Which Howl’s Moving Castle Are You? (QUIZ)

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Ghibli movies never fail to move our hearts. Just like everyone has “comfort food,” Howl’s Moving Castle is like a “comfort anime movie” for all of us. If you haven’t watched Howl’s Moving Castle, you’re missing out on a lot, especially the aesthetics of Ghibli movies.  I feel like this movie deserves a lot more fame than it has. The message it gives is beautiful! It gives you the message that love makes you young.

It also gives the message that when you’re young, you have enough strength to do whatever you want to. So, we must value our younger years and make sure we work hard enough.  Our main character Sophie Hatter turned old and it was getting harder for her to move. She thought she isn’t beautiful but that’s when our handsome main lead steps in to make Sophie believe that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Ah, yes, again anime has raised our standards. Will we ever be able to find love like in anime? 

Let’s take a quiz to find out whether you’re Howl, Sophie, or some other character! 

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Howl Jenkins Pendragon

Howl Jenkins Pendragon

Starting off with our handsome male lead who’s a wizard. Is it just me or you guys also didn’t know that Howl’s full name is Howl Jenkins Pendragon? Well, he’s a powerful wizard and that name suits him perfectly, right? He’s part of the land of Ingary. Howl’s one of the strongest wizards living in that land.  Originally our boy was a part of a loose fraternity of wizards on human land aka Earth.

However, he made his way to Ingary through a magical portal. In the land of Ingary, he’s known to be one of the strongest wizards. Howl has a moving castle that can float through the sky. How interesting!  Just like Howl you are very kind and generous. You’re always ready to help others no matter what happens and are empathetic towards other people as well.  We can actually see Howl’s generosity when he allowed Sophie to stay with her and forgave them for their mistakes as well. We all wish to have a supportive and friendly guy like Howl around us, right? 


Sophie Hatter 

Sophie Hatters

Sophie Hatter is the female main lead of Howl’s Moving Castle. She’s a young woman in the town of Market Chipping. Sophie also belongs to the land of Ingary. She’s also known to have three older sisters. Since she just keeps working at her father’s hat shop, she isn’t destined to find love or anything like that. Yes, she’s living a dull and boring life. But who knows, what might happen the very next moment? The universe is huge!  If you lack confidence, you’re just like Sophie. You may think a lot about what other people think of you. Despite not believing in yourself enough, you tend to not give up.

These are the powerful qualities our main lead possesses, so if you got Sophie on your quiz, you know more about yourself now. Sophie is calm and composed even though she lacks confidence. She portrays herself to be strong-willed after she turns into an old woman. She became less scared of what people might think of her. But as she turned older, she started focusing on responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. Sophie makes sure to help people around her even if it requires going out of her way. She also possesses her very own magical abilities. It enables her to talk life into objects. Sophie has no idea how and when she got those powers. 




Calcifer is known to be a fire demon who is always hanging around Howl. He used to be a falling star but Howl caught him before it hit the surface of the earth. Calcifer is a very strong creature with a great amount of magic in him. His shape is of a teardrop flame. The interesting thing is that he’s blue in the book and orange in the movie. This small creature also has small arms made of fire that look absolutely cute. 

If you got Calcifer in the quiz, you must know that you’re always ready to help others and gain other people’s trust easily.  Through Howl’s contract, it was decided that Calcifer will provide the castle with fire and power. Since he has a large amount of magic, he promises to set Sophie free from a curse. Although Calcifer isn’t really trustworthy yet he’s always willing to help Howl and Sophie. 




Markl is Howl’s student who’s been trying to learn magic tricks from him. Not much is known about this past except for the fact that his first name and that he’s a student of Howl. Yes, this kiddo is trying to become a wizard just like Howl.

The only magic he can do so far is that he can put on a cloak and become a small, old wizard with a long beard. How funny is that? As for his personality, he’s strong-willed and doesn’t give up easily. Considering how he can still do one magic trick explains his rigidness.   Like Markl, you tend to not give up on things easily. If you have a goal in your mind, you do your best to achieve it. So, if you’re a rigid person, you’re Markl. 


Witch of the Waste

witch of the waste

Witch of the Waste is one of the secondary antagonists in Howl’s Moving Castle. Before the story started, the witch caught a falling star and due to that, she became evil. The relationship between the fire demon and her was parasitic. How? The fire demon was sucking her magic. Before the events of Howl’s Moving Castle, the father of the king banished the Witch to the waste and this witch kept a grudge against the king.  If someone treats you badly, you tend to hold grudges against that person. Thus, like the Witch of Waste, you never forgive and forget


Madame Suliman

Madame Suliman

Madame Suliman is also one of the main antagonists in Howl’s Moving Castle. She served as the King’s Royal Sorcerer too. She provided magic for the military forces, as well as  for the King. Madame Suliman also hunts down witches across the kingdom and keeps them to change them into monsters.

That’s how she has these monsters to serve in the army. She likes Howl and approves of him being with Sophie after she gets to know about who Sophie truly is. Madame Suliman is quite powerful and most people respect her for her strength.  If you got Madame Suliman, you would like people to treat you right and with due respect. If someone doesn’t respect you, you just avoid that person. So, now you know why you resemble Madame Suliman. 




Heen is one of the supporting characters in Howl’s Moving Castle. Heen is known to be an errand dog belonging to Madame Suliman and he was created especially for the film adaptation. His dog breed is Petit Basset Griffon Bandane apprentice.

It’s a hunting dog. He’s a lazy dog with flappy ears who communicates in funny ways, for instance, wheezing, jumping, and gasping! Isn’t he so cute?  Heen is a lazy yet clumsy dog. So, if you’re the laziest person alive, you resemble Heen. 


Lettie Hatter

Lettie Hatter

Lettie Hatter is one of Sophie’s sisters who possess strong magic. She ends up marrying Wizard Suliman and is very strong-minded. Sophie works in a bakery and she doesn’t play a very large role in the movie.  Even though she’s the sister of Sophie, she’s completely the opposite of her. She doesn’t question her appearance and is confident.

Unlike Sophie, she wears bright colors and is a conversationalist. Lettie is very happy with all the customers.  If you got Lettie Hatter, you’ve got confidence and like to think highly of yourself. You tend to believe in yourself more than anyone and you don’t care what others think of you. 


King of Ingary 

King of Ingary

King of Ingary is the leader of the Kingdom of Ingary just as his name suggests. There’s only one king throughout the story even though he is an elder brother of Prince Justin and is the father of Princess Valeria in the book Howl’s Moving Castle. 

His father was supposed to banish the Witch of the Waste to the Waste. Having such a huge kingdom to deal with, he’s responsible and caring. Never neglecting his duties, the King of Ingary is a great leader.  Like the King of Ingary, you never neglect your duties and are very responsible




Sophie is a young woman who sells hats to women. The hat shop originally belonged to her father. One day when Sophie was on her way to meet her elder sisters, she came across the wizard Howl. And when she was going back to her home, she encountered the Witch of the Waste who transformed her into an old woman who’s about 90 years old. Sophie wanted to break the curse and that’s why she went to the countryside.

When she reaches the countryside, the first thing she sees is a scarecrow whom she calls a turnip head. This scarecrow leads her to the Howl’s Moving Castle. I know what you guys are thinking, you’re thinking how can a scarecrow move? Well, in the world of magic anything is possible. 

When she discovers Howl’s castle she meets Calcifer and makes a deal with him. He promises Sophie that he will break off her curse if she is willing to break the link with Howl. However, she said that she has hired herself as the cleaning lady. Yes, when she turned into an older woman she didn’t have to think about what others thought of her and she started living a more carefree life. Sophie got involved in cooking and cleaning. It’s good how she came to clean her head in the countryside, right? 

Sophie’s hometown is in danger and there’s a war going on where Howl is called. Howl decides to send Sophie (by pretending to be Howl’s mother) and tell the King that he’s too afraid to fight. Before Sophie leaves, he gives her a charm, a ring to be more specific, and makes sure that Calcifer will assure her safety. When Sophie gets there, she gets to meet the King’s sorcerers and the Witch of the Waste too! Madame Suliman steps up and punishes the Witch of Waste which enabled her to come back to her true form which was nothing more than an old hag. 


Suliman tells Sophie that if Howl doesn’t fight, he’s going to have the same fate as her. So, it’ll be best for him to do sof. Then suddenly Howl arrives and rescues Sophie. Suliman tries to trap Howl by turning him into a monster but since Sophie was with him, he remembered his identity and that’s how he avoids death. Along with Suliman’s dog, Sophie and Howl escape. The soldiers try their best to break into Howl’s territory, however, the castle’s magic allows them to travel between four separate residences. How cool is that now! 

Since Sophie spends a lot of time with Howl, she learns that Calcifer has got something on Howl and he’s been transforming into a bird-like creature. He’s taking on so many bird forms which is making it hard for him to maintain his true human form. To escape the danger, Howl’s castle was linked to Sophie’s hometown; that’s how Sophie gets there and gets saved. On the other hand, Sophie’s hat shop is in danger, Howl gets there to protect everyone from Suliman. After much destruction, Sophie panics and pours some water on the Witch. Sophie ends up falling down a chasm and gets separated from everyone else. 


Due to the charm ring, Sophie gets to see some part of Howl’s past where he caught a falling star and saved Calcifer. Howl gave Calcifer his heart. Sophie hopes that they find her by calling their names out loud. That’s how she returns back to the present and reunites with Howl and others. The Witch, who took his heart from Calcifer, gives Howl his heart back and Sophie successfully puts it back inside him. Just like that, Calcifer gets freed and the curse on Sophie breaks which makes her young, although her hair remains white. 

After Sophie kisses the scarecrow on his cheek, he returns to his true human form and says that he’s Justin, the missing prince. After Sophie gets back on her feet, she realizes her true feelings for Howl. On the other hand, Howl’s still worried about the war. Thus, he goes back there and tries his best to stop the war. He also promises that he’s going to see Sophie and others when he’s back. After some time, Howl, Sophie, and others travel in different directions inside a new flying castle since the older one ended up in such bad shape. A new castle awaits new adventures! Let’s go! 




And that brings us to the conclusion of Howl’s Moving Castle Quiz. I hope you guys got your favorite Howl’s Moving Castle Character! If you have watched Howl’s Moving Castle, you must remember how many tears it made us cry, right? This movie is indeed a masterpiece that everyone needs to watch. With its amazing storyline and characters, it moves our hearts. Seeing the characters sacrificing their needs for others is truly beautiful. This movie will make you fall in love with someone who doesn’t even exist yet. The love story between Howl and Sophie is really sweet too. This movie gives us a lot of messages. So, if you have never watched this movie, you definitely should! 

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