What You Need To Know About Battle Through The Heavens Season 5? (Spoiler Alert)


The moment that we had been all waiting for is almost here, Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 (Doupo Cangqiong: Nian Fan) is scheduled for release on July 31, 2022; and we simply cannot contain how excited we are about this as we follow Xiao Yan’s new journey outside of Jia Ma Empire after he fled from all the chasing of Misty Cloud Sect. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t feel sad about it since he’ll return to Jia Ma Empire with renewed power and motivation to crush Yun Shan and all the people that humiliated and insulted his clan.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 5
Battle Through The Heavens Season 5

First, let’s have a recap of what happened in Battle Through The Heavens: Three-Year Agreement as a refresher before we proceed with our discussion about the 5th Season. The 4th season’s special has ended with Xiao Yan fleeing from Jia Ma Empire but what caused this commotion? It all started with the realization of the Three-Year Agreement between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran, they fought, and eventually, the boastful Yanran was put to her proper place after her defeat in the hands of Xiao Yan.

However, this led to a spiral of events that involved strong characters in Battle Through The Heavens that we had seen so far such as the Dou Ancestor Yun Shan coming out of his retreat as well as the reemergence of Queen Medusa as a new Dou Zong. All the tricks behind Xiao Yan had also been exposed such as the Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python, his connection with Hai Bodong, and the appearance of Ling Ying, the Gu Clan servant that went to the Jia Ma Empire as protector of Xuner.

Now, with all the events that took place, many of us might be asking, what will happen next in Battle Through The Heavens, what will be the highlights of the 5th season? Alright, lemme give you a warning first, all the succeeding contents will contain spoilers from the novel, so proceed at your own risk of getting spoiled.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 5: Nian Fan

Let’s take a look one by one at some of the key points that I think will be a feature in Battle Through The Heavens Season 5. But first, let me remind you that Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 release date is scheduled on July 31, a week after the reboot of the 1st season will conclude (Battle Through The Heavens: The Origin – Yuanqi is scheduled for release on July 17, replacing Martial Universe Season 3 on Tencent Video’s top Sunday timeslot). The donghua will run for 52 episodes until July 16, 2023; making the entire ride for Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 exciting and exhilarating as fans hyped for it.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 Nian Fan


After three years-agreement, Xiao Yan finally met Xun Er at Jia Nan Academy. After that, he made close friends and established Pan’s Gate. The qi-refining tower swallows the fallen heart flame…

Source: Tencent Video

Alright, without further ado, let’s start discussing Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 and all the key events taking place in its plot as follows:

Xiao Yan’s Arrival Black-Corner Region

Xiao Yan will arrive in the Black-Corner Region, a lawless, rather anarchic region in the Dou Qi Continent, where criminal and outcast lurks in the dark. Therefore, this is a place where crime rates are at their peak and notorious in the entire continent with this reputation.

Here, Xiao Yan will gain treasures that will be helpful in his cultivation later on but some of these will also put him in grave danger later such as the corpse of a member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix Tribe, a powerful race within the Magical Beast world. Xiao Yan also had various encounters with new foes in the Black-Corner Region such as Fan Lao of the Blood Sect, whose son was killed by him.

The Infamous Jia Nan Academy

Even more famous than the Misty Cloud Sect of the Jia Ma Empire is the Jia Nan Academy which sits within the Black-Corner Region. Various students from different parts of the continent and with varying backgrounds are coming to this school to study and cultivate. They are known for their Qi-Refining Tower which accelerates the student’s cultivation of Dou Qi. But there’s a trick on this and that’s something that we have to look forward in the series.

Reunion with Xuner

Xiao Yan not only went to Jia Nan Academy to train and cultivate but also to reunite with his childhood sweetheart Gu Xuner. Therefore, we can expect that Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 will highlight Xuner as the main heroine this time with Queen Medusa having selected scenes, while all the ladies that we had seen from the previous seasons such as Ya Fei, Yun Yun, and Xiao Xi Yan will not have any screentime this season.

I won’t delve deeper into her background, but her family is one of the most powerful clans on the entire continent, and Ling Ying, the Dou Huang that helped Xiao Yan against the Misty Cloud Sect during the Three-Year Agreement was her servant. Her beauty is not inferior to any women that Xiao Yan had met and her strength is not to be underestimated too. She’s more gifted and talented than Xiao Yan, thus, she’s technically stronger than him at this stage but we’ll only get to see more of her in the 5th season as she’ll join Xiao Yan in most of the fights within the Jia Nan Academy.

The Creation of Pan’s Gate

Pan’s Gate is a faction of students within the Inner Academy was created by Xiao Yan to fight back against the bullies. Later on, it became a powerhouse where Xiao Yan meet new allies and friends, some of them even helped him on his revenge against the Misty Cloud Sect. Some members of Pan’s Gate are his former opponents in the Outer and Inner Academy of Jia Nan Academy. Personally, I felt like this faction had let Xiao Yan enjoy a bit of his teenage and youthful days normally. Aside from Xiao Yan, Pan’s Gate is founded by Xuner, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao; the latter two are his former opponents from Outer Academy but became his close allies upon entering the Inner Academy.

Yao Lao’s First Disciple: Han Feng

Han Feng, the first student of Yao Chen who betrayed and killed him, was one of the characters specially featured in the additional scenes for the season 1 reboot in Battle Through The Heavens: The Origin (Yuanqi). He is also an alchemist and a top-tier Dou Qi practitioner in the Black-Corner Region where he hid from the wrath of Feng zun-zhe after he killed Yao Chen. He is affiliated with the Hall of Souls and is one of the main antagonists in Battle Through The Heavens Season 5. In fact, he, along with Xiao Yan is featured in one of the key posters for Doupo Cangqiong: Nian Fan where he was shown fighting with Xiao Yan with their heavenly flames.

Fallen Heart Flame

The next Heavenly Flame that Xiao Yan sets his eye on is the Fallen Heart Flame beneath the Qi-Refining Tower of the Jia Nan Academy, in the trailer and poster of Battle Through The Heavens Season 5, it was shown the burning fire serpent. It’s gonna be an exciting scene to watch as Xiao Yan dares to tame the Fallen Heart Flame, a much stronger flame than his Green-Lotus Flame since it already accumulated intelligence. The new season of BTTH will showcase the battle of three Heavenly Flames as Han Feng also joins in with his Sea Heart Flame as he wishes to acquire the Fallen Heart Flame and Xiao Yan’s Green-Lotus Flame.

Xiao Gate: Gathering of Forces

After gaining some reputation on his own in the Black-Corner Region, Xiao Gate is the faction that Xiao Yan has established along with his older brother Xiao Li in order to gain allies and gather forces in preparation for his imminent return to Jia Ma Empire and destroy the Misty Cloud Sect. Among the members of this faction includes some of his friends from the Pan’s Gate, Queen Medusa, and some old opponents that he negotiated with such as former allies of Han Feng, and several independent forces outside of Han Feng’s alliance.

Return to Jia Ma Empire

With all his training and the experiences he had gained in the Black-Corner Region, I believed that Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 will conclude with Xiao Yan’s return to Jia Ma Empire along with the allies he had to fight and eventually destroy Misty Cloud Sect. Among the highlights of this return is his reunion with Hai Bodong and Ya Fei, as he helped the declining Miteer Clan which gained the enmity of Misty Cloud Sect after they take the remnants of Xiao Clan as refugees.

Xiao Yan will also gather allies to fight the Misty Cloud Sect including Jia Xingtian, the Alchemist Association, the Mu Clan, and Nalan Clan. He’ll fight Yun Shan once again and this time, it’ll be for good, as it opened the opportunity for a new enemy to rise, as Xiao Yan has to deal directly with the Hall of Souls later on after Yao Chen has been captured by a protector.

Battle Through The Heavens The Origin Yuanqi

With all of this spoiling, I guess I’ll stop right here and simply wish everyone to enjoy Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 and witness how the series which seems to be quite mediocre when it first aired has become of the most popular donghua nowadays and captivated so many fans from all over the world. It has become a craze that could even compete against the most-watched donghua of all time, Soul Land.

Meanwhile, if you’re still wondering where you can watch Battle Through The Heavens Season 5? You can check its official page on Tencent Video and several donghua websites. You may also check its official Weibo page to get direct updates about it here: 斗破苍穹官微

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