Who is Kiyomi Uchiha? 10 Things You Need To Know

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The Uchihas are fascinating characters, to say the least. Secretive, extremely powerful, influential, well that was before they were wiped out by one of their own, that is, their story is exhilarating and the imprint they left behind changes Konoha from the inside out.

When you think of them, you already have some of the most famous names popping out in your head.

Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Shusui Uchiha, even Sarada Uchiha maybe. A group of Kakkoiness that made you want to know which other Uchiha marked the Naruto series.

You did your research and I bet you came up with some of those names: Tajima Uchiha, Kagami Uchiha, Naori Uchiha, Fugaku Uchiha, Izuna Uchiha, and now you think you know all about them dont you?

Art credits: jennapark04

You may know a lot, Ill give you that, however, did you hear about Kiyomi Uchiha? Well, I bet not since thats not a name you got to hear every day.

Just who is that mysterious woman? What was her role in the series? Why was she barely mentioned in the 900 or so Naruto episodes? Why does nobody remember her? Did I manage to pique your curiosity?

Well, thats great since Ill be telling you all about her and after that, you will definitely be able to call yourself a Naruto buff.

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Art credits: jennapark04

As you may all know, due to the decision of the second Hokage, the entire Uchiha clan isolated themselves in one corner of the village.

They took it upon themselves to become the protectors of their home even though they kind of treated them harshly and became the Police Force of Konoha.

Because of their circumstances, each member of the Uchiha clan was super close to each other. They had total trust in their comrades and had a policy to always back each other no matter what. However, there was one exception to this ruler and that exception was Kiyomi Uchiha.

Kiyomi is a very special character since she is a theoretical shinobi who is believed to have been exiled by her own clan when she was born.

You know what, thats not why she is so unique, there is something even more mind-blowing about her. Can you guess what?

Art credits: jennapark04

Ill stop teasing you, youll never get it. The girl is actually Sasukes twin sis which also makes her Itachis imouto! Oh My God (Janice style), right! Just unbelievable! Do the legendary brothers have a sister?! Who wouldve thought?

So Kiyomi knew where she came from, knew she was thrown away, and yet when she learned that Itachi had killed her entire so-called family she flew into a rage.

She started training maybe just as hard as Sasuke to get revenge on the Akatsuki and especially the Uchiha who betrayed his clan.

Art credits: jennapark04

Now completely alone, Orochimaru found her and was planning to do to her what he did to Sasuke. However, she turned out smarter than her brother and refused to bear the cursed mark. Losing all trust in the snake, she made a run for it and managed to escape him.

There is no way we all missed noticing such an interesting and beautiful character while watching the series, right? Especially since it was also said that she appeared in Boruto.

Lets get to the bottom of the mystery together. Is Kiyomi a real character? Is she a filler, non-canon one? Or is she simply a fan fic that was meant to drive us crazy?

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10. Who is Kiyomi Uchiha?

Art credits: jennapark04

Kiyomi is the daughter of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. For some unknown reasons, she was cast off at birth and made to live in total isolation away from the village.

She grew up to be a kunoichi, however, just like most of the kunoichis in the series, that does not mean that she specializes in medical jutsu.

The long-lost sister of Itachi and Sasuke is shrouded in mystery, and we love it, do we?

9. Appearance

You may have realized that by now, but all the Uchihas are super-hot, its a family trait and Kiyomi is no exception.

Art credits: jennapark04

Her good looks and her beauty attracted the eyes of the viewers and that is actually how the fans took notice of this character. See, even perverts can be useful sometimes.

Just like most of the Uchihas, Kiyomi has long black hair and black eyes. In terms of height, shes a bit shorter than Sakura.

Imitating Sasuke, she most of the time wears a gray shirt with her clans logo printed on it paired with a black/dark gray jacket that she wears over it.

Her shoes are blue sandals that go quite well with her uniform, and she is always seen wearing long silver earrings on both ears.

When duty calls, she takes a blue backpack with her and wraps her left arm, right elbow, and legs with bandages.

If you look at her right thigh, youll see a small pouch, inside are stores all the weapons that she will need during her missions.

8. Personality

Art credits: jennapark04

Shes Sasukes twin so no wonder that she is a shinobi genius just like her brother. Extremely talented, she is one woman you dont want to be pitted against.

She took the looks from the Uchihas, stole the natural talent from Sasuke, and even inherited Itachis intelligence. She took all the best qualities her family could offer and absorbed them to turn her into the outstanding ninja she is today.

Emotional and easily hurt, her clan death devastated her, and the idea of revenge took over her entire mind. Payback was all she could think about, it became her ultimate goal, a goal that began to consume her from the inside out.

She is used to putting herself in very dangerous situations. As bad as that sounds, it was actually a plus for her since she turned out extremely resourceful and even learned to use her surroundings to her advantage.

In terms of character, Kiyomi was the opposite of her twin. If Sasuke was the dark cold soul, then she was the ray of sunshine and positivity. She was a bit like Obito when he was a kid.

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7. Abilities

Art credits: jennapark04

Just like her two brothers, she was the nerd in her class. Brewing with potential, she skipped a grade and yet managed to graduate with top scores. She did it while hardly attending class by the way.

In the series, it was said that she was on par with some of the most extraordinary ninjas like Gaara for example. And thats not just speculation. The two of them fought each other, however, there was no victor. The shocking gossip here is that they ended up together at some point in the story. Gaara in a relationship is so hard to imagine

She is able to defeat multiple enemies like its a piece of cake. She specializes in Fire-style techniques and even surpassed Sasuke and Itachi in that field. She also has a way with snakes and has the ability to summon Ren, one of the snakes of the Ryuchi Cave.

When she got wind of the Uchiha massacre, her rage triggered the awakening of her Sharingan. Her speed and strength considerably increased after that.

When it comes to genjutsu, she has Sasuke beat since her Sharingan is of higher quality while not even being fully activated yet.

In the shinobi world, she came to be known as Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan.

6. Real or Fake? The truth about Kiyomi Uchiha

Art credits: jennapark04

Its the moment of truth guys, is Kiyomi Uchiha a real or a fake character? Well, I hate to break it to you, but she never existed, she was invented by a Deviantart user named

jennapark04 who has a hobby of drawing Uchiha-like characters and this is how the legend of Kiyomi was born.

Well, even if its all fictional, which is actually the type of story that we are fond of, why not continue with some nice facts about that character who seems to have made its way into the Naruto series?

5. Kiyomi Uchiha: Is she Dead or Alive?

Art credits: @haru_le_yaoiste

Based on the fan-made story that was never finished, Kiyomi appeared in the Fourth Great Ninja War as well as in some Boruto fan arts, which indicates that she is still alive and kicking.

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4. Who is Kiyomi Uchiha to Sasuke?

Art credits: jennapark04

I already revealed that before but taking into consideration her photo and her resemblance to Sasuke it is safe to say that she is his twin sister. Dont ask who came out first, that was never specified.

3. Can we see Kiyomi Uchiha In Naruto?

Art credits: jennapark04

Well, that is the only place you will ever find her since the only scenes that were depicted of her were reflecting Parts 1 and 2 of the series were the following:

  • You can see her studying or skipping classes during her time at the Academy.
  • She got into a fight with Haku before Naruto and his gang.
  • Like Sasuke, Orochimaru trained her.
  • She managed to defeat a ninja army. Her feat landed her the prestigious nickname of Kiyomi of the Deadly Sharingan.
  •  She had a short fight with the Fourth Raikage.
  • She had a battle against Gaara and then got into a relationship with him.
  •  She fought against her older brother Itachi.

2. Will we ever see Kiyomi Uchiha in Boruto?

Art credits: jennapark04

I cant talk about the future, however, Kiyomi is nowhere to be found on Boruto. Only some fan pictures were drawn depicting her with adult Sasuke and thats it.

1. Theoretically speaking, in which episode did Kiyomi Uchiha make her first appearance?

Art credits: jennapark04

We came to the conclusion that Kiyomi was never a character in the Naruto series, so obviously there is no first appearance anywhere.


I wouldve never thought that one day I would be able to make a wiki-like kind of blog on a character that never existed. Its crazy.

Its just so nice to see so much potential in you guys that you managed to draw and build from scratch a character so credible that we all thought she was actually real and that we were the abnormal ones for forgetting all about her.

Im sure Masashi Kishimoto is bragging to his author friends about how creative and imaginative his fan base is compared to them. And he should, you guys are awesome.

Now that all your questions have been answered, its time for me to bid you farewell my Otaku friends. Oh, but before that why not tell us what you think about Kiyomi Uchiha, is she cool, is she lame, what wouldve been the story that you would have come up for her?

On that note, Ill stop rambling, hope to see you in the next blog, bye now!

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