Why Did Anko Mitarashi Get So Fat? (Explanation)

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During the course of the Naruto series, a lot of characters changed. Some got taller, others got a new hairstyle, others decided to put some effort into their clothing, a few, or you know what, a lot of them disappeared, died, or were just never seen again.

However, there is one character who suffered a major transformation, a transformation that most probably shocked us all. I mean, shes almost unrecognizable now. She looks more like a balloon than a ninja. Just what exactly happened to that badass ninja? Why did Anko Mitarashi get so fat?

Dont you remember who Anko Mitarashi is? Shame on you… lets give you a quick refresher what do you say?





First appeared on Episode 46, she was a tokubetsu jōnin and one of the teachers at Konohagakures Academy. When she was still a genin, she had the bad luck of ending up in Orochimarus team (Naruto Manga: Chapter 599 page 2 – 4)

She had talent, she was strong, confident, and she ended up piquing the interest of her sensei. Orochimaru took her under his wing and started teaching her many of his favorite jutsus as if he was turning her into his disciple.

Orochimaru was already a deprived monster at that time, a monster who wanted to discover the secrets of immortal life.

While he looked and acted like a perfect mentor to the girls, all he saw in her is an ideal test subject for his experiments.

He used her to test his newly created Cursed Seal of Heaven and in between the many guinea pigs that he used she was the only one to survive (Naruto Manga: Chapter 50 page 15).

She felt betrayed, the man she looked up to was nothing more than a crazy scientist without a shred of emotions in him.

After she received the mark, she rejected Orochimaru and everything he stood for. She did it knowing that he would most probably kill her on the sport. But he didnt.

See, Anko was too precious a specimen to get rid of so instead he tweaked with her memories a bit. He made her believe that he was the one who kicked her out because she was a good fit for the cursed mark, that she was nothing more than a failed experiment.

The hate that she felt towards him cant even be described, she despised him from her very core. She believed that it was her responsibility as his former student, to put that criminal behind bars, or even better claim his life with her own hands.


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About Anko

Anko was truly a stunning Kunoichi. Slim, graceful, and yet extremely strong with an outgoing personality thats a bit like Narutos, she was loved by many. Among the fans of the series, she was famous to the point where they created a fan club dedicated to her.

She was one of the top ninjas in the village, a ninja with a sweets addiction. However, when she was young, she never gained a pound. Always on missions beating up bad guys and saving everyones butts right and left, its no shock that she would burn all the calories that she consumed in one outing.

However, even ninjas dont stay young forever and Anko is no exception. She stayed the good old Anko that we knew till the end of the Naruto series, it was only when Boruto began that she suffered her drastic transformation.


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Why did Anko Mitarashi get so fat in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ankos childhood was not exactly a walk in the park. Due to the betrayal of her master, she suffered from a deep psychological trauma that manifested as a sweets addiction.

When she was young, it didnt affect her one bit. She had constant physical training in the academy as well as on missions and thus never realized how bad her addiction got.

What she never thought about is that at some point she will have to retire. And what might possibly happen to her body when she will stop burning this myriad of calories every day?

After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Anko stopped going on missions. She exclusively became a teacher at the Academy.

And the truth is, the life of a teacher is a lazy one. She put her combat life behind her and opened a new page of her story, but what she didnt abandon was her love for sweets. She kept her bad habit till the end, eating sweets, especially Dangos, in abnormal quantities every single day of the year (Boruto Manga: Academy Arc).

Let me just specify what I mean by abnormal quantities. Based on a Naruto fan-book, we discovered that a Dango stick possesses 120 calories.

We saw Anko eat 53 sticks plus one cup of Oshiruko bean soup that contains 370 calories once during a physical exam which means that not in a day, but in mere hours she consumed a total of 6730 calories. Thats the number of calories that a normal human should consume in four days or more.

Also, take into consideration that the Boruto series took place 10 years in the future which means that our Kunoich here binge-ate for almost 43,800 days!

Add that plus the fact that she grew older and that her metabolism greatly slowed down, and its actually no surprise at all that the ninja became an overweight balloon.


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Will Anko ever lose weight?

Now for the moment of truth. We all miss the beautiful Anko that made us feel butterflies in our bellies, will that Anko ever come back?

As much as I would love to give you a strong Yes, that possibility is highly unportable. Taking into consideration the latest chapters of the manga and after seeing the recent animate episode, Anko is still as obese as she was.

However, lets not lose all hope just yet, the series is still ongoing, catastrophes are on their way and Im sure our heroes will surely use the help of a talented ninja like Anko.



I know this wasnt exactly the answer you were hoping for, but I wasnt going to lie to your face, especially knowing that I would be busted in no time.

Anyway, as I said, its not like theres a 0% chance that we have to get slim Anko back, Im just saying its like a 0.5% chance. And as Tokuchi Toua said: A low possibility means its not zero. And if its not zero, it means we still have a shot.


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