“The Law Cafe” Episode 13 Braves a Battle In opposition to the Powerful to Safeguard Women’s Dignity

Nevertheless noticed as a tricky situation, Yu-ri stands with Tune-hwa in suing an assemblyman in The Legislation Cafe.

Mustering her courage to discuss up about her condition, Music-hwa seeks help from the regulation cafe in reporting her expertise of place of work harassment. Though Jung-ho was in opposition to Yu-ri having up the situation, he later on comes to function on it with the rest of the staff.

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The Exclusive Cafe In “The Law Cafe” Is Located In Suwon

The Law Cafe

The Legislation Cafe Episode 13 Highlights

“It’s because I want to be happy with you for a extremely lengthy time. I want to focus on all the things outrightly.”

Jung-ho wakes up emotion baffled by Yu-ri’s composed arrangement on their nightlife. Describing herself, Yu-ri tells how she desires to manage a great relationship for a extended time.

Witnessing a couple’s passionate adore though it is retained a key, the Eunha setting up tenants voice their ask for to Jung-ho and Yu-ri to prevent exhibiting public screen of affection.

At night time, Yi-seul will come in crying at the legislation cafe as she shares how she hears her mother vomiting and crying. Seeking for her daughter, Track-hwa spanks Yi-seul for going out, but Eun-gang stops her.

Having up Yu-ri’s supply the other night time, Tune-hwa comes to chat to her about her trouble. She speaks up about being sexually harassed though operating for Assemblyman Choi. She also talks about her modern experience of getting violated and hit in a trip dwelling. No for a longer period able to maintain herself out, Song-hwa feels nauseous and vomits at the smell of the assemblyman’s perfume.

the law cafe

“I’m executing this since no person else would want to.”

Browsing up the witnesses at the holiday home Track-hwa was talking about, Yu-ri discovers that these men and women hold substantial energy in the media and prosecution.

What’s more, she hears that President Lee was also portion of it.

Presenting the threats of getting identified as a gold digger, Yu-ri reassures Track-hwa that she is prepared to keep by her facet throughout the procedure.

Jung-ho also sees the people today included in the scenario, and he warns Yu-ri of going up from potent people today, and they slide into an argument.

Conference the assemblyman for her resignation, Track-hwa delivers with her the pen with a recorder and monitoring capabilities.

In the beginning verbalizing inappropriate remarks, Assemblyman Choi notices he is being recorded, so he switches to denying the incident at the getaway residence.

Immediately after that assembly, Track-hwa decides to sue him.

the law cafe

“It’s one factor to protect the strong and wealthy, but defending bad men will truly damage your satisfaction.”

Golfing with Mr. Hwang, Yu-ri attempts to acquire information and facts on how the assemblyman became pals with the other three people at the family vacation household.

Jung-ho also digs into the connection of the 4 men with each and every other and usually sees the mutual benefits each could give.

Although Assemblyman Choi is paranoid about the recording, President Lee calms him declaring he has taken care of it now. Afterwards that evening, Yu-ri’s bag gets snatched and the pen can not be retrieved. Seeing Yu-ri harm, Jung-ho stresses how the scenario could hurt her and Track-hwa, and this will cause them to battle.

Quarreling in entrance of all people, the tenants reverse their decision, enabling their show of affection and rejecting their bothersome quarrel. Resolving their combat, Jung-ho decides to aid out and visits his father to obtain assistance on their standing on the scenario.

the law cafe

“They’re dishonest still left and proper, so we should not enjoy honest and sq..”

Fetching her earlier customer with intelligent arms in breaking into vaults, Yu-ri welcomes him following becoming lately produced from prison. Together with the relaxation of the workforce, they focus on their system of thieving back Yu-ri’s pen from Lee Pyun-woong’s spot. 

Becoming a member of the discussion, Jung-ho shares the information and facts he collected about the four males. They became buddies to end the invoice for punishing significant accidents but continue to unsuccessful to stop it. Their execution day is the charity party where by Assemblyman Choi will give a speech.

The working day arrives, and Jung-ho and Yu-ri ebook a nearby suite. With the ladies distracting the guards, the snatched master key opens up President Lee’s suite.

Retrieving the copy of the recording, Eun-gang performing as a component-time staff members performs it immediately after the assemblyman’s speech. Failing to stop it from playing, the assemblyman walks out, and the teams rejoice for their accomplishment.

the law cafe

The Regulation Cafe Episode 13 Musings

Absolutely, in a relationship, it is healthy to converse about one’s boundaries and verbalize every single other’s requires, but not always make a composed agreement on it like Yu-ri. Remaining clear with each and every other is enough due to the fact for a connection to perform, both of those events ought to be aware of what’s suitable for each individual other. 

In the scenario of Jung-ho and Yu-ri, whose romantic relationship is just starting, they have a whole lot of disagreements. Even in the previously episodes of the series, Jung-ho has been disagreeing with Yu-ri’s way of operating. Nonetheless, what matters is that they solve their variations at the conclusion of the working day.

Tune-hwa’s circumstance as the man or woman violated is not that straightforward to be talked about in general public. It gives the threat of exposing oneself to the community and reliving the traumatic expertise while testifying.

The ending of the episode was someway a lot more cathartic than getting hopeless as they were being able to expose Assemblyman Choi. On the other hand, in truth, the process is considerably additional difficult than what was revealed. 

Jung-ho and Yu-ri surface to be completely ready to take their dating romantic relationship to the up coming amount. As the current scenario also includes President Lee Pyun-woong, they are obtaining closer to accumulating a concrete way to just take him down.

the law cafe

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