TONIKAWA: Above The Moon For You Special Episode Premiere – Crunchyroll Expo 2022

A line of TONIKAWA admirers excitedly waited to be a person of the to start with folks to view the new specific episode of the romcom series. After an announcement earlier in the week of the series’ delayed launch date from summer to fall, the distinctive preview at Crunchyroll Expo reenergized exhilaration to see extra of Tsukasa and Nasa’s budding romance. For those people who were not in a position to make it into the packed Hime Phase, hope this OAV episode to be just as funny and heartwarming as the initially time.

Titled “Seifuku” (Uniform), the OAV seamlessly continues the exact passionate rigidity involving the prospects as the to start with season. Nasa quickly styles away on his keyboard though Tsukasa watches a selection display. She asks him if the clearly show is distracting from his programming, to which he responds he has no difficulty concentrating. Even though Tsukasa is certain he’s simply slapping his keyboard, Nasa proves his capacity to multitask by answering various trivia inquiries when continue to programming. Aya and Charlotte barge into their living area, but Nasa reveals no symptoms of halting. Collectively, the a few women of all ages arrive up with a approach to distract him by acquiring Tsukasa cosplay as a maid. It performs as he stops typing, but impressively he can continue to response hard quiz thoughts from their Tv set without the need of missing a defeat.

The following day, Nasa is trapped thinking about his spouse in the maid outfit yet again, and speaks his views out loud. Hilariously, he is still programming at breakneck velocity, but continues to envision how cute Tsukasa was. She hears him by means of the screen door, and asks if he would like to see her in it yet again. They have interaction in banter in advance of he straightforwardly admits he would like to see her in it. But his significant respiratory and anticipation scares her so she decides not to put on it.

Later at the Arisugawa bathhouse, Kaname goads Nasa into admitting that he wants to see Tsukasa in a school uniform. Due to the fact she and Nasa weren’t in substantial university jointly, they have hardly ever done a faculty uniform day collectively. Even however Tsukasa feels conflicted about putting on one considering that she’s not in high school, Aya methods her into making an attempt a uniform on. When Tsukasa improvements, Aya and Kaname have her roleplay and act out normal university female scenes, such as taking in toast though running late or falling down with a close to peek up her skirt.

When the two Arisugawa sisters assist the Yuzaki pair get in excess of their passionate awkwardness by pushing them jointly, they bid their farewell and go away the lovebirds. Repeating the previously scene where by Nasa is dropped in believed as he daydreams about Tsukasa, his interior thoughts leak out and she overhears him when yet again. She asks if he’d like to see her in the outfit, to which he quickly responds with a sure. Taken aback, she feedback that even Nasa has “that variety of aspect to him.” But alternatively of denying it, he bluntly answers that you will find no use in lying about his thoughts. She adjustments into her schoolgirl outfit, and Nasa compliments her on how cute she appears to be like. She poses for him and tells him that “this is a fingers off establishment.” On the other hand, he can choose off her socks. After he sensually rolls her thigh superior down, he kisses her knee. They proceed the romantic rigidity until eventually the scene fades into the night.

Nasa is so overjoyed by the experience that he dreams about Tsukasa in her uniform. She cutely wakes him up, only to understand he is woken up to reality by her in simple apparel. He shamelessly asks her to attempt waking him up in the university outfit following time, but she bashfully claims no. Nasa admits some thing may well have woke up in him just after that working day. A stream of applause came from the viewers as the ending credits rolled on display screen. The new episode promises to be a little much more scandalous than before, but with the similar TONIKAWA brand name of intimate comedy.

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