UCLA Law Releases Confidential Student Information


The University of California, Los Angeles law school accidentally released to first-year students information about rising third-year students, including their grade-point averages and success in landing jobs, Law.com reported.

The data included students’ names. UCLA intended to share the information without names.

UCLA released this statement: “Our career services staff recently shared information with our rising 2L students to help them prepare for interviews. Unfortunately, this information included a spreadsheet that contained hidden tabs that should have been removed. Those tabs contained some rising 3L students’ 1L GPAs, along with firms from whom they had callbacks or offers. This accidental disclosure was a meaningful breach of confidentiality, and we feel terrible about it. Once the error was discovered, the confidential information was removed immediately. We are working closely with the university’s Office of Records and Registration to follow all university rules and federal laws, and to address what happened in order to ensure that no such thing happens again.”


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