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No politics now, but I simply cannot aid but share this morning’s Sunday Instances deal with, on which Morten Morland has depicted the Prime Ministers who served the United kingdom in those several years. We’ll get back again to politics and Liz Truss tomorrow, assuming she’s still in workplace tomorrow.


Not that politics really don’t matter, and Deflocked reminds us of how challenging it is getting to be for cartoonists to be far more ridiculous than truth. Mamet might look like a fool, but, then again, seem at some of the candidates who are operating prosperous but nonsensical campaigns.

It’s the real-existence Mamets who assistance them, and who actually simply cannot differentiate between Television shows and government.

But we have considerably less significant factors to explore now.


For occasion, it happened to me to marvel if this Bizarro (KFS) was a little bit much too clever for the place, supplied that we all understood Dr. Bronner’s Cleaning soap again in the day, but I carry a smaller bottle of the stuff in my car, in circumstance the canine finds a little something pleasant to roll in, and have located a whole lot of men and women who never know about it.

But then individuals are the folks who would, as an alternative, opt for Mr. Thoroughly clean, which is tougher on the environment and almost certainly on the puppy as well. I would hesitate to dose my canine with Mr. Thoroughly clean and then direct her into the Connecticut River.

Nevertheless I may possibly try out Mrs. Meyers, which tends to make her attraction to him puzzling.

However, I would also hesitate to acquire a shower curtain with this cartoon on it, which reveals how small I know. (Wayno experiences that if you enter BIZARRO10 at checkout, you get a 10 p.c price reduction. I’m not building this up.)


Juxtaposition of the Day

(The Fantastic Head of Edison Lee — KFS)

(Agnes — Creators)

You are what you eat and I’m quite everyday. I can notify excellent food from not-so-superior meals, but it’s not an obsession and I have never ever posted a picture of my meals on the internet, apart from for some lobsters who ended up even now crawling all around at the time, producing it a lot more of a mugshot than a menu.

The difficulty of suspicious meat and pink slime has much more or less been settled in favor of consumers, but they can now select suspicious non-meat patties, while if you’re heading to have a veggie burger, it seems contradictory to leading it with cheese-like glop except if which is also synthetic.

I’m considerably of the impression that, if you are consuming plenty of of this things to make a big difference, you most likely shouldn’t be, whichever it is.

But that provides us to Agnes and I have a entire freezer of whateverthehell that is, and I heartily endorse Grandma’s policy of smelling it to make absolutely sure it does not stink.

You could label it, yes.

But you continue to should to sniff it in advance of you consume it.


As very long as I’m ranting about foods, I’ll include the matter of this Duplex, in which tips are solicited somewhat than assumed.

I idea 20% for desk support, and, admittedly, there is a line on the tab for you to include that tip, but it is not shoved in your encounter.

Additional to the stage, it’s not electronically demanded for counter assistance, who shouldn’t be tipped staff members in the 1st position. If I have to do all the fetching and toting, I’m the a single who should be getting the 20%.

Of course, I’ve been “help” and I’m sympathetic, but I’m not sympathetic to companies who cheat the technique by classifying counter help as tipped staff.

I suspect this is mainly an American concern, with most civilized nations around the world introducing a service charge or just developing staff compensation into the foundation rate of the food. Which tends to make it difficult to wait around tables in an region with a lot of overseas holidaymakers who may possibly not even realize how crappy your pay is.

Top to the joke on our Northern border, “What’s the distinction involving a Canadian and a canoe?”

Canoes occasionally idea.


Wallace the Courageous breaks me out of that sour temper with a memory of an early triumph, back again in my temporary immersion in Catholic faculty.

Our to start with-quality teacher, Sister Theophilus, was a legendary madwoman and we were being all terrified of her, for fantastic motive. She embodied each and every part of parochial sadism you have ever read, such as actual physical abuse and warnings of eternal hellfire for bad minor six-yr-olds.

One day, Sister Theophilus appointed a single of her quislings to be the playground check, and he busted me for crossing the imaginary line in the concrete from the boys’ aspect to the girls’ facet. He took out his paper and questioned me my name, and then — getting nowhere near as shiny as Rose — demanded “How do you spell it?”

I saw my chance and rattled off a random collection of letters which he dutifully wrote down.

Later, when Sister was about to rain terror on his list of miscreants, she arrived to that just one and claimed, “Who’s this?” and the minimal piglet couldn’t recall.

The following yr, we moved out to the nation where by they did not have these types of educational facilities, and I determine by now the statute of limits has probably operate out, even though I guess I’m still likely to Hell.

Sister mentioned.


Relocating to the region not only acquired me absent from Sister Theophilus, but into the most impressive autumns in the place. Joe Heller is in Wisconsin, and Midwest autumns are nice, but the Northern Forest that stretches from the Adirondacks throughout Vermont and New Hampshire into western Maine generates vibrant shows no one else can.

One particular more rant: Any one who applies filters to photographs of foliage is a liar and a vandal and should have their hand glued to the wall of an art museum.

As the Bard wrote:

The guy’s wife in the cartoon is appropriate: There are best days.

And, like any other sort of perfection, you simply cannot forecast them, you just can’t pressure them and you just can’t fake them.


And this fellow in Non Sequitur ought to have been greater well prepared. There’s a serious environmental argument to be manufactured for not raking your leaves in the slide. 


Better, as Macanudo (KFS) suggests, that you commit your time dancing with the leaves, not raking them.

Even melancholy alterations can be wonderful, if you want them to be.

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