Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #405


Anne: This very last week, I reflected on how at the age of (on the increased facet of 45), an introverted woman who invested most of her childhood and adulthood accomplishing points by herself and not often gathered with a bunch of buddies, ended up becoming regarded as the occasion planner for the division. It is just one of individuals matter that if I look back at in which I was vs . exactly where I am, I will not think any one who realized me when I was more youthful would at any time have recognized me as a man or woman who has minor to no hesitation of general public speaking, who is relaxed in debating with virtually any individual, and who has now come to be the stage human being in demand of company workforce creating things to do. But I have to say, this is most likely the finest element of my career, paying out revenue on Entertaining situations! Maybe I ought to shift into advertising and marketing…

But, back to fact, and my weekly submersion into dramaland…or what I like to refer to as the scant patches of drama oasis in an countless desert, that has turn out to be the calendar year 2022’s drama area. Significantly, did they just air all the fantastic stuff through COVID and decided that considering that most of the globe is more or much less open, no just one will remain household anyway so let us just keep on to the superior things right up until there is a different pandemic. Irrespective of the lack of appealing exhibits to look at, at least I do find some thing entertaining now and then that can in all probability hold me fed till 2023.

Be Reborn

Can you feel that the dude on the left was the massive villain of the present? I indicate WHY did we go this route? This full detail begun likely down hill when Zhuang Wen Jie started out becoming an fool. Remember a handful of months ago I was complaining about the conclusion producing of this young guy…why would you go on to think in another person who tried using to Destroy you? I would have anticipated that character to truly increase a bit and started out utilizing the brain that was obviously occupied by figuring out how to out wise a cop striving to help him somewhat then comprehending the motivations of persons he’s under no circumstances achieved.

Enable me established the stage for you….

Wen Jie, the college college student from a loved ones of robbers, was evidently the important to a key code that was passed down technology to technology. The vital pointed to a location in which a bunch of artifacts were being stashed…does this seem common?… like the plot of National Treasure? Fully grasp also that Wen Jie was so obsessed with the belief that his father is nevertheless alive, that he really significantly believes what anyone tells him.

Regardless of the detective, Luo Jian, striving his finest to get Wen Jie to trust him, the young guy Never did. What boggles my head is that he experienced no challenge trusting some random stranger that rents his aged residence and who self proclaimed to be a near friend of his dead father. As quickly as this character, the view maker/fixer, Xu Zheng Qing entered the image, the viewers understood what was heading on. And I was NOT a bit amazed when the idiot boy, right after supporting Xu Zheng Qing steal anything the gentleman previously owned, got his clock cleaned with a baseball bat.

My only thought was…wow…it took them 8 episodes where every thing that took place was ALL a setup by Zheng Qing to get Wen Jie to give him the key to assist resolve the puzzle on this portray that Wen Jie’s father stole all these year ago. So I essentially watched 26 episodes of a set up by Zheng Qing. And in some way this all ended with this quite good undesirable dude, having caught by the cops mainly because their arranged driver failed to present up? That was literally how he was caught. This man who was sensible sufficient to manipulate a complete bunch of criminals to commit a sequence of crimes and get by way of the most secure devices, couldn’t figure out that the cops understood exactly where they were being?! Also comprehend that we are conversing about a poor guy who could “get to” any person on their computer system and know their each and every go, but couldn’t figure out that the cops were being coming to arrest them.

And why did he tried out to drown Wen Jie, just after he was currently knocked unconscious with a baseball bat?! It’s a Whole lot of worthless actions that betrays the genius felony intellect that was initially established up for this villain. 

And then the writers experienced the NERVE to “hint” that Wen Jie’s dad may possibly not have died in the past 10 seconds?! WTF?!

The only purpose Wen Jie survived was pure luck. The person who basically did the “resolving” was Luo Jian, this detective was the only just one with brains in this total drama. And why did the writers truly feel that there required to be a romance subplot for Wen Jie and Zhi Yue? This was likely the laziest romantic plot line of all time. Zhi Yue appreciated Wen Jie sine they have been kids, and sort of just hung close to until eventually he understood it. If any person feels like observing this, I would just view the detective as Luo Jian cleans up the mess remaining guiding in Wen Jie’s wake.

Once more My Daily life

Discuss about a mess! With only 2 a lot more episodes, the individuals that Hee Woo set with each other in his second lifestyle to help choose down Cho Tae Seob is not on the lookout fantastic. Jeon Seok Gyu, the prosecutor whom aided Hee Woo in the 1st daily life get down corrupt officials, is now the Chief proescutor of the most important department, a posture that he received right after he fulfilled with Cho Tae Seob.  And, Lee Min Soo, 

the one on the still left, also part of Hee Woo’s circle, just manufactured a deal with Cho Tae Seob. Min Soo will continue to keep Hee Woo in check out and will even “arrest” him if required, as extensive as Cho Tae Seob will allow him arrest and prosecute the human being who falsely accursed Min Soo’s father and drove him into a mental establishment. And then there is this odd prepare for a leash to be set on Hee Woo…

…She will seduce Hee Woo in order to get Cho Tae Seob’s small business for her firm’s helicopter. I really don’t feel I understand this approach…at all.

If it goes to the normal Korean drama plot line…I hope all his pals are actively playing a position to shut the entice all over Cho Tae Seob. Two a lot more episodes!

Sh**ting Stars

The mild-hearted intimate comedy of the week. I experienced this on my Viki record for a though, but I just hadn’t began it. In an hard work to delay my ending Who Principles the Environment (the fighting amongst kingdoms is making my brain spin…I’ve currently gotten lost as who is the prince or princess of what nation), I began looking at this, and 8 episodes later on…I am hooked.

Oh Han Byul is the guide of the community relations’ workforce of her firm, who manages a lot of best expertise in the amusement industry. Gong Tae Sung is their company’s biggest star. Also her most significant headache. Not significantly owing to his “scandals” due to the fact he really doesn’t have any. It is largely thanks to their animosity towards just about every another. This is partly due to her accidently publishing an short article contacting him a “eunuch” and him blaming her for his “accidental” volunteer function in Africa for 1 year. 

Kang Yoo Sung is Tae Sung’s supervisor who manages the best having to pay stars of the company, with a excellent expertise to finding his assets signed onto assignments. Park Ho Yeong is in like with Kang Yoo Sung and is having difficulties to have a talent that will be the firm’s upcoming huge star. Jo Ki Peum is an amusement reporter who is frequently becoming yelled at by her manager for not catching the breaking story even with having  TWO finest good friends in the PR division. Do Soo Hyuk is the company’s lawyer who has located that he likes Oh Han Byul. Choi Ji Hoon is the firm’s foolish manager.

The display is good for the reason that of the people. Their “craziness” are very well described. A person actor was so into his position that he starved himself and fainted from malnutrition during the ending demise scene of his drama. His crew designed guaranteed that in his up coming drama he performed an individual wholesome and potent. 

A season actor was so dismayed at how Ho Yeong slammed the automobile door, that he lectured her and created everyone apply closing the door. And she couldn’t determine out how to shut the doorway with “humanity”.

And Ho Yeong’s most recent recruit, Shi Deok, who is squeaky clean up and in no way drunk any alcoholic beverages, bought drunk 1 night time and finished up:

Tidying up random things on his way.

Walked into a playground and imagined he went to his place and place his shoes away…

Took off all his apparel…

Done some physical exercises…

Utilized a noodle bowl as his pillow and proceeded to go to snooze…

They had to wake up Han Byul to inquire her for support in purchase to “handle” the scenario.

It took about 7 episodes for Tae Sung to know that he appreciated her…but his tries at confessions…

1) He made the decision to assist her “tie” her shoelaces…but normally she failed to don shoes with laces. Just after waiting around all-around for what seemed like weeks, she ultimately showed up with tennis footwear. He despatched his assistant to “untie” her shoe laces, and he did this gradual, outstanding stroll in the direction of her and knelt to tie her footwear. Two seconds afterwards, she jumped back again and accused him of hoping to tie her sneakers jointly. She are not able to think that he thought she was dumb adequate to tumble for it two times.

2) He brought her espresso, and she handed it back again imagining he’d set sand in there to mess with her.

3) He stared deeply into her eyes and she place her hand on his shoulder and asked he if desired to start out a combat with her. And knocked him away.

And when he finally advised her specifically…

Soon after blinking immediate a few of occasions, this was the glimpse on her experience before she screamed and ran out the door.This display is as well cute!

And this is it for this 7 days. Hope all people finds a great present to just take the pressure away. I noticed the Dr. Qin has a new drama out staring Gala Zhang…whom appears to be like a great deal like Gong Jun that I acquired them puzzled for like 2 seconds…! I adore Gala Zhang in the Insect Detective.

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