Vampire Manhwa: Our Top 25

Vampire Manhwa is a ranking based on the popularity, history and other criteria of the films and also a little on my personal judgment. So it might be that your favorite movies won’t rank where you want. anyway let’s start this.

Vampire Manhwa Ranking From Least To Best

#25 Savior


Vampires cannot survive without blood.Wohnku was a vampire and was hungry for blood. It was difficult to find a good source of blood for Wohn as a child. Seyeon, a little girl from the Wohn permanent source , decided to take up the role of Wohn’s permanent blood supply .They are now in college after many years. Wohn meets Juyi and learns about Juyi’s father. They became close friends, and began to grow closer each day. Seyeon didn’t like that.She plans to end Wohn and Juyi’s friendship.

#24 The Flower of Vampires

The Flower of Vampires

Who doesn’t love adventure, with some drama and some cool action scenes? Well! This is the place for you if you enjoy adventure-action drama with a vampire twist.The story of a mysterious Vampire Flower is told in The Flower of Vampires. This could have a lot power, according to some. A vampire named Louver sets out on a journey to find the flower with a human Framer.They continue their journey and begin to feel closer to each other.

#23 A Vampire’s First Love

 A Vampire’s First Love

Vampires live a lengthy life but they slowly get weaker and less powerful until they die . Our MC was not one of these vampires.Our MC was a vampire . lived in a box within an abandoned church. A girl came in one day and opened her coffin. Want to know what she did when she saw the vampire? She died!Our MC awakens and decides that he will take her to his dimension. Our MC decided to take her to his dimension.

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#22 Delicious Blood

Delicious Blood

Choi Yoo Jung discovered herself with 100,000,000 yen credit. This is crazy. To top it all… she is just a normal high school teenager. She was forced to donate the money to Delicious Blood Cafe.Choi Yoo Jung is approached by Daniel, a handsome man who asks her if she’d like to work in a cafe so she can repay her debt. Choi was forced to make a choice and would have eventually found a part-time position.She will not be able to pay the she owes . Daniel knows a secret

#21 Beautiful Legends

Beautiful Legends

Beautiful Legends is the story of Humanity vs. Vampires. There are many vampires. But not all. What would you do if you were to wake up one day and find vampires outside?Are you afraid? Will you be able to fight them? You shouldn’t fight them naked so get ready!However, there was another group that was known for being legendary and who fought to stop these vampires from destroying humanity. This team also had a girl who was IMMORTAL. Want to know how she became immortalized? Some kind of painting was her secret weapon.

#20 Vampire of the East

Vampire of the East

Yangsun, left alone by her family, began to sell books to make some money to survive.While she was delivering books, she noticed a handsome professor. She becomes obsessed with him and discovers a dark secret the professor would never want anyone to know: the professor is actually VAMPIRE!Yes! Yes! They can’t be together. Want to find why? This is because professor, a VAMPIRE, and Yangsun are both humans.

#19 The Tarot Cafe

The Tarot Cafe

Pamela is our MC. She runs a regular-looking cafe. She is a serious job and it’s not killing or any like that.Her job is to assist supernatural beings that are living in this world. Yes! Yes! It doesn’t matter if the beingis similar to or from what species it is… she is determinedto assist these beings.

#18 Runaway Bridge Of The Vampire Duke

Runaway Bridge Of The Vampire Duke

Duke Edwards William was the owner of a beautiful, huge palace! Want to know something secret about Edwards Well! He is still alive!Ilana, a normal-looking girl, found herself in the palace and seemed to be trapped inside. The Duke instructed her to marry him as she was walking about. Wow!! That’s crazy.What will Ilana do next? Ilana will accept the palace or stay in prison? To find out, you will need to read the manhwa! You will have to read the manhwa itself to find out!

#17 Vampire Next Door

Vampire Next Door

Nana Jeong has just moved intoa new apartment..Her grandmother , who was a Shaman andwas able to interact with creaturesaround such as ghosts, stuff, and others. Unfortunately, Nana Jeong was not able to do this and wasn’t a good Shaman.She moved into her apartment. She was a typical teenage girl looking to meet attractive young boys. Fortunately , there was a handsome boy who lived next door by the name of Cheolsu.He was the one she fell in love and then shocked to discover that Choelsu is actually a vampire!

#16 Crepuscule


Today’s society bullies people who are different.Crepuscule tells the story of our MC Lark who was constantly bullied. Want to know why? He had red eyes. I’m referring to bullying someone because of their eyes color. knows too much.Setz is a vampire who will meet Lark. Setz wasn’t the only person to not bully Lark, and he didn’t call him a Monster. Lark began to suffer from more terrible things. Setz decided to welcome Lark to his home.

#15 Blood Link

Blood Link

Hwa Gok was a regular university student, who was just living his day when something unexpected happened.Hwa spots a girl being attacked by a vampire. Oh!He attempts to save the girl but Lee Bin eats Hwa. But! It turns that Hwa is actually a vampire . That’s when begins the romance Lee Bin and Hwa Guk. Their relationship is now called the Blood Link.

#14 My Vampire System

My Vampire System

Vampire Manhwa. The human race is at great risk. They consider Dalki far too powerful for them to manage. This isn’t the end for humanity.Many people came forward one day. You might wonder, “What’s so special?” Well! They possess powers and abilities that could help them defeat Dalki.Our MC Quinn, had lost everything. He was without his family, home, and everything he loved . Quinn was unable to open a mysterious book . He finally opened the book one day. To make more, he was given tasks. Drinking Human Blood was his last task.

#13 The Unquenchable Mr.Kim

The Unquenchable Mr.Kim

Vampire Manhwa. Kim Doyoon is your average employee and has been at a place for 5 years. This means he is very familiar with place.He keeps a secret from everyone. Well! Well! He is not a vampire. vampires need blood to survive . He won’t touch bloodin the initial.The truth says that he cannot drink human blood. He won’t even try to drink it. This secret is something I already mentioned. One mistake changed his entire life

#12 Can I Bite You?

Can I Bite You?

This Manhwa’s story revolves around Lee Chae-I. Lee Chae-I became a famous celebrity unknowingly because of a headache. Seo Lee Jun, a top-rated celebrity, is her dark secret.After being bitten by Seo Lee, she learned that he is a vampire. Lee Jun suggests a relationship with Chae-I.

#11 My Fiance Is A Vampire Hunter!

My Fiance Is A Vampire Hunter!

Vampire Manhwa. You’ve seen the vampires go on rampages and kill tons of people, right? This isn’t as in My Fiancee has become a Vampire Hunter.Although the title tells a lot about our story, I’ll still explain it to those who don’t get it. Maxie almost tried to kill Louis, our MC. But, something very strange happened. Oh! Maxie is a Vampire Hunter – a cruel one to be precise.Maxie’s memories of are misplaced , and she somehow decides to wed Louis. Woah! This became a whole new adventure. Remember one thing: Her memories are corrupted, as I mentioned earlier. Louis must be ready for whatever comes next, because she can retrieve her memories at any moment.

#10 Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy

Humans have been known to fall in love, but how many of you have ever witnessed a vampire fall in love? Yes!! Yes! It is quite strange to see how the vampire falls for his blood source in this manga.Bite Me is the story of a Vampire named Jo Eun-jo who develops feelings for Jo Eunjo.

#9 Blood Type Love

Blood Type Love

Medieval Vampiresare Cooland all. But let’s switch up and talk about modern Vampires.Vampires no longer need to hunt blood in modern times. They can easily get blood very easily. They were making a vine. Yes! A vine.The new rule is those with rare or delicious blood are now allowed to sell it for real cash. There was this girl with the rarest blood type in the world. Every vampire wants her blood.

#8 Bite Me

Bite Me

Vampire Manhwa. Humans have been known to fall in love, but how many of you have ever witnessed a vampire fall in love? Yes!! A human! It is quite strange to see how the vampire falls for his blood source.Bite Me tells the story of a Vampire that slowly develops feelings for Jo Eun-jo. If you want to see a bloodthirsty vampire fall for a human girl, Bite Me is a great choice!

#7 Vampire Chef

Vampire Chef

Have you heard of Vampire Chefs ? No? Well! Also, I’m not too lazy!The story of Hong Ki Yoon is the Vampire Chef. His mother was a vampire, and his father was human. He was half-human and half-vampire. Hong is home to one of the most acclaimed restaurants.His one dream is all he has, and it’s kinda strange. He would like to drink the blood his childhood friend. His childhood friend visited the restaurant one day but was unable to do anything.

#6 Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Vampire Manhwa. Vampires require blood to survive, but this isn’t the case in Orange Marmalade .Orange Marmalade is the story of vampires that have chosen to stop eating human blood and have made it a normal lifestyle as humans.They don’t require blood to survive. However, they find blood tasty and decide to stop drinking human blood. One girl, who was a vampire, joined high school to find a handsome boy. You probably know what will be next? She accidentally bit his neck!

#5 The Blood Of Madam Giselle

The Blood Of Madam Giselle

Giselle is a married woman who had a difficult time due to her husband. It’s very for you to see what I mean. It’s hard to believe she was so excited to see her husband, but when she discovers that her husband is not okay in her mind, she must be devastated.She was walking along the street when she noticed a creepy kid in a… cage. The kid was basically trapped. Soon she visits the child every day.

#4 Bloody Sweet

Bloody Sweet

Vampire Manhwa. Her classmates are constantly bullying her, but it’s not because she’s fat or any other reason. She is being bullied because she belonged to a witch family.One day, the girl takes a field trip to have fun. But, it becomes a disaster when some girls lock our MC in a room.Then, suddenly, a vampire who goes by the name Fetechou appears. They suddenly feel connected.

#3 UnTOUCHable


Sia Lee was born with an amazing power. She could absorb energy from all kinds of beings just by touching them. Wow! If you ask me, she is very powerful.A named Jiho has just moved into Sia’s neighborhood. Since that day, she has been obsessed with him. She wants to touch his face but he is a germaphobe.To get the things she desires , she must help him overcome phobia.

#2 The Maid And The Vampire

 The Maid And The Vampire

Vampire Manhwa. Our MC, Areum was happy until she was in a car crash and ended up in another universe.This world is called Solter. There is one vampire in this world. people mistakenly thought Areum was a vampire because her hair color was the same as that of the only other vampire in the world.She was sold to the Duke , but she didn’t realize that the Duke was actually the VAMPIRE. She had no choice except to serve the Duke. Otherwise, she would not be able to survive in this mysterious and unknown world all by herself.

#1 White Blood

 White Blood

The world is in serious danger. vampires have been born. humanity will not be saved if no one does anything.Hayan was a vampire that didn’t wish to harm anyone. She wanted to live a normal existence in this world, but it won’t be easy.She could only hide her identity by becoming a member of the Violent Community, as humans call it.

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