The Golden Spoon Episodes 9-10

The Golden Spoon: Episodes 9-10

Our protagonist can make a triumphant (or must I say wayward?) return, and he’s obtained far more than a few tricks up his sleeve. His spoon counterpart has typically settled into his humble life, but this unforeseen comeback will undoubtedly shake up the playing industry — and set unexpected effects in movement.



We catch up to our people immediately after the ten yr timeskip, and they feel to have settled into their respective destinations. Tae-yong, who’s been dwelling as “Seung-cheon,” is at present unemployed, but he’s loaded out his resume with different jobs and even a webtoon award (yay!). His most recent task interview has him placing a haughty interviewer in his place by responding in fluent French, which is as gratifying as it is endearing.

Joo-hee’s managed to choose herself back again up, and she’s performing really properly as an investigative reporter at a broadcast station. Her recent scoop is the unlawful gambling within just Amicus, which potential customers to an undercover procedure to collect proof (with Tae-yong’s help). Regretably, her workforce gets busted fairly quick, and Joo-hee’s on the verge of staying caught much too — right until anyone pulls her into a tent.


That someone is Seung-cheon, who’s returned from the States as an incorrigible celebration animal and greasy womanizer to boot. It’s an awkward reunion for Joo-hee and our spoon boys, nevertheless it swiftly escalates to a confrontation when they all get caught by Yeo-jin, Joon-tae, and the snobbish interviewer (mainly because of program he’s Joon-tae’s buddy).

The Seung-cheon of the existing is a loser with a capital L, and he’s firmly less than his fiancée Yeo-jin’s thumb. The rationale? Joon-tae, of class. While Seung-cheon was in the States, he’d been plagued by a great number of vehicle “accidents” and shooting attempts, courtesy of his dearest uncle. Badly wounded and fearful for his lifetime, Seung-cheon had voluntarily specified his golden spoon to Yeo-jin as collateral, pleading for her to help you save him.


Perfectly, it turns out Seung-cheon’s Casanova persona is a ruse to lessen his opponents’ guard. He deliberately allows himself get photographed stumbling into a hotel, drunk and with a lady by his aspect — except that lady is a crossdressing Moon-ki. HAHAHAHA OMG. Enable, he’s so disgruntled but so fairly!

Behind the scenes, Seung-cheon has gathered a group to uncover Doshin’s business enterprise insider secrets and just take down Joon-tae. Seung-cheon manufactures a drug scandal to make Doshin’s shares plummet, after which he purchases an exorbitant amount less than the identify of his enterprise.


At Doshin’s board assembly, Seung-cheon exposes Joon-tae for embezzlement and bribery, revealing all the proof he’s collected around the a long time. That gets Joon-tae ousted from his placement as CEO of Doshin Hightech, placing “Tae-yong” in the vacated location with his recently-acquired organization shares.

Of course, Joon-tae will not go down that conveniently. Joo-hee’s still determined to reveal the truth of her father’s death, and Joon-tae leverages on that, informing her that CEO Na’s bloodstains have been uncovered on “Tae-yong’s” jacket. After a ten years of fruitlessly chasing useless finishes, Joo-hee latches on to this new piece of facts like a lifeline.


In the meantime, Tae-yong’s struggling with yet another issue. Rates have been submitted towards the undercover reporter team for disrupting the Amicus social gathering and obstruction of small business, saddling Tae-yong with a significant good. In trade for acquiring the expenses dropped, Tae-yong has no alternative but to humiliate himself in front of the Amicus members, and it is an awfully hard scene to look at. The nasty interviewer sneers that he’s permitting him off quick, considering that he just scored a rewarding business enterprise offer with Doshin Group — “Seung-cheon” should to be grateful that he’s pals with “Tae-yong.”

Later on, a drunk Tae-yong phone calls Seung-cheon out for a coronary heart-to-coronary heart, saying that he attempted to adhere to Seung-cheon’s information currently. He avoided setting up a combat, instead obeying every thing that was demanded of him, considering the fact that he’s very poor and can not pay the value of defiance. Still in spite of his endeavours, he was allow off not due to the fact of his steps, but simply just mainly because of “Tae-yong” and his wealth.


Tae-yong’s poverty has plainly been weighing on his shoulders all these many years, even nevertheless Mom and Dad now have a continual money from their homemade facet dishes shop. Not only does Tae-yong experience responsible for becoming unable to help his family members, but he’s also broken up with Joo-hee considering that he cannot forgive himself for getting rid of her revenue. They’ve put in the earlier 10 years as most effective close friends who share a comfortable rapport, even though Tae-yong evidently even now has lingering emotions.

A flickering mild in Joo-hee’s apartment creates an possibility for Tae-yong, and he confesses that he even now likes her, yet he can scarcely do anything for her. Tae-yong asks her to only give him her reply later on when he succeeds in having hired, he’ll confess all over again.


Seung-cheon invitations Tae-yong to evening meal at Alex’s cafe, featuring him a situation at a reputable business, but Tae-yong rejects it. Ten yrs in the past, Tae-yong also turned down Alex’s supply to work beneath him for 10 many years, even however Alex promised a handsome wage that would go over Joo-hee’s misplaced revenue.

Seung-cheon also invited the whole Lee relatives, but CEO Hwang finds out and exhibits up at the door much too. Cue an awkward evening meal table, where CEO Hwang disparages the Lee family’s tricky function and struggling. It’s crystal clear that he despises the plan of Tae-yong and Seung-cheon so considerably as interacting, considerably fewer staying close friends.

Nonetheless, Father respectfully but courageously stands up for his son, pointing out that poverty isn’t contagious. You go, Father! Can Tae-yong be sure to stay as his son endlessly and at any time?


In order to snoop for evidence about her father’s loss of life, Joo-hee requests for an job interview series with Seung-cheon, and Seung-cheon agrees simply because he misses her way too a great deal. In the course of an job interview at Seung-cheon’s home, Joo-hee slips away, sneaking off to his home and opening his protected.

Inside of, she finds his drawings of Joon-tae’s shirt — turns out the faculty shooting flashback from previous week was a memory that resurfaced in Seung-cheon’s thoughts. Joo-hee has no plan what to make of the sketches, but she does find a little something that she acknowledges all as well perfectly.

It’s the guide of answers she gave to Seung-cheon as a gift 10 many years ago. Seung-cheon walks in just then, catching her in the act of rifling as a result of his points, and she angrily needs to know why “Tae-yong” has Seung-cheon’s book.


Meanwhile, Yeo-jin has located out about the interviews, and she isn’t the minimum little bit happy. In reality, she’s jealous that Seung-cheon retains paying out time with Joo-hee guiding her back the person he loves plainly isn’t Yeo-jin. Acquiring ultimately had enough, she phone calls Tae-yong out for a meal, handing him Seung-cheon’s golden spoon to try to eat with.

See, there is 1 previous rule of the golden spoon that Seung-cheon does not know about. Even right after ten decades have passed, if a person else eats with the golden spoon, they will get the memory of its operator. In other terms, the jig will be up.


Will Tae-yong eat with the golden spoon? Will he not? We’ll get the response upcoming 7 days, nevertheless my bets are that he will. Earlier, while clearing out his place, Tae-yong found Seung-cheon’s diary — in which he wrote down all the details about the golden spoon. Not the most intelligent notion on Seung-cheon’s element, but I’m in fact in favor of it, due to the fact I’m hoping this implies Tae-yong can finally attain some agency.

Nevertheless, I question if Tae-yong will actually be ready to comply with as a result of with the golden spoon magic. As considerably as he needs to turn out to be wealthy so he and his household can afford to reside with dignity, it’s distinct that he enjoys his mom and dad deeply. They’re so supportive of him — Mother and Dad even gave him artwork materials and encouraged him to go after his artist desires — and I simply cannot see him giving them up as very easily as Seung-cheon did.


Actually, with each individual episode I develop to like Seung-cheon fewer and considerably less. Yook Sung-jae is however providing a compelling overall performance, but I can not root for Seung-cheon wholeheartedly. When Seung-cheon may not be selfish, he’s self-centered — as demonstrated when he offered off his business without the need of so considerably as a word of warning to the staff members who assisted him in his quest. I do not question that his steps stem from functional intentions, not maliciousness, and he does display screen times of compassion (these as when he stood up for Yeo-jin towards Stepmom’s disparaging remarks). Continue to, he’s not exactly likable.

I desire we used far more time in the heads of our other protagonists, because they are similarly (if not a lot more) attention-grabbing and sympathetic. Yeo-jin is the most intriguing and competent character by much, with her ruthlessly cutthroat steps and endless ambition. Her instant of vulnerability this episode was quite telling she strikes me as a person who’s lashing out to start with to secure herself from having damage once more, though she often goes overboard. It is why I felt for her in the second when Seung-cheon kissed her just to show a position, and why I rooted for her when she pulled him into a second kiss that she essentially had company over.


Nevertheless, I’m however not solely happy by the drama’s makjang tendencies — all right, I get that Yeo-jin is furious in excess of remaining belittled and passed in excess of for Joo-hee, but is she seriously ruining 10 years’ worth of meticulous planning just like that? She’s by now on the line to marrying into Doshin Group, even if Seung-cheon’s heart isn’t in it. Yeo-jin is continuously manipulating other individuals and behaving vindictively, and it is a little as well significantly. Moreover, we locate out this 7 days that Joon-tae is actually Stepmom’s son, though he does not know it (however). Of class, CEO Hwang is aware of, and he’s holding it in excess of Stepmom’s head. Sigh.

I’m also not sure about the requirement of the ten-year timeskip, but I do discover the new placing really exciting. There is a ton additional likely to be mined, and I’m wanting ahead to viewing Tae-yong struggle for what’s his — no matter if that’s revenue, or a loving family. Truly, can he have both equally? I know that’s wishful wondering, but rather make sure you?


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