Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #403


Anne: I begin this blog with about 2 frozen margaritas in my tummy…so browse on and beware. I am ordinarily not a chatty man or woman, even nevertheless my dialogue stream gets a minor side tracked every single now and then, but when I get a little bit tipsy…View Out! All of a unexpected I have a TON of factors I want to converse about. I’m not specifically confident if I make any feeling, but at least I feel I’m attention-grabbing…Ha Ha. 

I have now become officially my department’s occasion planner. I have occasions lined up for each solitary thirty day period for the rest of the calendar year. Fairly significantly what I would like to do is just relax with food items and drinks, but of class, staying employed with a bunch of kind A personalities necessitates some competition to be incorporated. I am Really tempted to do a Dance Dance Revolution contest due to the fact I will gain, with virtually NO opposition. I am not currently being a bragger. I have witnesses…

Anyway, ample of these rambling conversations that are just pouring out of my finger strategies…let’s get on with what I managed to view this week!

Yet again My Existence

I have by no means imagined that my favorite character in this drama is the villain. But these very last handful of episodes have introduced fresh admiration for him, Cho Tae Seob. He basically possesses one particular of the most admirable traits that I think everybody must discover to possess, adjusting to the situation, becoming versatile and working with what you have. Kim Hee Woo has managed to make some dents in the people all-around Cho Tae Seob, but this super villain just takes every thing in stride, and it is incredibly tricky to decide no matter if all this Operate that Kim Hee Woo has managed to attain in this next everyday living altered any route of this main villain. 

One attention-grabbing detail is this drama is a extraordinary edition of a chess sport, and this is a theme you do see fairly typically. This genuinely is a chess sport played by two adult males and the persons in their lives are merely pieces on the board for them to use. No matter if the greatest purpose is “correct” or not really is dependent on the participant. There are only 16 episodes, and 10 episodes have by now aired. Kim Hee Woo desires to make some important moves in purchase to defeat the boss in only 6 far more rounds.

I Are not able to wait!

Be Reborn

I started out this because I observed some chatter on-line about the story. It is a law enforcement drama with a secret and due to the fact it was suitable up my alley, I decided to give it a shot. 

I am not dissatisfied for the most element. (As pretty much all people else has commented, let’s just disregard Wang Jun Kai’s performing.) I Appreciate the detective, Luo Jian, a gentleman who is, for some explanation, truly invested in finding Zhuang Wen Jie on the suitable route. (I am really guaranteed at some stage we will realize why…as it has previously hinted in the drama…) The plot is extremely intriguing, the mysterious tremendous villain even much more so, what is the target of all these crimes for mis-way? I actually do not have an understanding of, but every single episode, a thing surprises the audience and new data is released. 

I am becoming deliberately obscure, not because of my small-expression memory difficulties (which is component of it…) but generally it is complicated to make clear, all the connections in the crimes, and also with out offering something away. The tale is just how a university student named, Zhuang Wen Jie, arrived to be involved in crime fixing with the detective, Luo Jian. Wen Jie isn’t just a university student, he came from a relatives of thieves, seemingly SO renowned and perfectly renowned that every person expects him to inevitably follow in their footsteps. The only exception is the detective, Luo Jian. 

I like every little thing about this apart from Wen Jie’s character. He is these types of a very little SH#T! Probably I am just not in the age selection who can detect with his character, but pretty much, every single time he does something stupid, I want to slap him across the monitor! For all the older people in the home…if another person now experimented with to get rid of you At the time, would you imagine Anything this individual ever states once again? If you response NO, the you will know how I really feel.

And regrettably, this is all the update that I have for this 7 days. I started off observing Who Policies the Environment (and if I capture up I will update following 7 days), but dang this drama has a great deal of perplexing figures and plots and all kind of kingdoms and factions attempting to out do 1 a further. Unusually more than enough, you know that this reminds me of? Increase of the Phoenixes. Ning Yi did the accurately the exact point. (And I just uncovered out that a person of my beloved new actors, Bai Jing Ting, performed Gu Nan Yi in that!)

Have a good week everyone!

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