What Do You Get When A Raspberry Pi Pico Flashes A Nintendo 64

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The joke was when the Nintendo 64 initial hit the streets around a quarter century ago, that the 64 in the name referred not to the technological know-how on board, but to the abnormal price of the cartridges. No matter what the truth in that, it is some thing now completely laid to relaxation by [Konrad Beckmann] with his Nintendo 64 flash cart driven by a Raspberry Pi Pico (Nitter Backlink).

The schematic is surprisingly straightforward, in that the Pico does all the things required to equally interface to the N64 and to an SD card to keep the software package. The intelligent function is accomplished by the RP2040 firmware, which can be observed together with the hardware aspects in the “develop” branch of the project’s GitHub repository. And while the earliest variation was a Raspberry Pi Pico with a host of jumper wires, the far more polished variation focuses on a custom PCB and bare RP2040 chip.

Most likely the N64 hasn’t received the notice it should really have around the several years, overshadowed as it was by its rivals these as the initial PlayStation, but it’s jobs like this 1 which remind us that there’s continue to lifetime in Nintendo’s ’90s flagship. Speaking of which, if you were on Team Sony again in the working day but however want to place your Pi Pico to use, check out this Do it yourself PlayStation Memory Card we included not long ago.

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