Top 30 Leo Anime Characters

Leo Anime Characters. Many anime characters have canon birthdays that are set by their creators. This gives you an opportunity to highlight your favorite characters on their special day, and also allows you to gain insight into their star signs. While some characters show the signature traits of their sign, others are completely uninfluenced. Let’s now take a look at some of the Leo sign anime characters. Leo, fifth sign of the zodiac, is well-known for being fiery and confident. Leos are a sign that has the power of stars, and they don’t hesitate to show it. Although they are protective and brave, they can be arrogant, jealous and aggressive. Leo’s signature traits may not be shared by all Leo-born characters. Saiki K is a powerful Leo but wants to be left alone. Some characters, however, are almost perfect. It’s difficult to get more from Leo, than Yato, a god that collects worshipers. Let me tell you about the 35 Anime Lions characters.

Top 30 Leo Anime Characters

List of 30 Leo Anime Characters You Should See:

30 Jinpachi Toudou (Yowamushi Pedal)

Leo Anime Characters

Jinpachi was born and raised in Hakone at his family’s hot springs inn, Toudou-An (“Toudou Retreat House”), which has existed since the Meiji era. Initially, he had no interest in joining any athletic club despite his impressive athletic abilities, which he attributed to how his parents took him on hiking trips where he built up endurance and the ability to move efficiently. Toudou’s interest lied solely in fashion and having a good appearance. His friend at Hakone Yumotodai Middle School, Shusaku Itokawa, described Toudou as having a cold attitude, but still being popular among the girls at school.

One day when first visiting Jinpachi’s inn during their eighth grade year, Shusaku, the son of a family that owned a cycle shop, asked Toudou to join him in the Hakone Road Hill Climb race being held at the Hakone turnpike in October. Jinpachi simply looked at his friend’s cycling helmet with disdain and turned down the idea, saying that the helmet would mess up his hair, and that he didn’t have the proper bike to ride in a race.

Jinpachi’s only bike at the time was an old granny bike he called his “Super Shopping Cart”. Previously, Jinpachi had taken Shuusaku with him to Odawara City to buy a sports jersey, and the two friends had swapped bikes on the way back for fun. Toudou was impressed to ride his friend’s fast cross bike, and Shuusaku noted that when he rode Toudou’s granny bike, it was incredibly noisy even though it was silent when Toudou rode it.

Toudou explained that when he first got the bike, it was already ancient and noisy, so he tried different ways of pedaling until he discovered it made no sound if he pedaled with the most efficiency. The reason he did this was simply because a noisy granny bike was just uncool.

29 Aqua (KonoSuba)

Leo Anime Characters

Aqua has an interesting yet troublesome personality. She is high-spirited, cheerful, and carefree, but rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions. While she doesn’t force her beliefs onto others, Aqua always acts or speaks on her whims. As a result, she can behave very inappropriately in many situations. It is also very easy to taunt Aqua with jeers or lure her with praises. Since Aqua, as a goddess, thrives on praise/worship points, she usually performs good deeds, but then immediately ruins her own merits by seeking praises aggressively and persistently. Also, while many of her ‘good deeds’ turn out fine, Aqua is very short-sighted, and some of these ‘good deeds’ turn out to be complete disasters.

28 Leo de la Iglesia (Yuri!!! on ICE)

Leo Anime Characters

Leo is a fairly quiet young man and always thinks of his friends. When he’s down, just seeing or thinking about his friends makes him very happy. Even, he will always be willing to help them in whatever they need. He constantly tries to enjoy all the competitions instead of concentrating on winning. In addition, he is a very creative person since he decides his own choreographies. It is also willing to change its programs to adapt to the competition.

27 Latifah Fleuranza (Amagi Brilliant Park)

Latifah Fleuranza - 'Amagi Brilliant Park'

Latifa is cheerful person and she is often seen with a smile on her face. She is a caring and passionate person who is shown to be concerned about the future of the amusement park and it falling apart. Despite seeming soft and sweet, it’s clear that she would go to great lengths to protect the park-evidenced by how she was willing to kiss a boy she had only just met to prove her “magic”. She is a trusting person who is willing to put the future of the park in the hands of a stranger. She is also very calm in difficult situations.

26 Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)

Kurisu Makise - 'Steins;Gate'

On July 28th, Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference, but was denounced by Okabe Rintaro. Before Rintaro could make any more fuss in the conference, he is pulled away by Kurisu Makise, who claimed to have bumped into him 15 minutes earlier. Rintaro resorts to his cell phone, in which he reports to “someone” regarding being caught by an operative of a certain Agency. Kurisu manages to snatch his cell phone and discovers that it is turned off. In response, Rintaro just gives a farewell remark and sprints downstairs. She is later found by Rintaro lying in a pool of blood, and Rintaro texts Itaru about it.

25 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach)

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez – Bleach

While appearing to be a laid back individual, Grimmjow possesses a blunt, impulsive, and excessively violent personality alongside his strong character. However, despite his aggression and obvious bloodlust in battle, Grimmjow possesses savage cunning and a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. Also, he is blunt, sarcastic, and downright sadistic, revealing a psychotic grin or maniacal laughter when he becomes aroused. He is also very rude and very disrespectful. Grimmjow uses no honorifics in the Japanese language except when addressing Aizen, and refers to Orihime Inoue as “woman” in conversation.

24 Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas - 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

For the character in the One Shot, see Meliodas(Oneshot) Meliodas is the Dragon of Wrath who leads the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the main protagonist of the series, and was the owner of the famous Boar Hat, a tavern. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Slicer Lostvayne and his primary ability is Full Counter. He is also the former Head of the Ten Commandments, as Meliodas of Charity. Jiai no Meriodasu, a former member of the Stigma Alliance, and the eldest son of the Demon King.

23 Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

Tuxedo Mask - 'Sailor Moon

Mamoru Chiba is the present-day incarnation of Prince Endymion and the civilian identity of Tuxedo Mask.

22 Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

Kanade Tachibana - 'Angel Beats'

Kanade is a very quiet person, therefore mysterious. She almost never shows emotions, feelings or feelings, which makes her indecipherable. Always calm, she stays alone almost all the time, and no one really knows her. But his rather discreet character conceals his great power, which makes him a formidable enemy for the SSS. As the series progresses, Kanade begins to reveal more feelings, especially towards Otonashi.

21 Taiga Aisaka (Toradora)

 Taiga Aisaka - 'Toradora!'

Aisaka Taiga, a young girl who is nicknamed “The Pocket Tigress” at her high school is ranked first among the most dangerous students in the school. Despite her harsh and cold nature, she is kind and shy around Kitamura, her classmate. Due to problems with her father, she moved out of her home and now lives in an apartment in the same building as Ryuji. Ryuji is a classmate that will help her connect with Kitamura.

20 Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kyon is a student of North High School, Nishinomiya. His classmate Haruhi Suzumiya drags him along, an eccentric schoolgirl who is interested in supernatural phenomena such as time travel, aliens, and espers. Haruhi, with Kyon’s reluctant assistance, establishes the “SOS Brigade” (SOSTuan, Esu-O-Esu Dan), which stands for “Spreading excitement All Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade” Sekai Oini Moiageru Tame No Suzumiya Haruhi Dan). This club is used to investigate strange events.

19 Shiro (No Game No Life)

Shiro - 'No Game No Life'

Shiro is described by her ability to think logically and solve problems, but she has trouble understanding emotions and behaviors. She is very intelligent but has very few emotions. Her speech is smooth and her sentences are laconic. Shiro is a chess champion and has won every game she has ever played. She is fluent in 18 languages, and can learn Imanity’s language within 15 minutes (whereas Sora took an hour). She also excels at video games, playing over 280 of them together.

18 Tenya Iida (My Hero Academia)

Tenya Iida - 'My Hero Academia'

Tenya may look severe, unfriendly, and even intimidating at first glance, but he’s actually a very straightforward, earnest, intelligent, sophisticated, disciplined, and noble person, although a bit clueless about personal interactions due to his elite upbringing. A testament to his generally hyperactive and intense behavior, Tenya often exhibits plenty of peculiar tics, such as moving his arms around in strange chopping patterns or sometimes twitching his own body uncontrollably, yet he rarely sheds his usual strict expression.

17 Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan)

Sasha Blouse - 'Attack on Titan'

Leo Anime Characters. Sasha was a friendly, fun-loving girl. Originating from Dauper Village, she had a local accent, but actively hid it out of embarrassment by using formal speech, even when conversing with her fellow cadets.[8]

Initially, Sasha was somewhat timid and prone to make mistakes when under stressful situations.[8] She was rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition was very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she had been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

16 Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)

Leo Anime Characters.

Leo Anime Characters. Tomoe’s over-the-top good looks earn him a bevy of admirers wherever he goes. He usually merely tolerates the attention, rejecting any deeper connection.

Yokai age very slowly. Though he is actually several hundred years old, Tomoe appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. His hair is silver-white, normally worn short but in ages past he allowed it to grow quite long. His ears are large and fox-like, and he is able to manipulate them in a similar fashion. His eyes are angled similarly to a fox’s, with violet fox-like pupils that darken with strong emotion. He also appears to wear eyeliner but that’s most likely not true. He has a very fluffy, full, white tail.

15 Nagisa Hazuki (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

Leo Anime Characters.

Leo Anime Characters. Nagisa has a cheerful personality. He is very strong and not afraid to express his opinion, these traits define him as a simple person. It was this very direct personality that created the Iwatobi swim team. He can be very enthusiastic about things that interest him.

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14 Big Red Dot (My Hero Academia)

Big Red Dot (My Hero Academia)

Leo Anime Characters. Big Red Dot was one of the foreign heroes contacted by the Hero Public Safety Commission to fight All For One. He is frustrated at all the red tape involved in aiding a friend.

13 Risa Koizumi (Lovely Complex)

Leo Anime Characters.

Throughout the series, Risa is portrayed as a loud, strong, and impulsive person who is easily embarrassed by “adult” subjects such as dating, kissing, and sex. Though she is extremely confident on the outside, she struggles with her height and general lack of a girly demeanor. Her height had always bothered her, but it didn’t pose an issue until her then-crush Suzuki stated that he doesn’t see her as a girl simply because of her height.

12 Isaac “Zack” Foster (Satsuriku no Tenshi)

Isaac “Zack” Foster – Satsuriku no Tenshi

Leo Anime Characters. Zack is impulsive and prone to violence. He is chaotic, quick to anger, and doesn’t hesitate to use foul language in any given situation. When he gets the urge to kill, he becomes giddy and uncontrollably violent. He is barely able to control his murderous impulses. Zack has come into terms with being viewed as a monster due to his appearance and violent tendencies. While he has no problem with murder and destruction, he does see dishonesty as immoral, often declaring how much he hates liars.

11 Yato (Noragami)

Leo Anime Characters.

Yato can be mischievous, crude, and unpredictable in his behavior. At times, he is rather childish or gullible. He often indulges in fantasies of becoming a supremely successful god, with a large, luxurious shrine and many miko fawning over him.

10 Lavi (D.Gray-Man)

Lavi – D.Gray-Man

Lavi has quite a complex personality. Indeed, Lavi is first of all a young teenager of very playful nature. Always smiling, he brings good humor around him. You will often see him with his smile nailed to his lips. He has a certain taste for antics, moreover Bookman often hits him telling him to stop fooling around. Lavi particularly enjoys teasing Kanda including calling him by his first name.

9 Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha - 'Naruto'

Leo Anime Characters. When he was a child, Sasuke was a very nice boy, affectionate towards his parents and his brother, and respectful towards his clan as well as his teachers. He was even very proud to be Itachi’s brother and Fugaku’s son. His original dream was to join the Konoha Police Department later, like his father. For this reason, he greatly sought his father’s approval and recognition of his abilities. After Itachi massacred the clan, Sasuke’s innocence was damaged, his ideals and personality changed drastically, he became cold, lonely, cruel, cynical, a bit arrogant and for the next eight years of his life he devoted himself to his revenge against Itachi.

8 Cross Marian (D. Gray-Man)

Leo Anime Characters.

Leo Anime Characters. Yato can be mischievous, crude, and unpredictable in his behavior. At times, he is rather childish or gullible. He often indulges in fantasies of becoming a supremely successful god, with a large, luxurious shrine and many miko fawning over him.

7 Mina “Pinky” Ashido (My Hero Academy)

Mina “Pinky” Ashido – My Hero Academy

Mina is a spunky, cheerful, and easy-going girl who displays a wide smile on her face most of the time. Very sociable and exciting, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, and is shown to be very upset when denied an opportunity to be at a gathering. She has a strong sense of fashion and likes to go shopping.

6 Kusuo Saiki (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

Leo Anime Characters.

As a Psi user, Kusuo is usually emotionless and constrains himself from having many friends, preferring to do whatever it takes to not be associated with others so that he doesn’t expose his powers. Due to this, he has never spoken using his voice, instead preferring to project his words via telepathy into the minds of others. Although he didn’t have any friends a first year, during his 2nd year, a lot of his classmates like Riki, Shun, Kineshi, Aren, Kokomi, Chiyo, Chisato, Reita, and Mikoto kept on bugging him and somehow changed his perspective. He later thought of himself as a friend of theirs and even outwardly called Shun his friend.

5 Ritsu Tainaka (K-On!)

Ritsu Tainaka - 'K-On!'

Leo Anime Characters. Ritsu Tainaka, called Ricchan by Tsumugi Kotobuki and Yui Hirasawa, is one of the 5 main characters in K-ON!. She is the self-appointed president of the Light Music Club and the drummer of the band Ho-kago Tea Time. She was the one who rebooted the Light Music Club when it was on the verge of being disbanded and has become the natural leader of the club since then.

4 Shinya Kogami (Psycho-Pass)

Leo Anime Characters

Shinya has great skills as a detective and is able to solve cases with very little difficulty. When this is the case, Shinya always keeps a cool head no matter what situation he’s in, and he doesn’t let emotions overwhelm him. The way he handles investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them. However, despite his mostly serious personality, Shinya has a sense of humor and seems to find amusement in teasing Akane at times.

3 Mereoleona Vermillion (Black Clover)

Mereoleona Vermillion – Black Clover

Leo Anime Characters. Mereoleona has a hostile attitude and short temper. She is a loud and aggressive woman who believes actions show more than words. However, despite this, Mereoleona shows a deep understanding in how to motivate others, even those she just met.[9] She respects anyone who is willing to get strong and does not judge others based off their upbringings or lineage.

She dislikes the Royal Capital so she spends most of the year out in the wilderness, hunting wild animals and basking in natural mana.Despite her dislike and initial refusal for the captaincy, she takes over when Fuegoleon Vermillion is incapacitated, and leads the Royal Knights in an attack on the Eye of the Midnight Sun, hoping to avenge her brother.

2 Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas - 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

Meliodas is the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Doragon Shin and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, the husband and lover of Elizabeth Liones and her previous incarnations, the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat, the current king of Kingdom of Liones, the father of Tristan, and the main protagonist of the series. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full Counter. He was also the head of the Ten Commandments, as Meliodas the Love, Jiai no Meriodasu, and a former member of Stigma after his defection from the Demon Clan.

1 Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Bulma - 'Dragon Ball Z'

Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma?) Is a fictional character created by Akira Toriyama in the Dragon Ball manga in 1984. Born on August 18 and she first appeared on November 20, 1984 in the first episode of Dragon Ball, published in Weekly Shōnen Jump. She meets the hero Goku and recruits him as a bodyguard to travel and go in search of the Dragon Balls to fulfill her wishes. She will later marry Prince Vegeta, who was initially her enemy, but who later became her husband. She will have a son with him, named Trunks, and a little girl named Bra. Japanese fans elected Bulma the seventeenth most popular character in the series in a 2004 poll.

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