Humor Vs. Humour Element Two 1941-1960


Although the culture in between the States and Brits may well have similarities, some things are diverse. Case in level: the sense of humor. Even the way they spell it is different. I don’t forget I drew up a batch of gag cartoons for a British customer which they liked. They needed extra so I despatched a further batch — which they hated. We both equally credited that “divided by a frequent language” cultural distinction as the rationale why. I despatched on a 3rd batch, which they appreciated even superior than the initially. I could see no big difference among all of these cartoons, but some thing about a third of them didn’t operate for them.

Perfectly, permit me stage out of the way and hand this around to Dick Buchanan, who has a greater explanation and some terrific cartoon illustrations evaluating British Punch cartoon topics with American journal cartoons. (He did this when in advance of, if you remember.) Many thanks and consider it absent, Dick!



 (1941 – 1960)

A when back again the Cartoon Clip revisited the aged dilemma “What is the difference amongst American humor and British humour?”  The Clip File presented crystal clear examples of the variance with a collection of basic cartoons which confirmed how British and American cartoonists tackle identical subjects. The only summary arrived at was that British cartoonists have a large proclivity to use pseudonyms.   

Sensation much more illustrations could be wanted to truly assess and distinction the unique techniques to well-liked subjects/tropes/clichés and whatnot, we have delved into The Cartoon Clip File as soon as extra and uncovered some splendid cartoons to include to the preceding collection, further illuminating, at the time and for all, the change involving American and British humor. Or so we hope . . . Get a glance at these British solitary joke and American gag cartoons . . . 



FRITZ WILKINSON.  Collier’s  March 15, 1941

SMILBY (Francis Wilford-Smith)  Punch  September 23, 1953.


PATENT Office environment

ERIC PETERS.  Collier’s December 11, 1943.

A.F. WILES.  Punch  Oct 21, 1953.


Spouse and children PICNIC

L. H.(Lawrie) SIGGS.  Punch Summertime Range Could 26, 1952.

HANK KETCHAM.  Collier’s  June 8, 1948.


Browsing Day

KENNETH MAHOOD.  Punch  September 30, 1953. 

HANK BAEB.  The Saturday Evening Post  November 14, 1953.



DICK ERICSON.  The Saturday Evening Post  June 22, 1957.

KENNETH MAHOOD.  Punch January 28, 1953.



ANTON (Antonia Yeoman).  Punch January 16, 1952.

IRWIN CAPLAN.  The Saturday Evening Post  March 26, 1949.



JACK MARKOW.  This Week Magazine  July 15, 1945.

L. H. (Lawry) SIGGS.  Punch  October 28, 1953.



PHIL INTERLANDI.  Appear Magazine April 16, 1957.

MICHAEL FFOLKES (Brian Davis)  Punch August 26, 1953.


IONICUS (Joshua Armitage)  Punch.  Collier’s  April 8, 1950.

DAVID (Dave) HUFFINE.  American Magazine  November, 1944.  


Looking through THE WILL

HANK KETCHAM.  Collier’s  April 8, 1950.

HICKEY (George Hickson).  Punch  July 22, 1953.


Underneath THE Temperature

CHON Day.  The Saturday Evening Publish. October 22, 1960.

ALEC.  Punch  December 20, 1950.


From the Dick Buchanan Documents: Humor v. Humour 1947 – 1965

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