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    Experts Uncover Mind System Guiding Age-Relevant Memory Reduction

    July 1, 2022 – Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered a mechanism in the mind at the rear of age-similar memory decline, increasing our information of the interior workings of the growing older mind and quite possibly opening the door to new Alzheimer’s treatments. The scientists appeared at the hippocampus, a aspect of the brain considered to retail outlet very long-time period reminiscences. Neurons there are dependable for a pair of memory features – termed sample separation and pattern completion – that operate jointly in younger, healthier brains. These functions can swing out of equilibrium with age, impacting memory. The Johns Hopkins crew may possibly have learned what triggers…

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    Do I Have Alzheimer’s Disease? Just One Brain Scan May Tell

    June 22, 2022 – A single brain scan may someday offer an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Using artificial intelligence to look at structures in the brain, researchers in the United Kingdom developed an algorithm that can determine – with 98% accuracy – whether someone has the disease from a single MRI scan. The tool could also tell the difference between early and late-stage dementia in 79% of cases. “Currently, no other simple and widely available methods can predict Alzheimer’s disease with this level of accuracy, so our research is an important step forward,” Eric Aboagye, PhD, a professor with Imperial College London, who led the research, said in a…