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Suspense Manhwa is a truth. We deliver you a few of twists and suspense-filled Manhwas in the present working day, manhwas that can preserve your eyes on the screen monitor encounter.

If you know you perhaps can take the entertaining, and that loopy feeling you get when all set on the climax of the story then you may be in the suitable spot, have a seem under at a few of the superb suspenseful manhwas we’ve mentioned.

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Interesting Suspense Manhwa

20. Expensive X

20. Dear X

This webtoon solutions our MC, an actress who has reached the top in her occupation. She appears to be to have all of it. She’s pretty, an lucrative actress and is beloved by the basic general public. Now, she’s heading to announce her engagement.

A information software exposes the horrors that lie beneath the fame of the MC. How significantly was she keen and able of journey to get to the spot she is in the present working day?

19. My Scholar Are unable to Be A Psychopath

19. My Student Can't Be A Psychopath

This webtoon is a several large-college nurse. Most school learners notify her that they are psychopaths, even so the fact is they do not match what she says. When you dig further, you will take note that most people on the college or university, together with the lecturers, is hiding some.

What’s the magic formula?

18. Rotten

This manhwa is in regards to the MC, a male protagonist that may possibly see lifeless folks, as thoroughly an officer who smells evil and a competent actress.

They bought down to discover a misplaced companion in a environment of evil.

17. Cursed sculpture

Cursed sculpture

The manhwa is a number of sculpture pupil, who’s becoming adopted by a disgruntled spirit from 1 of many board college’s artworks. Because the instances unfold, a sequence of bizarre instances materialize.

She discovers the reality guiding the sculpture and decides to make use of her electricity to her gain, killing men and women that she has harbored a grudge for some time.

16. My Deepest Mystery

My Deepest Secret

This webtoon consists of a female protagonist who’s charming, fantastic and caring boyfriend. She loves him and her coronary heart is fluttering on the sight of him. She would not know in regards to the deep-seated magic formula to their partnership. What’s the magic formula?

15. Hanged Doll

Hanged Doll

5 folks have their to start with reminiscences setting up in 1994. All of it revolves spherical a odd criminal offense. Will they give you the solution retain absent from the dangers?

14. Distant Sky

Distant Sky

Gangman is in full darkness in the in the meantime. It’s as a lot as two essential people to assist him survive on this darkish world the area flesh-eating bugs have engulfed Korea in darkness.

13. Melo Holic

Melo Holic

This korean webtoon follows the MC, who’s cynical, and chilly attributable to his exceptional capability to study minds by call. He fulfills a woman who’s grieving as a consequence of her ex-boyfriend died that working day.

12. Gui Mo

This manhwa is a couple group grave robbers who’re there to look for out treasure at graves. What’s excess, they meet up with a zombie that seems equivalent to their main. How would they endure?

11. I’m The Grim Reaper

I am The Grim Reaper

There are loads of awful folks on the planet. Then there are in addition terribly hiring Korean awful people. If you are one in all them, you’ll be despatched to Hell. Nevertheless, you will be assigned the job of gathering the souls of a couple of of the most criminals on this planet.

This manhwa follows the MC as she dies and embarks on her journey to acquire into a grim reaper hell.

10. Moritrat


The manhwa displays the MC waking up from a coma to satisfy a individual beside his mattress. He tells him that the man or woman is his lover, nonetheless a portion of his reminiscences reveals him getting deserted by the equivalent gentleman on a snowy meadow. What is the actuality?

9. Part


This webtoon is passionate and motion-oriented. It follows the feminine protagonist, who has distinct skills , however at a benefit. She will’t tackle her power and it leads to harm to herself and many others spherical her. How will she type out this dilemma?

8. Appreciate Murder Basketball

Love Murder Basketball

This manhwa follows a pair the position one particular is an outcast while the reverse is an athlete. Even so there is a twist: the athlete is a serial assassin.

What impact will their deep affection for each other and their differing sights have on their odd relationships with these round them?

7. Pigpen


This manhwa is about an MC who fulfills a few and a youthful boy with a head. He believes they are evil. On the other hand, the family is suspicious of the MC.

6. Candy House

Sweet Home

Following a household catastrophe, a highschool pupil is pressured to go away residence. However, he quickly finds himself in a extra terrifying earth: an setting the put monsters research to wipe out humanity.

5. The Horizon

The Horizon

In the system of a struggle , two young children unexpectedly meet. Soon after fleeing from the chaos, they get there on a protracted and empty avenue. The 2 strangers, who have not any adults to clearly show to, have create into associates.

They only wish to commence transferring forward. What tragedies and concerns will they face of their seek out for survival.

4. Highschool: The God of Highschool

Highschool: The God of Highschool

This manhwa is about an overpowered MC alongside with his associates getting section in a function. They must battle to acquire a prize that could allow them to have their most important needs fulfilled.

3. Melvina’s Treatment

Melvina's Therapy

Melancholy is characterised by worry, isolation, despair, and diverse indicators. These difficulties could be resolved with widespread therapy. Melvina’s Cure goes further than that. Spooky Secrets and techniques and procedures lurk inside of the depths of your thoughts, merely ready to be identified.

2. Tower Of God

Tower Of God

This webtoon’s story revolves round slightly boy who’s the MC. He put in his childhood trapped underneath a mysterious tower . While chasing his superior good friend, he manages to unlock the Tower doorway. While searching for it, he encounters issues on every floor of the tower.

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1. The Commencing following the Complete

The Beginning after the End

This manhwa is a fantasy tale that can preserve you in your computer system ready for the subsequent chapter. The tale follows the MC, a male protagonist who was reincarnatedinto an magical world the location monsters rule the day.

As he grows up, he appears for peace. Even so just one detail darkish lurking inside of the shadows seems resolved to disrupt that peace. What place would the MC have in sustaining peace inside of the new world that he finds himself in?

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