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Whether old or new FromSoftware games can be a little challenging most of the time, okay, maybe all the time, and Elden Ring is no different even in all of its open-world glory. With a lot going on in the game you’re going to need more than grace guiding you, and we’re here to help. We’ve put together a little list of helpful tips and tricks to help ease you into this beautiful yet brutal world.Advertisements

Useful Tips in Elden Ring

Write Messages for Healing


Like previous Souls games, players can leave behind messages to either help or bait others during their progression. Players may rate (appraise) messages they come across in the open world and will immediately heal the player who wrote them. This can come in handy if fighting minions or bosses or facing the many traps in the world. The only requirement is for the author of the message to be online.

Easily Sort Inventory


The ability to sort your inventory is pretty easy to use even though the game doesn’t tell you. Navigate to the inventory menu, and press in on the left stick. This will give you the option to sort by type (the default), number owned, order of newest item, weight, or attack power of items.

Don’t Miss Out on the Spirit Calling Bell


Elden Ring like all FromSoftware games can be tough but thankfully there is a new feature that makes the game more welcoming for newer players called Summoning Spirits. To ‌summon spirits, you need a special item called “Calling Bell”. Which can only be gotten as of writing from Renna the witch.

You will find her most at the Church of Elleh Grace checkpoint. She will be sitting on the eastern ruined wall of the church. This is the same place where you meet the first vendor. Just make sure you can summon your mount Torrent before then.

Upgrade your Spirit Summons


Using Spirit Summons is one of the best ways to defeat bosses and large swarms of enemies in Elden Ring. To upgrade Spirit Summons, you must first visit Roderika in Limgrave around the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace.

Help with her quest and it will teleport her to the Roundtable Hold, where you can get her an apprenticeship with Blacksmith Hewg to unlock Spirit Tuning which is used to upgrade your summons.

More than Two Types of Teardrop of Scarabs


Early on, you’ll learn about Teardrop Scarabs, little dung beetles rolling blue and red balls across the fields of Limgrave. Even though the game tells you they have two purposes: restoring your health and mana flasks, there are several types of scarabs running around the world that offer other rewards like rare item drops, Ashes of War, and so on.

Dropping Rainbow Stones

eldenring_ Rainbow-Stones-Help-To-Prevent-Fatal-Fall-Damage

Elden Ring rainbow stones help to prevent fatal fall damage, dropping a rainbow stone off a cliff or other height and seeing if it breaks (dies from fall) or illuminate the surrounding area (survives fall) will let you know whether you’ll be able to safely make that same fall.

See Divine Towers on the Horizon


After defeating a major story boss and getting a Great Rune, you are probably trying to find a Divine Tower to charge it. Finger Readers are not the best help to find one but to narrow one down, look to the horizon.Advertisements

Watchtowers and other, smaller structures seem smaller next to these massive structures on the map from nearly any location in the game. Easy right? Now just get past their puzzles and other obstacles.

What Steles Are and Where to Find


To fill out your blank map, you must find Steles. These are tall, ornate slabs with writing on them. You’ll find the map fragment at the foot of the stele. Once you have the fragment, just open the world map, and the region will now be shown. To find them easily make sure you head for the only thing marked on your map when you enter a new district for the first time.

Get the Flask of Wondrous Physick


To find the Flask of Wondrous Physick go to the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace, it will be on the ground in front of the statue. It will allow you to harness the power of Crystal Tears, mixing your own concoctions to gain special effects that can help you in battle or dangerous areas.

Think of Setting a Group Password


Setting a group password only takes a moment to fill out and will award you runes every time someone in your group defeats a boss. It will also allow you to see messages from your group differently, for some trusted advice or just hilarious boss or trap fails the player committed while playing.

Interact with the Candelabras


They’re not just for lighting your way, though you can interact with them. Doing so will summon a ghost and its spectral footprints glowing in gold on the ground, that if you follow will eventually walk to a hidden cave or dungeon you haven’t been to before.Advertisements

Weapons Are Better at Different Status Effects


Different weapons are better at dealing with specific status effects. Like how faster weapons deal less status per hit, while slower ones deal more to compensate for their speed.

You can monitor this by looking at the numbers in the Passive Effects section at the bottom of your screen when applying different damage types, to figure out what works for you.

Two-Hand and Dual-Wield for More Damage


To do a lot more damage and, with some weapons like the Twinblade, gain access to new skills. Press Triangle and either L1 or R1 to wield the left or right weapon with two hands but you won’t be able to use a shield to parry or defend yourself.

Monitor Poise and Super Armor


Both mechanics are important in combat, seeing as it is what determine when an enemy gets staggered and becomes open to deliver a critical hit. So if you want to stagger an enemy, make sure you keep hitting and counter their attacks.

Don’t Skip the Cave of Knowledge


In the early moments of Elden Ring, you’ll wake up in a cave with a ghostly figure sitting in a chair. Moving past him, you’ll see a doorway that opens into the full world. Don’t go there, instead drop into the hole the seated ghost is next to, it leads to a small sub-area known as the Cave of Knowledge. That’s the tutorial area.Advertisements

Bonus Tips

Glowing Skulls Have Runes

elden-ring-glowing-skulls-purpose-Have Runes

Don’t Roll in Poison


Expand Talisman and Memory Slots


Make Sure the Dead Stay Dead


We could write a novel’s worth of tips for Elden Ring. It’s a huge, difficult game with a lot to do and learn but we’ll stop here. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about our tips, are there any you think should have made the list? If you’re not subscribed now’s the best time to do so. We upload brand new content every Saturday of the week. The best way to see them first is of course to subscribe.

Till next time… Remember to embrace losing, learn from your mistakes, and slowly become stronger.

Thanks for reading!

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