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I’m so outdated that, when I saw today’s Pooch Cafe, I thought, “Well, there is a cartoon that appeals to the younger people.” Then I realized that the little little ones I took to see Tron are now 46 and 50 respectively.

Even at 6 and 10, I never assume they took the movie critically, but we genuinely preferred it in any case. Like the original Battlestar Galactica, I never believe the point was to consider it significantly.

Disney keeps Tron close to, but I suspect extra for nostalgia than anything else. The particular consequences, which haven’t aged all that perfectly, had been awesome at the time, however.

Nostalgia produced for a excellent chortle this morning, in any case, and the only trouble with Tron was the arcade activity, which was truly enjoyable for 3 or 4 degrees and then became wholly unachievable, even on those unique days when you could shell out 5 bucks and engage in as quite a few online games as you wanted.


Speaking of evil geniuses in the cyberverse, Michael de Adder paints a grim prediction of what Twitter will grow to be at the time Elon Musk takes regulate and instantly loses manage.

If you curate your feed intelligently, Twitter is a excellent place to connect with smart individuals, but Musk’s pledge to permit Trump and other crazies and liars back again on board will drinking water that down, even though most observers suggest that his system to fire 75% of the workforce will not only open it to bigots and fascisti but to spammers, scammers and pirates.


Twitter is already commencing to undergo from some of Facebook’s flaws, like people today who fish for responses with “What’s your favourite sweet bar?” thoughts, and persons like Brewster Rockit (Tribune) who reward them with solutions.

If Musk cuts employees to the position were being becoming on Twitter opens you up to like-farming, identity theft and even worse, your very own thorough weeding will not be more than enough to make it safe and sound to even be there.

If worse will come to worst, we’ll all have to go back to getting our own information resources fairly than relying on links from properly-knowledgeable friends on the Twitterverse, and that is not not possible but it can be type of grueling.

I had now been examining the Bulwark and the Trusted Sources publication, as properly as the Washington Submit and a neighborhood New Hampshire aggregator. Now the latest supply on the block, Semafor, would make a sound addition, but it all provides up to a whole lot of studying and I use Twitter mainly to preserve up with cartoonists who submit there.


I hope to locate a new accumulating location that isn’t way too entire of folks like the fellas in this Pardon My Planet (KFS).

Which removes a whole lot of the current platforms, nevertheless they are already demonstrating up on Twitter in any case.

All of which, bear in intellect, is speculation and dependent on Musk really closing the deal and emerging with his pants, which is considerably from a sure detail.

In any scenario, the effectively-recognized quote “What’s good for Common Motors is fantastic for The usa,” is not only of doubtful origin, but does not implement to each motor firm.


Though we can hope that the inverse is legitimate.


Juxtaposition of the Day

(Involving Pals — KFS)

(Lee Judge — KFS)

Not generally we get a juxtaposition involving the funnies and editorial, but here’s a timely pairing, even though I concur with Between Friends and not so a great deal with Lee Judge.

NPR’s 1A just concluded a masterful collection on poverty in The usa, in which, among the other issues, I learned that I’m bunched in with the operating bad who hover in the twilight zone of not acquiring a lot but acquiring also substantially to anticipate any assist, and that I’m a total lot improved off than other seniors who depend on Social Protection.

So the 8.7% value-of-residing rise was welcome news, since I’ve adopted a finances which, as the tips in Susan’s reserve indicates, operates perfectly, as extensive as I really do not expend something.

The impending COLA is based mostly on 3rd-quarter inflation, and not only is inflation slowing down a bit, but the timing signifies that SS recipients will have experienced six months to regulate to all those bigger prices by the time the further income shows up in January.

We will not roll all over in it like Scrooge McDuck, but we may acquire a pizza.


Or we could use the additional money to spend to heat our residences, instead than digging up the avenue and burning it in our fireplaces, which is seemingly a popular observe the place Chip Bok (Creators) life, except if the folks there have found a way to energy their autos on asphalt.


In any situation, we’ll be in a position to do far more than watch daytime Tv set all working day, which is superior simply because the drug organizations are becoming determined to provide us things, on the idea that, if we’re sitting all around observing that crap, there ought to undoubtedly be a little something wrong with us.

This Barney & Clyde (WPWG) is amusing, but way much too real, since the advertisements for medications on Television spend about 10 seconds environment up the proposition and the rest of the business rattling off disclaimers like the man in the previous FedEx commercials.

The major transform getting that they are no longer just warnings about producing hives or achievable nutritional upset, but about the chances of loss of life.

They remind me of Abbie Hoffman’s story about working as a salesman for a pharmaceutical organization when he initially got out of college or university. He questioned his boss, in his terms, “Is this shit any superior?”

The response was, “Well, it won’t destroy them.”

Which is why we contact those The Excellent Old Times.



Speaking of the Excellent Previous Times, Juliet Jones (KFS Classic) uncovered a stray pet and the dog’s proprietor located her. I browse the strip typically for Stan Drake’s artwork, but it’s a person in which you never ever know what is heading to take place, but you absolutely know what surely isn’t.

Devon would seem chock comprehensive of handsome, intimate, feckless gentlemen who are underneath the thumbs of their prosperous, wealthy fathers, and they flock to Juliet, who politely straightens them out devoid of ever fully succumbing to their charms.


Or forcing them to give up their amazing inheritance in purchase to marry her, like that floozy, Blondie Boopadoop.


Drake should really have teamed up with Richard Guindon. Collectively, I’m certain they could have solved Juliet’s problem.



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