Korea – Joint Financial Area  – Gia Allana


Korea is on the brink of unification, and North and South Korea establish the Unified Korea Mint and are printing 1 frequent forex as the groundwork to construct a secure joint financial state. Despite people’s anticipations, “only the wealthy bought richer,” top to intense inequality. Versus this unfair globe, a crew of intruders, like Tokyo, an ex-soldier from the North, unite under the management of a mastermind regarded as the Professor to program an unprecedented heist – stealing income however to exist! The only items standing between them are a joint process force led by South Korean Negotiation professional, Seon Woojin,  and a North Korean agent, Cha Moohyu, epic thoughts video games, and time.

“The themes of a popular forex and a mint created in the Joint Safety Location (which divides North and South Korea nowadays) are the premise of the sequence, which adds the Korean flavor and enjoyment to the unique tale.” stated the writer Ryu Yong-jae.


The teaser also highlights the people – Professor done by Yoo ji-tae, Tokyo executed by Jung Jong-web optimization, and Berlin carried out by Park Hae-soo of Squid Sport –  for the 1st time in action, all in legendary red jumpsuits with standard Hahoe masks, stirring up even more exhilaration. 

Portion 1 will premiere all over the world on June 24, only on Netflix.

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