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Hey people! We are back again with another amazing filler list for A Certain Scientific Accelerator.

Let me ask you one question first, do you like Accelerator? Then, you can check out our filler list for A Certain Magical Index. This series is a spin-off of A Certain Magical Index and mainly focuses on Accelerator. If yes, then you will love this series! If you don’t know who Accelerator is, then you’re missing half of your life. Go watch it. NOW!     

Accelerator is the second main protagonist in A Certain Magical Index. He was shown as a bad guy in his first appearance; later, his story follows a more heroic path when he got defeated by Kamijou Touma.





This series only has two arcs: the Necromancer Arc and Nectar Arc. Both arcs are compressed in 12 episodes with one filler. However, I do not recommend you skip that one episode. I mean, it’s exciting plus it will take only twenty minutes of your time.

Episode # Title Type Airdate
1 Accelerator (Academy City’s Mightiest Esper) FILLER 2019-07-12
2 Necromancer (Raiser of the Dead) MANGA CANON 2019-07-19
3 Numbers (Charms of the Four Perils) MANGA CANON 2019-07-26
4 Third Number (The Pseudo-Soul, Huotou) MANGA CANON 2019-08-02
5 DA (Security Officer Darkness) MANGA CANON 2019-08-09
6 Scavenger (Corpse-Eating Squad) MANGA CANON 2019-08-16
7 Download (Time Limit) MANGA CANON 2019-08-23
8 Friend (Hirumi) MANGA CANON 2019-08-30
9 Memory of Death (10031 Deaths) MANGA CANON 2019-09-06
10 Catastrophe (Awakening) MANGA CANON 2019-09-13
11 Perfect Golem (Perfect Body) MANGA CANON 2019-09-20
12 Something to Protect MANGA CANON 2019-09-27



A Certain Scientific Accelerator is a science fiction and supernatural anime similar to A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. The writer of this series is Kazuma Kamachi and the illustrator is Arata Yamaji. The original manga run of this anime started on December 27, 2013, and ended on July 27, 2020.

As I said above, this series is all about Accelerator. The timelines of this anime and the other two series (Index and Railgun) link each other like a Scavenger event. It gets a bit confusing sometimes also, but it’s also interesting at the same time.

Once again, if you are thinking of starting this series, then you should watch it like this. 

It will be easy for you to understand the whole series…

Index – Railgun – Railgun S—Index II—Movie—Index III—Accelerator – Railgun T




He is one of the strongest Espers in the Academy City; he is at level 5 with the power of Redirection. Redirection helps him to control and manipulate the vector that comes near his body; he can even change the blood flow of his enemies. He is a total badass, right? He mainly uses his power for defensive purposes. He used to be part of a level 6 experiment where he had to kill 2000 of Mikoto’s clones to shift his level 5 rank to level 6 but later, Touma defeated him and canceled the experiment. After the experiment, he goes on a redemption and soul-searching path. He also takes an oath to protect the last Mikoto clone girl named Last Order.


Last Order

She was the final clone of the level 6 shift project, but she was not meant to be killed by Accelerator. Her work was somewhat fail-proof for the 2000 clones if they went rogue. After the whole experiment, Accelerator dedicates himself to defending her for the redemption of his sins. She is a clone, but she can show emotions. She doesn’t blame Accelerator for the level 6 shift project because she knows he didn’t want to participate in the experiment. She is also a great admirer of Touma because he saved her life from that horrible experiment. She looks childish and behaves in the same playful, curious, and caring way she loves.     


Esther Rosenthal

Esther Rosenthal is the head of the Rosenthal family. The Rosenthal family spent 400 years mastering the necromancer technique. She joins Accelerator and the Last Order on their journey to Belial’s tour. After the complete fight against Belial, she decides to go back with them to their world. She is polite and kind towards everyone, even with the dead she revived back to life.



In the past events, we see Accelerator becomes a murderous killing machine until he gets defeated by Touma Kamijou; Touma stops that experiment and changes his path. He goes on a soul-searching or redemption path and vows to defend the Last Order under any circumstance. Unfortunately, things are not going well for Accelerator; he finds himself in another conflict with the DA (Disciplinary Action). They want to capture the Last Order for malicious reasons. Everything is in place, and they only need Last Order to execute the mission; Accelerator may be the strongest Esper in Academy City but he is not in his best state because of his past injuries. 




Episode: 1

Accelerator is in the hospital, and three high school students take advantage of that and attack him in his fragile state for his genetic data, so they can sell that to the highest bidder. After their failed attempt to steal Accelerator’s genetic information, we also see a mysterious woman observing them with the picture of Last Order. 


Episode: 2

We find out that the mysterious woman was Esther Rosenthal, and some members of the Sinister organization were chasing her. She gets captured by that organization.


Episode: 3

Accelerator and Esther go to the warehouse where Esther got captured, and they encounter the other member of the DA with another level 5 Esper.


Episode: 4

Esther and Accelerator face the two members of the DA, one of them gets lucky and escapes, and she captures Misaka 10046 as a hostage.


Episode: 5

Esther and Hutuou arrive to save Misaka 10046. However, they also face Naru, a member of the Scavengers. The Scavengers are also trying to eliminate both DA and Anti-skills.


Episode: 6

Huotou and Esther are having a hard time facing Naru. Finally, Accelerator comes on time and saves both of them. 


Episode: 7

After the fight with the Scavengers, Esther commands not to kill the Scavengers, little do they know that an unknown woman has been watching everything through surveillance cameras. Later, she reveals her power of the three coffins.


Episode: 8

It’s a flashback episode where we learn Esther’s history and her experiment.


Episode: 9-12

The DA is no longer in power. We are also going to see some deaths in the end. 



I love Accelerator, plus it’s only 12 episodes with only 1 filler, that should be an easy binge. Also, if you didn’t watch A Certain Scientific Railgun yet, then I would highly suggest you watch that first.

I hope this blog will help you find the filler, and you will enjoy

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