Top 4 Toro Golf Course Mowers In The Market For Spring Season

Do you think your golf course is visibly untidy, unappealing and unsuitable for the players? If yes, then all you need are the finest quality Toro golf course equipment like golf course mowers to trim the greens to make it look neat and clean. In addition, the right mower can make the turf excellent for playing shots by the golfers.

You must be wondering which Toro golf course mowers are most suitable for your requirement. If that is the situation, you must know that not all the mowers are the same; each is ideal for different purposes. Selecting the right golf course mowers is dependent on the turf area and your requirement. 

In this abstract, you will know which type of Toro golf course mowers you can opt to solve any of your particular issues.


List Of The Finest Toro Golf Course Mowers:


  • Toro 20334

This mower sits on the top of the list of the finest Toro golf course mowers. It has several features that make this device convenient to use. These features include an electric start button to turn on the machinery quickly. In addition, it has a smart feature of Personal Space technology that senses your walking speed and adjusts its speed accordingly.

This Toro golf course mower immediately switches between bagging and mulching with the use of a simple change lever. The quick functioning saves your time as the functioning is automatic. Additionally, it is effortless to use and maintain regularly.


  • Toro 20339 

This equipment is known as the best-valued machinery. This is because it has a very streamlined body, making it easier to store upright in the store without taking up too much of the floor space. 

It is best known for its traction as it cuts through tough turf. It mows as well as mulches the grass on the turf. Besides that, it has a large capacity bag that catches all the grass cuttings when you don’t want to mulch. 

The toro quickly mows the grass without any hassles. It has a recoil system that makes it portable so that you don’t have to install a power outlet after small distances for operating it. In addition, the mower is highly durable, and it can withstand any weather conditions.


  • Toro 20378

It is one of the best mowers that come within budget for all. Toro 20378 has all the features that clean the golf course, perfect for a great golfing experience.

This golf course mower has gas-powered machinery that doesn’t require any oil change for maintenance. In addition, it is very easy to clean this mower as it has a washout port that just requires regular rinsing. 

It is a simple machine with a single-speed selection with a front-wheel drive and an overhead valve engine.

This golf course mower has a durable exterior protecting the inner machinery component from wear and tear. It is resistant to every weather. Also, the machine has a manageable weight which makes it easy to pick it up and load anywhere (truck or storage).


  • Toro 20377

The Toro 20377 works best for maintaining a large ground space. It is one such machine that operates with self-propelled gas at rapid speeds. In addition, this mower has wheels both on the front and back to push it easily across the fairway.

It is very simple to operate and maintain this device. Additionally, the machine has automatic bagging and mulching that saves your time as no task requires manual working. These golf course mowers are very quick and easy to clean as it has a washable port. It is highly recommended to clean it regularly to optimize the functioning of the machinery.

This Toro 20377 has a strong steel structure, but yet it is very lightweight.

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