Trump’s ‘Free Speech’ Social Network, Truth Social, Is Banning People For Truthing The Truth About January 6 Hearings


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In news that will surprise basically no one, Truth Social, Trump’s social network that was pitched as being about bringing free speech back and not doing any “viewpoint discrimination,” even as its terms of service promised it would be heavily moderated, is now banning users for trying to spread some “truths” about the January 6 hearings.

Tsk tsk. What has become of free speech?

I mean, this isn’t the first time people have noticed this. But it is worth calling out, especially as people keep insisting that sites like Twitter and YouTube should never moderate anything based on “viewpoint discrimination.”

So, will Texas AG Ken Paxton kick off an investigation into Truth Social’s moderation practices? Will Elon Musk insist that he needs to purchase Truth Social to bring free speech back? Will Trump supporters who insist that “big tech is censoring” their voices admit that little tech is now doing the reverse? Will Project Veritas catfish Truth Social employees and release misleading videos?

Will literally anyone who has been spewing nonsense about how any of this is about “free speech” admit that maybe they were wrong?

Or will everyone just go on culture warrioring, and pretending nothing at all happened?

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