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CSotD: Weekend Addition (primarily Division)

It’s usually fantastic to commence with a joke, and today’s In the Bleachers (AMS) designed me redouble my lookup for a 50 %-remembered golfing joke, which I finally came up with:

A golfer is about to tee off when he sees a extended funeral procession on the road up coming to the class. He stops in mid-swing, normally takes off his golfing cap, closes his eyes, and bows his head. A single of the other players states: “Wow! That is the most thoughtful and touching factor I have at any time observed. You are really a variety gentleman.” The fellow replies, “Yeah, perfectly, we ended up married for 35 several years.”

The other detail that had me hoping to keep in mind that joke was studying that Ivana Trump was buried just off the 1st tee at Bedminster, which reminded me of a 4-calendar year-prolonged joke I’d been striving to forget.


All kinds of dead bodies ended up buried this previous week at Trump National Golf Club, as Michael de Adder reminds us.

I did not know how the location competent as a “national golf club” and imagined probably it intended Canadians weren’t permitted to participate in there, but naturally Saudis are, so I poked all-around and located out that there are at minimum 11 Trump Nationwide Golf Golf equipment, which includes one particular on Jupiter, which appeared quite fascinating, even though it would be challenging to score a gap in one with the elevated gravity.

Turns out it’s in Jupiter, Florida, so the total factor is form of a franchise, like a Chuck E. Cheese but with presumably fewer tasteful decor.


In any situation, our stable genius, as Clay Jones points out, has forgotten seeing the Towers slide, observing Arabs cheer and supporting to clear up the particles — probably since he manufactured all that things up — and has now remembered that he doesn’t know nearly anything about 9/11 after all, which cleared him to pocket the greens expenses from his Saudi close friends and not only host but take part in their sportswashing event.

And let’s observe that, although Biden’s take a look at to Jedda looks to have included release of Saudi oil to assistance ease the effects of the Russian cutoff to Europe, some easing of relations among the Saudis and Israel, and confirmation of a ceasefire in the bloody war in Yemen, the rightwing continues to be so torqued in excess of that fist-bump that they have not even had time to discuss LIV golfing and TFG’s eager participation in it.


Then once more, Mike Luckovich reminds us, the GOP, having expended 4 a long time telling us to fork out no interest to the gentleman at the rear of that curtain, are horrified that individuals dare to wake up to reality, and they have turned the notion into an insult.

Though I suppose, below the journalistic rule of “On this hand, but then again on the other,” we shouldn’t counsel that people who are awake are any improved than individuals who stay blissfully asleep.


As Pat Bagley demonstrates, the significant place is to continue to be on information, no make a difference what the concept, as prolonged as you’re declaring what your voters want to hear.


In the “Sauce for the Goose Will not Perform for the Gander” class, Kirk Walters (KFS) reminds us that economists have not all run eating places or hardware merchants.

I’ll grant you that, when I was a business enterprise reporter, it helped that I was, on the 1 hand, crafting about worldwide trade agreements and the inventory market place although, on the other, I was profiling nearby small companies.

But, if practical experience in the business earth is what qualifies you to examine the economic climate, I guess I’d have to ask if that applies to political cartoonists, who feel to have no hesitation in laying out the financial failures of the administration and who, in contrast to a complete great deal of genuine economists, are not reluctant to use the most straightforward definition of “recession” to the present scenario fairly than analyze the broader elements that can go into generating the phone.

There is, of program, that previous joke that, if you laid all the economists conclude to conclusion, they would not arrive at a summary.

But there is also a declaring between cartoonists that, if everyone is mad at you, you have to have gotten it correct. Actuality is, if they’re all mad, it generally suggests you completely f*ed up.

In the meantime, Wikipedia has experienced to lock the site on economic downturn since of all the volunteer gurus who hold re-editing the definition.


I’d say that, if a cartoonist is likely to comment on economic challenges, he really should do it with the wit of Ben Jennings.

An overall remark on oil organization gains wouldn’t have 50 % the effect of singling out the world’s most hated oil corporation to make a joke involving shells, whilst linking it not to an impersonal corporation but to the shareholders emphasizes the class inequity at do the job.

I never know if gas costs are falling as fast in the United kingdom as they are listed here, but Jennings gets more details for commenting on the quarterly stories rather than tying the gag totally to cost-at-the-pump. Their profiteering is not an issue that should fade from view as prices tumble.

Though I have not listened to that any person in Parliament has voted towards limiting fuel enterprise profiteering the way Republicans did in this region.

Which bring us to this

Juxtaposition of the Day

(Ann Telnaes)


(Nick Anderson – Counterpoint)


(Benjamin Slyngstad)

I have to wonder how a lot of times the elephant can get away with stepping on its individual trunk before some message hits the ache centre and will make it cease.

Aside from voting versus gas firm profiteering at a time people have been screaming at high fuel costs, the GOP has imposed pressured-start regulations that victimize rape victims and threaten the lives of other females, and has absent on history from start manage, and, most just lately, from veterans exposed to poisonous substances.

It is one particular detail to nitpick the precise definition of a recession, and to cherry-choose a couple unqualified researchers to assistance defy the spectre of climate alter. It’s not honest, but it is how the game’s performed.

But it usually takes several years of convincing your supporters not to glimpse at the rear of that curtain in get to get absent with the abject cruelty of these latest moves.

Still, if you set ample effort and hard work into turning individuals in opposition to each and every other, then “the cruelty is the point” gets system.

And we know it is effective.


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