“The Legislation Cafe” Episode 14 Pushes A Relationship Proposal Amidst Ongoing Conflicts

Swift to reject the blind day established by his grandfather, Jung-ho proposes to Yu-ri in The Regulation Cafe.

Admitting to his sexual harassment prices, Assemblyman Choi dissolves their group’s unity by exposing quite a few other concerns of President Lee Pyun-woong. When a brilliant final result seemingly awaits and Jung-ho proposes, Yu-ri remains distracted till Lee Pyun-woong receives punished.

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The Distinctive Cafe In “The Law Cafe” Is Situated In Suwon

The Law Cafe

The Law Cafe Episode 14 Highlights

“What I’m making an attempt to notify you is that it’s hard to struggle on your own, but issues can alter if you combat as a team.”

Laughing at the meme video circulating, Mr. Hwang receives known as to President Lee’s put to believe of injury handle. Having said that, no for a longer period serving the terrible, Mr. Hwang stories again to Yu-ri on siding with her.

The group celebrates their good results in exposing the assemblyman, but Jung-ho reminds them not to truly feel far too enthusiastic about it. In the news, Assemblyman Choi defends himself in a push conference calling his emotions with his worker mutual, and calls Music-hwa a gold digger.

Yi-seul receives into a battle in her kindergarten. Coming in to take care of the issue, Jung-ho clarifies to Yi-seul that her action can’t be identified as self-defense. Even though Yi-seul wants to apologize, Jung-ho rattles the mom of the boy or girl who provoked Yi-seul with probable fees of slander.

Supporting Song-hwa whilst talking about her circumstance with the investigator, Jung-ho and Yu-ri just take turns in contesting the investigator’s offensive way of inquiring as he appears like victim-blaming.

the law cafe

“I know we have not dated for very prolonged, but you know that she’s the only a single for me.”

As the prosecutor managing Music-hwa’s scenario is Baek Gun-person, Yu-ri remembers how he cheated on her. Chasing Yu-ri soon after staying caught in the act at a DVD rental home, Jung-ho beats him up. Reminded of the earlier, their senior asks Jung-ho and Yu-ri about their romantic relationship position. 

On a severe make any difference, Prosecutor Baek tells them they require additional strong evidence for the scenario, but Jung-ho uncertainties he will be honest.

Chairman Lee sets Jung-ho on a blind date without having his expertise. Leaving the conference, Jung-ho is urged by Chairman Lee to marriage of the exact same social position. Nonetheless, he remains organization on loving Yu-ri, so he buys a proposal ring on impulse.

He asks tips from Jin-gi on a vintage but not cringy way to suggest. Perplexed with what his good friend wants, Jin-gi leaves him.

Coming back again to his spot, Jung-ho hides the ring from Yu-ri, and confesses he went on a blind date. Not upset with what she listened to, Jung-ho sulks and asks Yu-ri to assume why she was not moved at all.

the law cafe

“Being capable to share your tale can be extremely therapeutic, but it is sad to see how many individuals have to say ‘Me as well.’”

Joon and Eun-gang check out one particular of the past employees of Assemblyman Choi. Nevertheless the person wasn’t interested at initial, Joon convinces him by sharing how they had been equipped to just take down their pervert sergeant in the army.

Although he did not perform at the very same time with Song-hwa, the man shares the similar knowledge underneath Assemblyman Choi. Provided he has a diary that involves entries on the day that it transpired, Yu-ri assures it could be utilised as proof. 

Track-hwa barges into the space crying, apologetic with mixed inner thoughts of wondering she was alone, and the guy cries with her. Eun-gang truthfully tells Tune-hwa that his coronary heart feels large when he sees her cry, and asks to make it possible for him to be awesome to her.

the law cafe

“If you try out to hold a bursting dam with your finger, you are going to be the initial to drown.”

By way of Mr. Hwang, Jung-ho and Yu-ri meet CEO Kwon on a golfing system. They efficiently shake the unity of the team as Assemblyman Choi receives a recording of the team agreeing with CEO Kwon’s proposal on abandoning him.

Betrayed by it, Assemblyman Choi seeks the aid of Chairman Lee. However, the chairman asks him to admit his fees and just take down Lee Pyun-woong, and in exchange, he is taken treatment of soon after his launch.

Adhering to the chairman, Assemblyman Choi turns himself in and admit his prices. Tune-hwa barges into the interrogation home, emphasizing that no signifies no.

Talking much more than his sexual harassment situation, he arms in the flash push from Chairman Lee, which exposes Lee Pyun-woong’s unlawful routines in his villa. 

The friendship of the 4 guys receives shaken as the investigation commences, and just as how Jung-ho persuaded Gun-gentleman, the prosecutor takes the spotlight in the case. 

Heading on a good date, Jung-ho will get prepared to propose, but backs out of his grand preparations as Yu-ri laughs at sudden proposals like Jin-gi’s.

President Lee is urged to leave the nation in advance of his journey ban, but he visits his father’s put as he discovers the chairman was the one who ordered him to be taken down.

When Jung-ho is severe about their partnership, Yu-ri admits she’s distracted considering of President Lee who is not yet punished. Guaranteed of his feelings, Jung-ho usually takes the ring out and proposes.

the law cafe

The Regulation Cafe Episode 14 Musings

Regardless of gender, this episode acknowledges that any person could be a sufferer of unwelcome actual physical improvements inside or outside the workplace. 

Going through these is by now burdening, and talking about it to other people is as twice as weighty as the practical experience. What’s notable from Song-hwa’s terms is that silence does not mean yes, and saying no means what it is.

Onwards to Jung-ho’s proposal, there are also a large amount of possibilities to look at in preparing for relationship. It’s laughable how Jung-ho, Lee Seung Gi’s character is so against cringy proposals that contain singing when in fact the actor has a track usually utilized in grand wedding ceremony proposals in dramas.

Ideally, people today propose since they want a lifetime motivation of enjoy. Jung-ho is speedy to consider and get ready a proposal, but part of the cause that pushed him to do so is Chairman Lee location him up on a blind date.

However the chairman agreed on stepping down and is eager to choose down his personal son, there is however portion of him that feels ominous. The conflict with President Lee has not still been totally settled, and viewers can glance forward to it in subsequent week’s finale alongside with the outcome of Jung-ho’s proposal.

the law cafe

Catch following week’s finale episodes of The Legislation Cafe on Monday and Tuesday in Viu.

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