Will Konan Die In Naruto? The Only Female Akatsuki Member

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto sequence has a huge vary of villains who have garnered their very own supporter following over the many years and not devoid of bring about. Naruto is a person of the most-watched anime out there for staying the story about an orphan boy who grew up with absolutely nothing but was capable to transform his future with his willpower and perseverance. Even so, enthusiasts also like the collection since of its villains, who all have nicely fleshed-out backstories.

The Akatsuki clan has usually been a fan favourite simply because of all of their abilities, intriguing backstories, and cool character layouts. They have been an group of the most notorious criminals and powerful shinobis who experienced banded with each other to carry about a new era of peace but as a result of any signifies doable.

Konan, Yahiko and Nagato established the Akatsuki clan with Yahiko as their leader. Yahiko’s sights of a new and much better entire world devoid of wars concerning various shinobis experienced affected the two Konan and Nagato pretty deeply due to the fact all a few had shed their people due to the fact of war.

As the only female member of Akatsuki, Konan was a incredibly important member of the team. She was often the supporter of the two Yahiko and Agony from their childhood days, as the a few founding associates of Akatsuki and till their dying.

So, Who is Konan?

Konan was a kunoichi from Amegakure and a founding member of the first Akatsuki. We get to see Konan for the initial time in episode 125 of the anime. Konan’s mom and dad had been killed during the Next Shinobi War, and consequently, she was an orphan fending for herself. She is the a person who finds Nagato lying on the ground with his doggy, on the verge of loss of life. She normally takes him back again to their hideout, the place with the assist of Yahiko, she requires treatment of him.

The a few bond collectively very intently and share equivalent concepts about the war. They coach with each other less than Jiraiya. When they graduate, they form the notorious team Akatsuki and make Yahiko their chief. Yahiko was the most passionate about changing the Shinobi entire world and bringing forth an period of peace.

Konan using her Paper Jutsu

Konan’s Paper Procedure

What ended up Konan’s talents?

Konan was a extremely talented Kunoichi and an S-rank felony. She was individually educated by Jiraiya and was praised by him as well. Konan’s powers had been seriously appreciated by her two companions Yahiko and Nagato. Konan’s character transformations included Wind, Drinking water, Earth, and Yang Release. She is also a sensory-variety ninja.

Konan beloved to make paper art as a boy or girl. Afterwards, she developed this into her preventing model, Dance of the Shikigami. With her system, she could transform her overall overall body and clothing into paper. She could make paper clones of herself and even disguise explosive tags in them to ambush the enemy. She could create paper wings and fly with their assist also launch paper projectile weapons from all those wings.

Her paper was unaffected by water or even Jiraiya’s Fire Launch: Flame Bullet technique. She could even overpower Jiraiya’s strategy with her paper ninjutsu. Konan could make bogus environmental surroundings with her paper.

Konan’s Persona:

Konan is proven to have a quite calm, degree-headed, and stoic demeanor in the anime. She is very similar to Nagato in this regard. As a child, she is shown to be rather cheerful compared to the other two and has a pure affinity toward origami. Sad to say, the traumatic functions in her everyday living modified her all round demeanor. She did not communicate much through any Akatsuki meetings, but she is much more compassionate than the other associates. She generally prioritized the protection of her customers.

Konan’s Purpose in Akatsuki:

Konan acted as a supporting character in the team, performing under Nagato and Yahiko. Following Yahiko’s dying, she chose to stick to and provide Soreness (Nagato), who had develop into the leader of Akatsuki now. Konan was the only a single who nonetheless called Ache by his actual identify. She did his bidding without having any thoughts and supported him all through. She also acted as the middleman among Agony and the villagers of Amegakure. The villagers would get in touch with her God’s angel as she had paper wings on her back. She could read through Pain’s emotions as a consequence of recognizing him since childhood.

Immediately after Nagato’s demise, Konan defected from Akatsuki and turned the de facto village head of Amegakure.

Tobi stabs Konan

Tobi stabs Konan

How did Konan Die?

For the duration of the fourth Shinobi Entire world War, Tobi infiltrates Amegakure. He ends up face-to-face with Konan and asks her the site of Nagato’s corpse so that he can consider his Rinnegan. She tells him that she intends to destroy him. When Tobi asks why she and Soreness betrayed the Akatsuki, Konan replies that she had found the embodiment of gentle and hope inside Naruto, and so had Nagato. That is why Nagato revived the men and women he killed in Konoha, the process of which depleted his everyday living power entirely.

She says that she thinks Naruto can carry out the purpose of a tranquil and improved entire world. Konan attacks Tobi with her paper shuriken Jutsu, but they go suitable as a result of his intangible human body. She envelops him in her paper form mixed with her explosive tags, prepared to sacrifice herself to get rid of him. Nevertheless, Tobi will save them equally by warping most of the explosion absent. A aspect of his mask breaks off.

Konan utilizes her paper to replicate the lake of Amegakure. Tobi lands on it, contemplating it is the real lake, then falls into the abyss of paper. She detonates the six hundred billion explosive tags she had hidden there over a period of ten minutes as Tobi can not keep intangible for prolonged. She thinks she has killed him off and collapses as her chakra has depleted itself by now.

Astonishingly, Tobi appears powering Konan and stabs her in the back with a steel pipe. He survived her attack by activating Izanagi at the price of his still left eye. She freed herself, and the rains oner Ame stopped for the to start with time. Konan took this as a sign of Nagato’s will and hope for a improved world. She grew to become additional established than ever to stop the darkness which she believed Tobi to be. Sadly, Tobi grabbed her by the throat and place a Genjutsu on her so that she would reveal Nagato’s site. His attack was these that she would die when the illusion ended. Her blood-soaked overall body falls into the water.

Konan's blood soaked paper returns to their childhood hide-out

Konan’s paper returns to their childhood hideout

A person of the parts of paper from her outfits, soaked in her blood, will get blown to the Ame Orphan’s aged hideout and arrives to rest on prime of her ‘Hop-in’ card. This fulfilled the guarantee, Konan had designed with Nagato and Yahiko that they would return to this position the moment every little thing settles.

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