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Just have sexual intercourse already.

All over again, RWBY has three episode pre-broadcast tomorrow, which is technically the commence of the summer season, and I have only just started out messing about with pixel art, which is seriously the only worthwhile section of my season preview stuff. I’ll end more than the weekend at any price.


Shark-tooth dude continues to be the split out character as considerably as I’m involved. His simmering tsundere marriage with the little boob monster woman drive feeding him cookies though he flirts with everyone close to him although every person generating the clearly show seems thoroughly oblivious to the smoldering sexuality is amusing in the same way that Bisco’s “everybody wishes to do most people else but we’re not heading to point out it” was. 

The true major people and story however? Pfft. Good lord. It actually speaks to how little this show has heading with any of them that its large final struggle is “Uh, war’s coming, I guess? So there will be some random monsters upcoming 7 days? I imagine? Maybe?” Boy, how will they ever battle off… some random monsters spawned out of nowhere. What a grand finale. Lord appreciates even for what minimal amusement I squeeze from this rock each individual 7 days, I’m not intrigued in a further 12 episodes of it.

Up coming Episode:

Random dude.

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