

Rod Reiss

Rod was an Abnormal Titan in his titan’s form. The Titan appearance of Rod retained very little of his human form. However, he still appears like a man as most Titans do. He grew to be one of the most tall Titans, standing at 120m (40m at his withers), almost twice the height of the Colossus Titan who stands 60m.His body was disproportionately large, with a large head and a thin torso. He couldn’t stand, and had to crawl on his hind legs.

 His bones were very visible, and he was lacking in muscle. His friction against the ground was making him miss a face. He was also dragging his head as he moved, even exposing the brain. He would regain his full face if he kept his head above the ground and didn’t drag it. His ribs covered only the sides of his body. His frontal area was lacking skin and muscle. He also dragged his body while moving, which exposed his internal organs as he sat down.

14# Hange Zoë

Hange Zoë

While “Attack on Titan” is full of characters that can cause great destruction and may be more important than those who are devoted to keeping people alive and safe. They take on the politics of both the ruling classes as well as the assault of Titans. 

Hange Zoe, one of these characters, uses her powers to protect and not destroy. , the leader of the 4th Squad, was involved in the study of the biology of Titans to better understand their incredible abilities. 

Hange proved to be more than a scholar as Zoe was able launch a rebellion against the Walls government. She didn’t take part in much action at first, but this changed over time and she was seen taking down several Colossal Titans as part of the Rumbling. Hange also claims to have survived six years of explorations outside of the Walls. This indicates that she has a high level survival skill and could explain why she shows no fear even when dealing with a Titan. Hange eventually becomes the 14th Commander in the Survey Corps, giving her even more power.

#13 Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith was undoubtedly the smartest commander during the Attack on Titan verse. He was the only person to know that there was human life outside of the walls, and that the government was concealing it.He has proven that he is a man of pure determination and commitment, whether he’s facing the armored Titan one-handed or charging in on him the other.

Erwin Smith was the 13th Commander of the Scout Regiment. This meant that he was available to help you when the Scouts were ravaging your city and things were falling apart. Erwin Smith was well-known for his pragmatic approach to Titan encounters and for creating the Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation that allowed for greater views of the battlefield. Erwin was a strategic thinker with a sharp wit. He also had a reputation for being a brutal opponent who would sacrifice his own men to defeat the enemy. 

Erwin was willing to risk his life for the sake of others. Erwin was equally willing to risk his life to save his men’s lives when a Titan tore off his arm.Although Erwin didn’t have the Titans’ power, he was still a powerful warrior.  is one of the most terrifying characters in the series because of his years of experience fighting Titans head-to-head and even living to tell the tale.

#12  Ymir


A homeless Eldian girl, who was living on the streets, was taken from her home and placed in the center of a cult years before the events of “Attack on Titan.” The little girl, named “Ymir”, was betrayed and transformed into a Titan by her cult. She spent many years wandering the streets of the city. In an effort to rejoin humanity, she eventually returned to her human form.

Ymir enlisted with the 104th Cadet Corps at that time and quickly became one of its most successful members. Her Titan form, the Jaw Titan, was her true power. The Jaw Titan was five meters tall. But Ymir made up the difference with her skills. Her control over Titan form was so powerful that she could transform into a partial Titan and still interact with humans. Ymir’s Titan form, as the name implies, was notable for its large maw and sharp teeth. It could rip through multiple enemies at once. After Ymir was killed, the Jaw Titan’s power was transferred to Porco Galliard. This was appropriate since Ymir had originally obtained the power from the Jaw Titan by eating Porco’s brother Marcel

#11 Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt Hoover is perhaps the most important Titan, story-wise, of all the ones that have appeared on the show. Ironically, Bertholdt Hoover is quiet and weak-willed. This makes him a less likely to be a villain capable of inflicting such great harm. 

Bertholdt was a member the 104th Cadet Corps and showed respect for his classmates, at least until it became clear that he had been an enemy in his Colossal Titan form. The Colossal Titan reached 60 meters in height and was responsible for the start of the series. 

The Colossal Titan was more than a mindless beast. It could also retain Bertholdt’s brain. Along with the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, the Colossal Titan was notable for being strong enough to rip down the Walls’ gates. However, it moved slow due to its large size. It was also unique in its ability to produce steam inside its body, which could be released at high pressure and temperatures to inflict severe damage on smaller and quicker opponents.

#10 Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart, a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps, was another person who had a major impact on the story of “Attack on Titan”.

 Annie was a strong performer in both her mental and physical abilities. She finished fourth in her class and could have been ranked higher but for her “lone-wolf” tendencies. Annie’s ability to transform into the Female Titan made her a formidable threat. The Female Titan, a 14 meter tall titan, was noted for her natural abilities. 

The Female Titan was a threat to the show because of her unique abilities. Annie’s reputation for being fearsome was not only due to her transformation powers and physical training, but also because she was willing to kill or hurt anyone in order to accomplish her mission. Annie was seen as an ally by the heroes at the beginning of the show, which allowed her to inflict enormous damage that would have grave repercussions for the rest of the series.

#9 Kenny Ackermann

Kenny Ackermann

When humanity’s most powerful soldier is afraid of you, you know you are strong. Kenny was equal or stronger than Levi, Levi acknowledged to him.He is, after all, an Ackerman. He was also a brutal assassin, who killed 100 military soldiers. After his mother’s passing, he was the one who taught Levi. He deserves to be included in the “Top 10 Strongest Characters in Attack on Titan”.

In “Attack on Titan”, you will learn that the Titans are not the only bad guys. But the human race is worse. Kenny Ackerman is the commander of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad within the Military Police Regiment. He was also a serial killer.Kenny’s greatest strength was also his greatest weakness.  was able to carry out the most horrible acts of torture and war with an unattached air. 

He was also unable to live a full and fulfilling life because he wasn’t interested in caring for others. Kenny is known to have executed more than 100 MPs. This earned him the nickname “Kenny The Ripper.” He was not only one of the most dangerous human fighters, but he was also a skilled engineer, as he demonstrated with the creation the Anti-Personnel equipment. Kenny’s willingness to use dirty tricks to get around enemies was what made him dangerous.

#8 Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun

Reiner, a military-trained personnel, inherited the armored Titan at 10 years old from its former user. Reiner broke the outer gate to Maria, which resulted in the destruction of Shiganshina. Eren’s mom was also destroyed.He’s been attacked by many characters and even destroyed by Eren’s Attack Titan. His willpower is strong enough to be able fight back at the end.

Even if you aren’t familiar with “Attack on Titan”, chances are that you only know it through its most famous beast, the Armored Titan. Although it is not the strongest or largest of the Titans the creature has a distinctive fearsome appearance which has made Reiner Braun and it stand out on the show.

 A secret union between an Eldian man and a Marleyan gave birth to the man who would oneday inherit the power of Armored Titan. Reiner became a strong soldier over time and was eventually forced to do terrible things as the Armored Titan.

The Armored Titan’s devastating attacks are well-known. They can raze entire buildings by simply charging through them or throw Eren Jaeger’s Titan form into a borderwall hard enough to break it. The Armored Titan’s skin is hardened and impervious to all piercing weapons. It can also be used as an offensive weapon capable ripping through any obstacle. Reiner also had the unique ability to transfer his brain function to other areas of his body, which allowed him to avoid certain death.

#7 Armin Arlelt

Armin Arlert

Armin Arlelt, a fellow cadet from the 104th Cadet Corps, was one of three main characters on the show along with Eren Jaeger (and MikasaAckermann). Although Armin was initially dismissed as a weak soldier-in training, his diffident nature disguised a highly-developed strategic brain bordering on genius.

Armin’s intelligence, coupled with his loyalty to his friends and a keen sense of respect for them, made him a key member of the show’s main trio. 

Armin was not a skilled user of ODM gear. This was why he was rarely called on to direct combat. However, his strategies saved his soldiers from certain death more than once and he played an important role in identifying the Corps’ spies before war broke out. Bertholdt would pass the Colossal Titan’s power to Armin. Armin seems to be able to control the Colossal Titan’s size and power almost exactly as Bertholdt. Armin’s Titan transformation, when he is in control of it, is often accompanied by a huge explosion that once decimated the entire Marleyan port and navy in one go.

Armin’s Colossal Titan could move around and destroy armies, and we saw an example of his power when he destroyed Marley’s entire fleet. He is not only intelligent, but his willpower and strength are what set him apart from all the others. Most people wouldn’t even consider coming close to the Colossal Titan.

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#6 Mikasa Ackermann

Mikassa Ackermann

The Ackermann family is known for their ability to be a strong warrior. Mikasa Ackermann wanted to live a peaceful existence, just like her family. But destiny had other plans.

Mikasa lost her parents very young and was only able to survive because of Eren Jaeger. Mikasa made it her life mission to protect Eren and keep him safe. This is what led her to join the 104th Cadet Corps with Eren. She quickly became the most outstanding soldier in the unit. 

Mikasa was still preoccupied by Eren after graduation and joined the Scout Regiment. Mikasa is a strong woman for her age. She can lift Eren off the ground easily and send bullies running away from her arrival. Mikasa was an ODM soldier. Her speed and accuracy in dispatching multiple Titans was legendary. Mikasa has access to her ancestors’ battle memories and is powered by the ability of her clan to channel a portion of the power of Titans into human form.

#5 Zeke Jaegar

Zeke Jaegar

Zeke Yeager is a key part of this list. He is Eren’s half-brother. Zeke is Marley’s commander, and possibly the strongest titan shifter. The survey corps suffered the worst loss, with more than 98% of its troops being killed by him. 

He was also a key player in Marley’s attack. His beast titan power can be a powerful weapon that can eliminate armies before they get close enough to attack. Although there are many bad people in “Attack on Titan,” Zeke Yeager is the main villain (at least until Eren gets mad). Zeke Yeager is Eren’s halfbrother, as his surname implies. 

Zeke is also the inheritor the power of the cataclysmic, “Beast Titan”Zeke is an extremely formidable enemy due to his brain power and the fact that he is part of the royal family that the Titans were originally created to serve. Zeke’s ambitions and abilities make him a threat to world order. 

This is the man who for years has successfully manipulated Paradis and Marley to make them believe he is on their side. he Beast Titan is Zeke’s Titan form. It has enormous strength and can grab anything from horses to huge rocks and throw them over great distances to defeat its opponents. The Beast Titan’s fearsome reputation was earned by its leadership role as the Titan leader. Zeke can converse fluently in Titan form with other humans.

#4 Lara Tybur

Lara Tybur

The Titan’s power does not mean that every Titan wielder is a warrior. Lara Tybur’s true significance was revealed when her identity as the inheritor the War Hammer Titan’s power was made public, which Eren had to defeat. was a brief guest in the series but she proved that she is not to be underestimated when she nearly beat Eren one-on-1.

 Lara, War Hammer Titan, was known for her ability to create massive, durable weapons from the Titan’s body. The most famous of these weapons is the War Hammer, which gave the Titan its name. Lara had the rare ability to control her Titan form remotely and keep her body safe in a crystallized cocoon. This circumvents a common Titan weakness. Lara believed that Eren was superior to her fighting abilities, and this allowed her to win the battle at the very last moment. Lara lost her focus due to her arrogance.

#3 Levi Ackermann

Levi Ackermann

We aren’t done yet with the Ackermanns, but we have saved the best for last. Another distinguished member of his clan, Levi Ackermann, was named captain of the Special Operations Squad.

These were the guys you call when the Scout Regiment is unable to handle a Titan problem. Levi Ackermann was known as the most powerful soldier mankind has ever seen. 

Levi prefers to hunt Titans one-on-one and let his squad do the rest. It’s no surprise that Levi is the most proficient user of ODM gear. However, he doesn’t need ODM gear to kill Titans.Levi, who was a victim of street crime before joining the Scout Regiment ranks high in fighting and survival. At a young age, he was taught combat skills by Kenny Ackermann. He also carries the family gift of ancestral battle memory as well as the ability to harness Titan energy. It is not surprising that Zeke Jaeger said he didn’t want to fight Levi in combat.

2# Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz, the creator of the Titans and the first Titan, is the most powerful character in the series. She was alive when all nine titans were in her power. Even after her death, she still had the power to create Titan. Anyone with the blood of Ymir in their veins could be killed or made to do anything by Ymir.

#1 Eren Jaeger

Eren Yeager

For now, he is the main protagonist of “Attack on Titan”, and the reason that the lives of the main characters of the show are so turbulent. Eren Jaeger witnessed his mother’s death and was horrified to learn that he had been eaten by a smiling Titan as a child. This incident ignited a hatred for all Titans within Eren, which led him to become a soldier. Eren’s hatred for Titans led him as a hot-headed, unstoppable Scout Regiment member.

But things changed when Eren discovered the true nature of the Titans and began to see humanity “across the ocean” as the enemy that must be defeated.Eren was then able to gain more power. There was no turning back. Although Eren was already dangerous as a human, he gained power that is unmatched by anyone else. He became the master of three Titan forms, the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. Eren can also command other Titans to perform his will and that is why he is our top pick for the strongest characters in Attack on Titan.

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