Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Vacuum Cleaner Assessment: Home Cleansing at Its Very best


Although most gadget aficionados are intrigued in standard buyer units these types of as smartphones, audio products and solutions, wearables, and computers, I appear to be to have a a little bizarre obsession with vacuum cleaners. It began out with an interest in cleaning robots, but now that I’ve successfully deployed synthetic intelligence for the vital job of keeping my floors clean, I’ve seemed at means to take that additional. Following all, you can find only so a great deal a robot can do just before a individual needs to move in and implement some great aged human judgement.

If you are willing to put in some guide labour, the most powerful device at your disposal is a good vacuum cleaner. For any individual with an concept of the segment and how it is effective, you can know that Dyson is extensively considered the ‘Apple’ of the vacuum cleaner market. Despite the fact that highly-priced, there is just anything about a Dyson vacuum cleaner that would make it captivating to adults above a sure age.

The Dyson product I am reviewing in this article is the V11 Absolute Professional, which is the most potent and well-geared up vacuum cleaner in the firm’s product or service variety in India. Priced at Rs. 52,900, the Dyson V11 Absolute Professional works twine-totally free and arrives with plenty of equipment and fittings. It claims to offer you a complete cleansing for your entire house, and much more. Is this technologically highly developed but rather costly vacuum cleaner value the asking cost? Come across out in this overview.

dyson v11 absolute pro review holding Dyson

Whilst twine-free and easy to use for the most element, the Dyson V11 Absolute Professional is large


Dyson V11 Absolute Pro layout and usage

As the most high priced vacuum cleaner in the company’s solution vary in India, the Dyson V11 Complete Professional is also the premier and most powerful alternative you can obtain in the region. The figures are rather amazing as well: the device generates 185 Air Watts of suction, with its Hyperdymium vacuum motor spinning at up to 1,25,000rpm to energy the 14 ‘Cyclones’ that pull in grime. Though these stats may possibly sound a little bit hyperbolic, they primarily imply that the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is amid the most powerful cord-absolutely free vacuum cleaners you can buy appropriate now.

The Dyson V11 Complete Pro is an impressive-looking device, resembling a significant, science-fiction-inspired gun of kinds, and created virtually completely of plastic with a big see-by way of dustbin. A bring about controls the electricity, and in effect, the suction, producing this system reasonably easy to use. It would not have a electric power switch it truly is normally on and prepared to go, assuming the battery pack is affixed and it is charged plenty of to operate. You basically pull the result in – keep it to begin the suction, and release it to end.

At the back of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a modest round colour display. A button appropriate beneath it can be used to decide on the suction electricity method, biking in between Eco, Medium, and Raise. I ordinarily used the vacuum in Medium mode, but you can pick out 1 of the other individuals to both improve battery life at the value of a little bit considerably less suction energy, or use the total ability of the motor whilst noticeably cutting down battery lifetime.

When the V11 Absolute Professional is functioning, the display screen displays an estimate of how considerably time the vacuum cleaner will operate at its latest battery amount, which in a natural way counts down as you use it. This also depends on the fittings connected to the vacuum cleaner, as some of them have transferring components that draw power from the vacuum cleaner itself.

The suction motor pulls in dust and filth particles, together with more substantial impurities this kind of as meals crumbs and scraps of paper, and then ejects them into the sealed dustbin. This is a transparent chamber, so you can see how much filth has gathered in the bin at any time, with an indicator line to let you know when it requirements to be emptied.

dyson v11 absolute pro review only device Dyson

The see-by dustbin lets you know when to vacant out the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro


Cleaning out the dustbin is fairly uncomplicated you simply just maintain the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro with the suction ingestion struggling with downwards, and press on the purple deal with at the base. This opens the lid of the bin and pushes the complete bin downwards to eject most of its contents, so you are going to need to make absolutely sure you do this straight around a disposal container to prevent dirt slipping in an place you’ve just cleaned. To close the bin and get the Dyson V11 Complete Professional prepared to function all over again, you just need to press the lid shut and slide the bin back again until it clicks into spot. Be cautious to not operate the result in although the bin is open up.

The back of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is the filter, which cleans the air sucked in of tiny grime and dust particles, in advance of exhausting it out the back again by smaller slits. The filter can be eradicated and cleaned by rinsing it with water beneath a faucet occasionally, and it can be proposed by Dyson that it be replaced each individual 6 months if you use your vacuum intensely.

Dyson V11 Complete Professional fittings

A essential benefit of the Dyson V11 Absolute Professional is the quantity of fittings and accessories that arrive in the box, which includes several vacuum cleaner heads for distinct surfaces or functions. There is also a detachable metal pipe, named the ‘Wand’ by Dyson, which is made use of to conveniently clean up the ground or achieve high destinations with the gadget easily. The Wand is about 75cm in size, and has the exact same head fitting as the device by itself. Also included in the box is a small wall-mountable hook with a room to attach the charger, so you can dock the V11 Complete Pro to charge when not in use.

Dyson accessories are not interchangeable across the company’s product assortment, so add-ons built for the V11 Absolute Professional won’t operate with other Dyson units these types of as the a short while ago released Omni-Glide or vice versa. This is the circumstance with the Wand as effectively, since it has to both in good shape into the primary suction port of the V11 Absolute Professional, as effectively as make it possible for the vacuum heads to be equipped into it.

dyson v11 absolute pro review opening Dyson

The involved fittings, as well as the Wand pipe instrument, slot into place at the entrance of the Dyson V11 Complete Pro


The fittings in the box include things like the Torque Travel, Delicate Roller Cleaner, Crevice Software, Blend Instrument with a brush, Mini Motorised Device, Mini Soft Dusting Brush, Mattress Instrument, Top-Up Adapter, and Extension Hose. Distinctive vacuum heads perform for various applications. I have explored how they function in far more element in the subsequent segment of this critique.

The base of the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro is a big detachable battery, with a proprietary charging socket. The charging adapter in the box plugs into this socket, and it normally takes around 4.5 several hours to fully demand the gadget from vacant. It weighs all over 3kg, and can therefore be a bit unwieldy when utilised above lengthy intervals of time. I was generally capable to use it for all-around 10-15 minutes at a time ahead of needing to give my hand a break fortuitously, this was often sufficient to extensively cleanse as a great deal as I necessary to in a single session, or for one particular moderate or substantial space at a time.

Dyson V11 Complete Pro performance and battery life

Dyson sells a broad assortment of cord-absolutely free vacuum cleaners, and the V11 Absolute Professional sits at the leading of its product or service assortment in India. The twine-no cost variety component, hand-held usage type, and sufficient battery life for home use make this an all-rounder. I discovered that it will work swiftly, successfully, and conveniently. It also is not as loud as standard drum or grime-container vacuum cleaners.

The numerous fittings and the potent suction imply that the Dyson V11 Complete Pro is effectively suited to cleansing just about any house area, which include really hard and carpeted floors, sofas and beds, the tops of tables and cabinets, and much more. I even utilized it to thoroughly clean my automobile, and for all of the duties I set the Dyson to, I was impressed with the benefits.

My own favorite fitting was the Smooth Roller Cleaner. It was the most productive for cleansing my challenging tiled floors, but the fluffy rollers on this head did want to be kept thoroughly clean due to the fact dust and tiny particles got trapped in the material. Modest wheels at the base of the Gentle Roller and a versatile pipe authorized for a fair range of movement, letting me promptly regulate the cleaning angle as essential.

dyson v11 absolute pro review screen Dyson

A smaller spherical screen at the back tells you how a lot lengthier the V11 Absolute Pro will run centered on its demand degree, when in use


I typically also made use of the Crevice Instrument and Torque Travel attachment (which has a motorised roller and brush to fast sweep the flooring and dislodge dirt particles) for specific specifications, these as achieving in in between the gaps in my car’s seats and to cleanse up right after an incident that associated a broken glass bottle, respectively.

The Comfortable Dusting Brush came in useful to thoroughly clean on top rated of home furniture, whilst the Mattress Tool assisted give the mattresses in my property a complete thoroughly clean. The Top-Up Adapter was valuable to angle the vacuum head for tricky spots, together with the tops of cupboards and ceiling admirers. Although the variety of vacuum heads and extras was bewildering at initial, I speedily got the dangle of which types I required to use the most and which labored best for what distinct goal. I failed to uncover it challenging to swap in between them to accommodate the cleansing job at hand.

I observed that the fee at which the battery degree dropped throughout use varied each time I set on a distinct fitting, so it can be complicated to say which kinds are the most energy-hungry.

No vacuum cleaner is definitely silent, but the Dyson V11 Complete Pro is considerably fewer noisy than most other buyer-quality devices that I have utilised, due to the fact of the way the motor works. The hum of the suction motor and the whoosh of air getting fatigued really don’t seem unpleasant, and aren’t loud to the point of achieving unsafe levels.

Battery life on the Dyson V11 Complete Pro is decent ample, given the wire-totally free sort factor and the energy of the Hyperdymium motor. It’s rated to run for 60 minutes (when using the Eco mode), and I commonly got all around 40 minutes of runtime when generally applying the Medium method with occasional employs of the Increase manner. I also typically experienced the Wand and Soft Roller or Crevice Software attached. Steady use of the Raise manner will drain the battery in just about 10 minutes and will also make the device a great deal louder, so it is really very best to use it only when certainly desired the Medium mode functions just great for day-to-day cleansing.


The Dyson V11 Absolute Professional is an complete enjoyment to use. It can be highly effective, powerful, and has components that permit it adapt to most dry residence cleansing use cases. Though a little bit hefty, this wire-free vacuum cleaner has sufficient battery lifestyle to make it quite handy all over the house – if you have the spending budget for it.

Priced at Rs. 52,900, the Dyson V11 Complete Professional is the most pricey wire-cost-free vacuum cleaner the corporation sells in India, and it is really admittedly challenging to wrap your head around paying this much for a vacuum cleaner. Having said that, the all round package deal, relieve of use, and extensive cleaning abilities make this a desirable possibility for any person wanting at an effective resolution for house cleansing.

Rating: 8/10


  • Powerful suction motor, easy to cleanse and retain
  • Lots of vacuum heads and accessories
  • Practical cord-free of charge use, good battery lifestyle
  • Can thoroughly clean just about any surface area in a regular family


  • Extremely high-priced
  • A bit weighty

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