The Sento Showdown: How a Mortal Kombat Event Seeks to Elevate Accessibility Consciousness

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Combating online games are communal by character, and the broader Combating Match Local community (FGC) and the quite a few pockets of it that pop up around different game titles routinely generate and take part in gatherings based on their beloved video games. From Super Smash Bros. to Mortal Kombat to Street Fighter, gamers of different ability amounts get to contend, often teach, and rejoice their preferred battling video games. The FGC fosters development and help to each professional and informal members of all walks of lifestyle, so it is only pure that occasions catering toward disabled gamers would form, also.

Battling recreation popularity amongst disabled players has progressed with the broader accessibility motion. Handle remapping, trouble configurations, and even the impending Road Fighter 6’s distinct control modes to allow for for less complicated moves and combos are all applications that can reduce or even take out boundaries avoiding disabled folks from properly enjoying. These inclusive design procedures and accessible options ended up instantly dependable for the development of The Sento Showdown, a Mortal Kombat match distinctive to blind/minimal vision gamers. Speaking with IGN, Showdown founder Carlos Vasquez dove back again into the tournament’s origins, reminisced on its evolution and ongoing prominence within just the FGC, and stated his hopes for the upcoming of combating match accessibility and disabled inclusion.

The Sento Showdown not too long ago held its 3rd time.

The Starting of the Sento Showdown

Vasquez is no stranger to the competitive scene. In 2013, he competed in the Evolution Championship Collection, and in 2019 participated in Combo Breaker, a assortment of community-dependent displays and situations. After his 2013 performance, he experienced the prospect to share accessibility worries with numerous developers from NetherRealm Studios, and these exchanges specifically led to a critical accessibility aspect remaining additional to Injustice. Blind/lower eyesight players have the capability to empower audio cues based mostly on their position within stages, significantly as they near interactive objects. Considering the fact that 2013, this possibility carries on to appear in every single NetherRealm Studios recreation.

Nonetheless, it was not Mortal Kombat’s accessibility nor popularity that became the defining factors for the creation of the Showdown, but instead a need to link with members of the local community spurred its inception.

“We have been quite considerably caught when the pandemic begun and [The Sento Showdown] was a way to preserve the aggressive spirit at the time,” Vasquez mentioned. “The way it officially started was a single of the [general FGC] local community members put out a tweet from an notion that was discussed privately, from what I was informed, and that tweet arrived out and was like “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a match for blind players?” That tweet blew up, in essence, and I commented, and I was like “Hey, we can do anything about that.”’

Even with competing in professional and regional offline tournaments, Vasquez never hosted or structured his possess event. Fortunately, with the aid of numerous friends and a willingness and curiosity from the blind/lower eyesight FGC, the Showdown slowly and gradually took sort. Of those people early hurdles, Vasquez notes that at first he and a number of many others desired to research how to correctly set up tournament framework, as properly as casting the matches.

“We commenced finding out how to organize brackets, how to operate the event, how to carry out the streams stay as it is likely on, and it was really an experience mastering all of these new issues and receiving to know how substantially exertion it takes to just organize a thing that appears pretty basic on the internet,” he reported. “Behind the scenes, we experienced some men and women that offered some prizes, and so we took on that possibility and the ball just held on rolling.”

“…It was pretty an encounter understanding all of these new matters and finding to know how significantly effort it can take to just arrange a thing that appears to be like quite very simple on the web.”

Together with the logistics of making and internet hosting an on the web tournament, Vasquez wanted to decide which system would be the most accessible for competitors. Prior to the launch of the recent era of consoles, Xbox’s systemwide accessibility was extra conducive to the desires of blind/very low eyesight players. Magnification, narration, and textual content to speech are just some of the characteristics that visually disabled players use to match with out sighted help. And with this stage of independence afforded by Xbox’s platforms, gamers could take part with out necessitating further lodging.

The Showdown in Motion

The standard perception of camaraderie inside of the FGC intended that Vasquez promptly gained aid from capable-bodied and disabled players alike. Because he and a number of other Showdown organizers were longtime rivals, associates of the Mortal Kombat, Road Fighter, and Tekken fanbases actively inspired setting up a match of this type. With these a wide procedure of support from so a lot of playerbases, Vasquez and other people in just the FGC chose Mortal Kombat to clearly show newcomers that not all preventing game titles needed elaborate inputs or a mastery of in-depth mechanics.

“Whereas with Mortal Kombat, it is a lot more about the combos of particular moves, even combo execution,” he claimed. “It’s quite easy in comparison to other combating games. Now, of program, the additional you get into the competitive environment, the additional hard it gets. Mortal Kombat, for case in point, has specific mechanics to the video game, this sort of as flawless blocking or wave dashing – that permits you to go fast all around the screen – minimal issues like that are what men and women commenced to actually get into at the time, and which is what designed it a lot easier to run a event.”

Every single IGN Mortal Kombat Evaluation

The Sento Showdown prides by itself on bringing powerful competitive motion, not only for equipped-bodied viewers but also for disabled contributors. And the in general excellent of matches attracted the attention of popular FGC customers, as well as developers them selves. But even right before any matches took put, Vasquez spelled out that fascination in the Showdown was previously there.

“The initial calendar year when we hosted it, [NetherRealm Studios] truly went are living when we ran major eight,” he explained. “So, they were being observing, and before we went dwell, they went dwell on their own Twitch stream and had been casually playing the game and talking to the followers. When I went dwell on my stream, they rather a lot [raided] our stream immediately after that.”

The FGC confirmed assist not only via sights, but also by the donation of extraordinary prizes like copies of MK11, an Xbox One particular, and combat adhere for that first 12 months. And NetherRealm Studios was not the only significant company to encourage the party in its early days. For the duration of its 2nd yr, Xbox linked with Vasquez to broadcast the tournament to hundreds of followers. Not only was Xbox the console of preference owing to its systemwide accessibility, but they also supported disabled gamers by highlighting their competitive capabilities.

The Sento Showdown prides alone on bringing intensive competitive action, not only for capable-bodied viewers but also for disabled individuals.

“The second 12 months was a incredibly exclusive one particular simply because we had been in a position to get in contact with Xbox, and our top 8 was streamed on the official Xbox Twitch,” he said. “They have been amazed by the gameplay and just the hoopla general that we introduced, and even some of the producers talked about how they enjoyed observing the grand finals because it went down to the wire.”

This year’s Showdown, which aired on Vasquez’ Twitch channel quite a few weeks ago, highlighted prizes like a statue of Kitana from Mortal Kombat 11, a tailor made hitbox fightstick with The Sento Showdown emblem embossed in braille, a PS5, and a prize pool of $530. Every single prize was donated via varying corporations or users of the FGC that required to help the Showdown all through its 3rd calendar year. Though Vasquez is excited for next year’s level of competition, he is continue to worried about steady neighborhood assist, and what that may possibly signify for the Showdown’s continuation.

The Upcoming of the Showdown

Despite the viewership and local community-gifted rewards towards the Sento Showdown, and its crystal clear achievement consequently significantly, Vasquez is eventually doubtful of its longevity. In contrast to larger tournaments like Evo and Combo Breaker, the Showdown is continue to a grassroots party that highlights blind/lower vision disabled players, and the expense of supporting the tournament every year at this time outweighs the support and exposure. Sento only survives thanks to the donations from the neighborhood that allow for for worthy prizes to be awarded, but there’s no ensure of these 12 months to 12 months. Without that aid, there would be no acceptable rewards for the superior level of competitors. And the irony is not missing on Vasquez that the tournament currently calls for the aid of sighted allies to actually be run since of the use of bracketing internet websites like and, nevertheless he hopes situations like the Showdown can increase that house as properly.

“I experience like the extra we do these issues, the much more consciousness it will begin generating, like ‘Hey your web site requires to be extra obtainable with monitor viewers.’ So, the solutions that we designed correct now are that we have sighted allies that are portion of our volunteer workforce that will use the formal internet site to run the bracket guiding the scenes, but we also designed an available Word doc that has the layout of what the bracket would glance like as you development.”

This level of accessibility awareness is also key in dismantling unfavorable stereotypes regarding disabled players. Inspite of needing added lodging to make the Showdown or even participate, Vasquez needs the FGC to not only regard disabled gamers but remember that they also contend in tournaments along with capable-bodied peers. And that’s ultimately the Showdown’s best mission – to show the require and want for obtainable tournaments, as very well as showcase that disabled players can and are entitled to to contend together with their able-bodied friends.

“The primary thing that we also want to do is notice that just for the reason that there is a incapacity doesn’t mean you have to tone it down,” he reported. “Some of us do engage in from sighted players exterior the blind FGC, you know, we participate in versus prime degree players, and we go toe to toe with them a ton of the time. I feel it is since they both get surprised the initially time, and are like ‘Whoa, how is this happening suitable now,’ but as soon as we carry on actively playing with them, that mentality of ‘You have a incapacity and I don’t’ sort of goes absent, for the reason that now we’re just worried about if my character is far better than yours.”

And that is ultimately the Showdown’s best mission – to exhibit the have to have and drive for obtainable tournaments, and showcase that disabled players can and are entitled to to contend along with their capable-bodied peers.

What started as a response to a tweet has because evolved into an FGC party that encourages inclusivity and accessibility. Not only does The Sento Showdown convey significant-level motion, it also demonstrates that it’s completely achievable for functions to not only be available to spectators, but also to competition. Whilst the Showdown’s foreseeable future may be in flux, Vasquez hopes the get the job done presently done with it can assistance carry on to press the business, and the FGC at substantial, towards elevating disabled gamers together with their capable-bodied peers.

“My hope is that it continues to be in the history of video video games as a system that did its finest to endorse accessibility and also to market a neighborhood-primarily based setting wherever men and women can occur in and not automatically know about battling game titles. I just hope that it is remembered in that manner.”

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